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Chapter 1004

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That martial artist said respectfully, "Yes, all the guests who have arrived so far would be going . It includes the three law-enforcement masters, potioneers from the three specialties, the Ye Clan and the Ling Clan . Other than that, it's just the elders from the Zhuge Clan who would be welcoming the guests . The main hall will be for the prestigious guests, the other potioneers would be welcomed at the side hall of the Shui Yue garden . "

"Only these few people?" said Chu Yang as he frowned .

"Yes . After all, It is still early now, there is still more than a month's time before the competition in the Medicine Banquet starts and five more months to the formal ceremony . Therefore, there aren't many people who are here yet, and those who came in advance have a motive . "

The martial artist in black clothing could not help rolling his eyes even though his tone remained respectful .

A bit early? Why was it a bit early? Wasn't it all because of you?

It remained unclear why the Ye clan had arrived early, but the Ling clan definitely came because of Ling Hanwu . Ling Hanwu was going to follow Ye Chuchen's ways…

As for the three law-enforcement masters… ha, the reason why the South law-enforcement master arrived early was that the Southeastern law-enforcement master's envoy meddled with affairs using his power in the South law-enforcement master's turf . The shocking matter gained widespread attention… how could the master not come in advance to see this audacious person?

The Southeastern law-enforcement master also came because of the same matter . After all, the envoy would not be able to handle the South law-enforcement master alone .

Therefore, the two law-enforcement masters rushed here right after they had received the news . Han Xiaoran in particular, hurried here without delay because he did not want Chu Yang to be at a disadvantage in the masters' hands .

Chu Yang was not a fool and he understood why the few masters arrived in advance . As for the North law-enforcement master, he most probably arrived because the Northern area had been plagued with war and havoc . Since he was powerless in saving the place, he might as well escape from it .

This law-enforcement master obviously could not do anything about the Li clan being besieged by the eight noble families .

"Oh, I see," Zi Xieqing said as she pointed to herself and Chu Le'er, "Then, I guess the two of us will follow him?"

The martial artist in black clothing showed signs of reluctance and he said, "This… I'm afraid… I'm afraid that there are not enough seats available . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "It's nothing, Chu Yang go and eat something nice; since it's free, just eat whatever you want to . Le'er and I will go and have some fun . "

Chu Yang felt a sense of relief, "This is fantastic . "

Chu Yang thought to himself: this overbearing woman was finally going to leave him . With such an overbearing person next to him, Chu Yang was very stressed since he did not dare to offend her or win a fight against her .

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"You should find the last herb quickly . I will be strengthening Le'er's weak body these few days . We have to heal her immediately after you find the herb . We cannot continue dragging this matter? Isn't that tantamount to ruining Le'er's future?" said Zi Xieqing .

Chu Yang gave a bitter smile since it was extremely challenging to find the herb . The sword spirit had not found any news about the Nine-Colored Lotus despite having been in the Zhuge clan's territory for such a long time . How could he then?

The thought of that made Chu Yang realize that the sword spirit had been very quiet the whole day and that he had not even spoken a word .

That sparked Chu Yang's curiosity .

"I will try my best!" Chu Yang nodded and continued, "Le'er is my sister, believe me when I say I'm more anxious than you!"

Zi Xieqing rolled her eyes at him and said, "Le'er, Sister Zi will take you out to play, we'll not stay with this person today . "

Chu Yang asked furiously, "The invitation is for tomorrow night, where are the two of you going now?"

"It's not up to you to decide . " Zi Xieqing gave Chu Yang a fierce stare as she grabbed Chu Le'er's hand and they walked away .

Chu Yang scratched his nose because he was confused: Zi Xieqing's behavior seemed abnormal today, why was it so?

What he did not know was that ever since that old fortune-teller told her "how to treasure the person in front of her", she became a bit uneasy when she was with him .

The person in front of her, who else could it be other than Chu Yang?

As a person who triumphed over even the highest, why would I, Zi Xieqing have to treasure you? Zi Xieqing felt indignant but she did not have any means to vent her frustration . Therefore, there was like a suffocating surge of fire in her chest and she wanted to give him a lesson .

"Big brother, I am going out with sister Zi…" Chu Le'er voice became softer and softer as she walked away .

Chu Yang touched his nose and smiled bitterly .

He was absolutely confident that Zi Xieqing would take good care of his sister . So Zi Xieqing was busy strengthening Chu Le'er's body, no wonder she did not pester him to obtain the energy of the Tao realm .

"Please tell your family that I will definitely be there on time tomorrow evening!" said Chu Yang .

That martial artist nodded with a smile and turned around to relay the message .

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Chu Yang entered Orchard Palace and sat beside a pot of orchid before he sunk into deep thoughts .

He recalled that old fortune-teller .

Who was he exactly? How did he know so much? Why did he disappear suddenly?

And why?

"Sword spirit, tell me, who is he?" Chu Yang murmured in his mind .

He waited for a long time, but the sword spirit did not reply to him .

Chu Yang stared blankly then delved into his conscious to take a look . He saw the sword spirit sitting down with his legs crossed and eyes closed at the Spirit-cultivation lake .

"Sword spirit, what happened to you?" Chu Yang whispered as he walked towards him carefully . He did not hear anything about the sword spirit being in seclusion recently, what was going on?

The sword spirit did not respond .

Chu Yang called him a few times but he remained silent .

Chu Yang was extremely hopeless since he had absolutely no idea what had happened .

That night, during the wee hours, when Chu Yang was half asleep, he suddenly heard the calls from the sword spirit, "Chu Yang, are you there?"

His voice was very low and weird, he seemed frightened and was in disbelief as well .

The sword spirit had never shown such emotions .

In addition, he was in Chu Yang's conscious, if he was not there, his voice would not even be heard . The question was redundant .

However, the sword spirit asked the question .

Chu Yang was shocked and he entered his conscious space at the fastest speed possible . He saw that the sword spirit had a physical body and the touch of his suggested that he was just like any other human body!

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However, the sword spirit was palpitating with fear .

"Sword spirit, what happened to you?" Chu Yang asked, "Why were you in deep slumber out of a sudden?"

Sword spirit seemed to be thinking of something, but he turned around abruptly when he heard Chu Yang's words . "Who… who did you meet?!"

"Who did I meet?" Chu Yang was confused .

"Didn't you feel anything yesterday afternoon…?" The sword spirit looked at him with sparkling eyes .

"Yesterday afternoon? Are you referring to that fortune-teller elder?" Chu Yang asked .

"Yes," the sword spirit sounded shocked as he asked, "Who is he?"

Chu Yang scratched his head . "The reason why I was in a hurry to find you was that I wanted to ask you who he is!"

The sword spirit sighed dejectedly, saying, "You don't know either?" Then he sighed again . "I don't know either…"

Chu Yang was dumbfounded .

"However, you met the Great Creation! The Great Destiny!" the sword spirit said solemnly, "Look!"

He pointed .

Chu Yang looked in that direction and saw a white glow he never noticed before on the innermost wall of the Nine Tribulations Space .

The sword spirit laughed bitterly . "You can't see clearly right? The white glow probably appeared yesterday afternoon and it expanded and contracted together with the size of the Nine Tribulations Space! This is… the concentrated power of the dead souls!"

"Power of the dead souls?" Chu Yang frowned and said, "Tell me more about it . "

"In other words, this is not the spirit Qi of the mortal world; it belongs to the nether world! This power is extremely nourishing for the souls! This is not all!" the Sword Spirit said as he continued, "Look!"

It pointed to the Spirit-cultivation lake .

The pond spurted out liquid like a fountain and it was a hundred times more powerful than it was in the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens .

"This was generated by such a mysterious force!" The sword spirit emphasized .

"In addition, other than the nine great herbal medicines, all the miraculous herbal medicines leveled by one level because of this energy!" he added, "Even the Vitality Pond also strengthened to become the Spiritual Pond! The output of the fountain doubled and its uses as compared to the Hollow Stone, if it leveled up, it could be a Heavenly Stone Pond! The final stage of it could be the Pond of Life which the pixies prize greatly! Do you understand?"

The sword spirit said in a doubtful tone, "I never knew that such Heaven and Earth Spiritual Pond can level up and grow…"

Chu Yang looked around and he became more and more shocked!

The miraculous herbs in the garden were luxuriantly green and it was obvious that they had grown up . Those treasures from the Black Blood Forest stayed the same just that they became bigger!

The number of thousand-year miraculous herbal medicines multiplied many times .

There was a Red Fruit tree in particular which had 48 red fruits that were all bright red with a strong aroma . The aroma created a layer of fruity mist around the fruit which gradually sealed the spirit Qi of the fruit in it!

Next to the Vitality Pond, nope, the Spiritual Pond was a young child with conspicuous naivety— he was the Snow Jade Spirit Ginseng!

"This energy is so powerful!" exclaimed Chu Yang .

Chu Yang suddenly recalled what had happened yesterday afternoon when he suddenly entered an unknown space . That elder seemed to have shot something into his forehead!

Was that actually… the weird white glow in the Nine Tribulations Space?

"I have only heard of the white glow but never seen it before . " The sword spirit was a little shocked as he said, "Such light… is the Reincarnation Aura that once shocked Heaven and Earth!"

"Reincarnation Aura transcends life and death, controls the Yin and Yang, nourishes all lives and creates souls! It is definitely a top treasure even in the nether world . It is equally valuable even in the Nine Heavens…"

The sword spirit stopped talking suddenly as if he had choked .

"That person actually used a treasure that you can only hope to see to write these few words . It is just too extravagant!" The sword spirit sighed as he shook his head .

What a waste of resources!

"Write these few words? What words?" Chu Yang's heart jumped .

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