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Chapter 1003

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Along with uniform footsteps was a group of people who came from afar . They had just traveled around the corner but made it seem as though the world had been shrouded in darkness .

Black clothes, black robes and black horses!

At that instant, the glow at the edge of the sky disappeared and the endless dusk descended!

The people in the alleys started to get this feeling: the boundless land entered darkness immediately when the Ye clan arrived .

That group of people seemed to have brought the night here!

Chu Yang's heart was filled with austerity, the Ye clan indeed lived up to their reputation . Their aura and hegemony alone made them entirely worthy to be the leader of the Nine Heavens!

As he was thinking, a gentle and demure voice interrupted him . "Second brother, let me play please, please . "

The voice gave Chu Yang, Zi Xieqing and Chu Le'er goosebumps at the same time .

When Chu Yang turned around with absolute terror, he saw Ye Shiyu locking a sturdy man's arm frantically and resentfully using his hands . He was even pouting and swinging his arm .

This scene reminded Chu Yang of Mo Qingwu . When Mo Qingwu traveled to the Far North Wastelands with him, she would sometimes swing her arms and pout, saying, "Brother Chuyang, I want this, this, this…"

Chu Yang's heart melted then .

But now, while Chu Yang's heart had also melted, the "melted" in this case was a different type of "melted" .

The former was due to bliss and contentment, while the latter was due to horror…

This ladyboy… was epic!

After turning around, Chu Yang saw Chu Le'er with a pale face as her mouth slightly opened in terror . Zi Xieqing was scratching her right arm with her left and biting her lips .

It was obvious that this big sister had goosebumps again…

Chu Yang turned his head again and saw that buff man frantically waving . "Hide! Go and hide! You… you… go away… sh*t… I'll hit…"

Then he saw Ye Shiyu hopping onto the horse then leaning his "weak and skinny" body on it and batting his eyebrows flirtatiously and pitifully . "Second brother~"

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His voice was soft, delicate and sweet…

That burly man trembled and his dark face turned completely white then he turned around and screamed, "Save me!"

While giving a "lovable" and "gesticulatory" smile, Ye Shiyu covered his mouth with his hand . Chu Yang was shocked and pupils constricted instantly because his fingernails were bright red in color and every single nail was very long .

A resigned but gentle voice came from a black carriage at the back . "Little Yu! When are you going to stop fooling around?"

Ye Shiyu lowered his head and said, "I won't do it anymore…"

The person in the carriage sighed . "You… you . . "

Then there was silence .

That burly man immediately whipped his horse on and stayed away from Ye Shiyu while he gasped for breath .

However, Ye Shiyu was no longer interested in him .

He discovered someone who attracted his attention .

Chu Yang realized that things looked bad for him and wanted to sneak away because Ye Shiyu's eyes met his . Chu Yang did not forget that Ye Shiyu had once invited him when he was in the Lake of Despair in the Middle Three Heavens .

If Ye Shiyu were to pester him, an invitation alone would be problematic enough for him, let alone allowing Ye Shiyu to pry into his background . This third young master of the Ye family was ingenious and he might be able to uncover some secrets .

To Chu Yang, the situation was bleak in any case .

Therefore, Chu Yang wanted to escape immediately .

However, he was just too late!

Ye Shiyu had a hard time finding a friend and his trip was boring and dreadful . How could he let Chu Yang off easily?

"Brother Chu? Aye… isn't this Brother Chu, hehehe… what a surprise, Brother Chu when did you come up…"

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Ye Shiyu flew over like the wind as if he had discovered some treasure, and stood "gracefully" in front of Chu Yang . He winked and acted coquettishly then said bashfully, "Brother Chu, I've waited for you in the Upper Three Heavens for so long…"

How could he not recognize Chu Yang? He had seen Chu Yang at the Lake of Despair and because he was impressed by his talent, he once offered Chu Yang an invitation .

Chu Yang stared ahead blankly, not only did he feel his legs turning wobbly, but sweat was also about to stream down his head .

Ye Shiyu stepped forward flirtatiously and bent his fingers like orchids . He tilted his head and swayed his hips as he approached Chu Yang .

The burly man on the horse felt a sense of relief and almost burst into laughter . He watched with much interest as if it was a joke .

Even the knights in the Ye clan watched gleefully as their third young master teased someone else .

Chu Yang calmed down and thought of Zhuge Wen, then a brilliant idea came to his mind at that instant .

"Sister Ye~~~" said Chu Yang in a flirtatious tone .

Ye Shiyu was startled as he stared at Chu Yang, eyes wide open . He was petrified and his orchid-shape fingers froze in the air while his pointy ass stopped swaying . He was in an extremely awkward position .

"Sister Ye… do you know how much I regret not accepting your invitation…" Chu Yang said affectionately as he walked up with big steps, before giving Ye Shiyu a big hug . "Sister Ye… I miss you so much, the reason why I came up to the Upper Three Heavens is to find you . Do you know how much I have tried to find you?"

Ye Shiyu was dumbfounded . He stood there and stared blankly . His face turned from red to white then from white to red, and at that instant, he could feel his legs tremble, and suddenly his lower body felt awkward and weird .

Like a puppet being hugged by Chu Yang, Ye Shiyu lost the ability to think and beads of cold sweat trickled down the tip of his nose .

Chu Yang caressed Ye Shiyu with his hand and said flirtatiously, "Sister Ye, do you know that after you left that day, I drank wine alone under the moonlight . My heart was filled with intense and mixed feelings . It is so difficult to find a soul mate in life! Especially for people like us, it is even harder…"

Ye Shiyu shivered and murmured, "I… This… I…"

"What about you?" Chu Yang "rebuked" and rolled his eyes, then continued flirtatiously, "I've hesitated, I was once lost and I've been through disappointment, but now, I've finally mustered the courage to come and find you…"

"Ah~ Oh my goodness…" screamed Ye Shiyu . He then used all his might to escape from Chu Yang's arms before stumbling on along his way because he could not identify the directions . He turned three rounds before he found his group of people . He then sneaked in as if he had seen a ghost and dashed onto the carriage without hesitation . His voice could be heard from the carriage .

"Oh god, oh god, oh my god… aunt please save me, save me… I'm doomed… I'm doomed… urgh~"

Ye Shiyu stretched his head out of the carriage and vomited yellowish liquid after the intense pain .

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Chu Yang stepped forward and asked with a concerned tone, "Brother Ye, brother Ye, Little Yu… what has happened to you?"

The majestic troop from the Ye family actually retreated uniformly by one step when they saw Chu Yang stepping forward!

Including the battle horses!

Everyone stared at Chu Yang horrifically and even the hair on horsetail stood up .

The masters on the horses had even more exaggerated facial expressions and they were all confused and lost . Like shaken dice, they trembled relentlessly .

Everyone knew that Ye Shiyu liked to do this, hence they were used to his tricks . Furthermore, everybody understood that the third young master was merely joking and not serious about what he said .

However, what they saw in front of them was nothing but a coward!

Therefore, it sent chills down the spines of many .

"Go away… go away… go away quickly…" screamed Ye Shiyu as he threw up .

Chu Yang resented . "But… weren't you waiting for me… didn't you invite me?"

"Who the heck invited you! Whoever invited you is a bastard!" Ye Shiyu's face was ghastly pale, he looked up and saw Chu Yang again . "Leave! Leave!"

"I even wanted to marry you…" said Chu Yang with much concern .

"Urgh! Urghhhhh~" Ye Shiyu continued vomiting explosively before he could finish his sentence and he could not even catch his breath .

The silhouette of a person appeared when the curtains of the carriage opened . The person wore a black face scarf and his appearance created an ineffable sense of melancholy .

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The man looked at Chu Yang with his cold eyes and said, "Young master, don't tease us . "

Chu Yang was startled and said, "I dare not do so . " He thought to himself, "Could this be Ye Chuchen?"

At that moment, the husky young man had already taken large strides and come forward . He pushed Chu Yang away and said, "Go away… don't mess things up! Stay aside . "

Chu Yang took advantage of the situation and decided to leave hurriedly .

While doing so, he heard Ye Shiyu vomiting non-stop .

No one could imagine how a prominent ladyboy feared people flirting with him the most, even though that was his strength .

Chu Yang had seen how Zhuge Wen tackled Ye Shiyu hence he knew what Ye Shiyu's weakness was . However, how would Ye Shiyu even think of it?

That burly man wiped his sweat away after seeing that Chu Yang had left, then turned around and walked back feeling traumatized .

After walking a few steps, he burst into laughter . "Hahaha, I've only seen Ye Shiyu teasing others and scaring them till they threw up, who would have known that he would be on the receiving end one day… hahaha… stop vomiting, he has left . "

Ye Shiyu turned around cautiously and shivered . "Did he really leave…?"

"Yes, he did . " The burly man nodded .

Ye Shiyu finally turned around and patted his chest with lingering fear . "Oh mummy… there are really ladyboys in this world…"

Chu Yang took a few steps before feeling like there was something wrong around him . He noticed that Zi Xieqing and Chu Le'er kept a distance away from him and questioned, "What's wrong?"

Then he walked towards them .

The two girls screamed, "Don't come close!"

Zi Xieqing looked at him horrifically, saying, "Get lost! Don't talk to us yet . "

"That was just… a tactic . " Chu Yang gave a bitter smile .

Zi Xieqing closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then examined him . She hugged Chu Le'er and walked in front of Chu Yang without saying a word .

Chu Yang smiled bitterly as he followed them .

When they arrived at the entrance of Lanxiang Garden, they only saw a warrior in black clothing with an invitation in his hands . He said respectfully, "Envoy Chu, the law-enforcement master has arrived . We, the Zhuge family will set a special feast at the Shui Yue garden to host our guests tomorrow night . Please accept our invitation . "

Chu Yang received the invitation and was deep in contemplation, "Do all those who have arrived now need to go tomorrow?"

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