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"Tribute successful, your lifespan has increased by 9 days 23 hours and 3 minutes."

This was the remuneration he received from the stingy sacrificial altar after tributing the jade craftsman's memories.

But… would seconds appeared during his next payment of lifespan?

Luo Qiu exited the altar, thinking about this strange question.

"Master, you suffered losses."

The servant girl stood up quickly, and turned off the BeoSound on the counter. Just like a butler that received traditional training, she stood up and greeted the master upon seeing him.

"Sort of." Luo Qiu didn't care about it. "It was just for killing time. Moreover, as human beings we always waste our time anyways, so it's not a big deal."

He walked to the counter, pressing a button to turn on the BeoSound, and laughed. "Take it easy, I'm not a tyrant."

You Ye only gave him a smile.

The structure of the counter was partly similar to a bar counter---in fact, various kinds of wine and beverages, even some with no brand, took up half of display rack behind the bar counter.

Luo Qiu was sitting near the bar, opposite to You Ye, listening to the song from the BeoSound in curiosity, "Starting to enjoy Tu Jiaya's songs?"

You Ye nodded but then shook her head.

Luo Qiu said as he played around with the oak coasters, "Is it because I recommend it to you, so you wanted to have a deeper understanding about it?"

You Ye said softly, "It's the obligation for a servant girl to follow her master's preference."

Luo Qiu suddenly asked, "What do you think of Tu Jiaya's songs?"

You Ye said, "The early productions are pretty good, but it changed a little recently… it might due to the so-called commercialization, the current ones seem to lose their feeling."

Luo Qiu knocked at the coaster, "I suddenly feel like having a drink… can you make the cocktail from last time?"

While saying that, Luo Qiu turned off the BeoSound. At the same time, the old Long Play gramophone at the corner automatically started playing.

"Aria on the G-strings".

Luo Qiu said, "This suits you more."

A sweet smile appeared on You Ye's face.

"Master No.9, I think I've clearly understood everything about the modern society! I won't mess up any missions and let you down."

Two old ghosts wandered along a night street.

Black Soul No.9 seemed absent-minded, only replying Tai Yinzi from time to time---Is it because this guy was trapped for 500 years and is now trying to make up for all his time lost not speaking?'

His talkativeness was extremely annoying.

At this time, a young woman in panic dashed by the two ghosts. Tai Yinzi still babbled on, yet Black Soul No.9 stopped his footstep, gazing at the hurried woman as if he was thinking of something.

"Master No.9, what's wrong with her?"

Black soul No.9 nodded. "She's a potential customer."


He answered indifferently, "She's a customer that is confused. She probably came out of the club just now. I 'smell' a black card with her."

Tai Yinzi was stunned. He sniffed around subconsciously but couldn't smell anything out of ordinary.

Black soul No.9 wanted to swear at this stupid guy but thought it would tarnish his image, so he ignored him and followed that lady without a word.

Soon after, the lady with a pale face sat down on some greenery by the wayside.

She didn't notice the two old ghosts appearing near her.

Black Soul No.9 moved to the back of this lady, stretching out his palm and pressing it at the back of her head.

"Master No.9, what are you doing?"

"Be quiet, I'm looking for the source of her troubles." Black soul No.9 said coolly, "Only by being aware of the customer's needs can we black soul envoys lure her more effectively."

Tai Yinzi was shocked. He imitated the No.9's gesture, pressing his palm on her head as well… "But why I can't feel anything?"

"Idiot! Your ability can't compare to mine now!" No.9 angrily scolded him, causing Tai Yinzi to jump up in fright and step back while trembling.

Looking at his arrogant appearance, Tai Yinzi sneered secretly. "I act like so ignorantly to gain your trust. By the time I finish learning all your abilities, I'll let you know who the idiot is… Hmph!"

After a short while, Black Soul No.9 took back his palm and muttered faintly.

Tai Yinzi asked curiously, "Master No.9, have you discovered something?"

He said, "This woman is worrying about a matter concerning her sister… This is an easy task, it just needs a little push. She has already obtained a black card, nevertheless she doesn't know what she wants. Listen, we black soul envoys not only attract customers to the club, we also play a role in letting them know what they desire before they enter the club."

Tai Yinzi bowed and scraped in a hurry. "Master No.9, what should we do specifically?"

Black Soul No.9 said, "She feels that her talents can't be perfectly displayed, then suddenly finds out she was suppressed by a very close relative of hers, thus causing her heart be filled with discontent and indignation. Therefore, as long as her anger and discontent is amplified, hate, jealousy and strong unwillingness will become the best catalyst to accelerate the creation of the customer's desire."

"Eh, she takes out the… oh, I see I see, this is called a smartphone!"

F*cking stupid…

Tu Jiaqing had ran a long distance, until she felt exhausted, before sitting down, breathing heavily.

She didn't either know what she was afraid of or what she should do.

She took out her phone out of habit. Then habitually opened a software and reading the messages left on her channel.

"Jumping Phonetic Symbol: Jiajia hasn't uploaded anything new in so long! Awaiting her new works!!---3 hours ago"

"Clumsy-Cute is not a Pig: I heard Jiajia's songs unintentionally from my friend, then found out that I enjoyed it. I enjoy Jiajia's ethereal voice and her lyrics. Hope she create more works! Fighting! BTW, the next one that comments below is an idiot*2!--- 3 hours ago"

Tu Jiaqing faced the fluorescent screen, browsing the messages on her blog one by one for the whole night.

Her tears had stopped after reading her fans' supportive comments.

Because she didn't want to hear such comments like 'Oh, this is Tu Jiaya's sister, no wonder…", she had registered an account using the name 'Jiajia' without telling others, and started to upload her own songs into the software.

Her account gradually attracted attention.

Without any actions, and without any of the expensive large scale advertising, her audience had been gathered through her songs step by step.

Tu Jiaqing believed that her music would be heard by many people some day. And at that time, when the public mentioned Tu Jiaqing, they would regard her as a hard-working girl, rather than one that became popular with the help of her sister.

However, tonight, she felt that her way she was thinking was really laughable.

The supervisor and sister… no--that woman's conversation was like a nightmare.

"Lighten it: The guy below is a fool.---11 hours ago."

Yes… I really am a fool… Tu Jiaqing forced a smile, her eyes moving on to the next message.

"AUDIO SPRITE: To be honest, her music style is extremely good. It makes me recall the time Tu Jiaya came out several years ago. But it's obvious that this singer doesn't imitate a lot, instead, she adds her own twist and creating her own way. As for Tu Jiaya, her latest two albums are merely for the numbers( though I'm Tu Jiaya's fan). Seriously, I really can't agree with these commercialize approaches, which values amount of songs rather than the quality (what the hell, two albums published in a short half year?) If Tu Jiaya could sing Jiajia's songs, it might have a better effect. In my opinion, Tu Jiaya sings better than Jiajia.---15 hours ago"

Reading until here, an inexplainable feeling of rage surged up in Tu Jiaqing's heart. She threw down her cellphone furiously, "I won't have that woman sing any of my songs!!! It's impossible!!!"

Why was it impossible?

Tu Jiaqing shivered. Once she stopped, the question emerged from her heart.

It resounded within her mind.

Why it was impossible?

'No why's! It's just impossible! She treats me like that, why should I give my hard work to her?"

'You want more people to hear your works and receive everyone's approval, don't you?

'I can't do it… I can't… sister is so much more influential. She could destroy me with merely a sentence!!

'Why is it impossible? As long as… you became her, everything is possible.'

Became… my sister?

If you were Tu Jiaya, your songs, your music could be enjoyed by more people. Her fame was large enough to even allow a trashy commercial song to occupy a position in the pop chart, isn't that right? You know, her current songs are terrible. You are much better than her, yet she was the one with enormous fame… if you two combined, it would be earth-shattering.

The whole world would be fascinated by your music…

"The whole world…"

Tu Jiaqing became dazed, slowly her surroundings faded away. She seemed like she lost her soul, merely repeating those words all along, "The whole world… the whole world…"

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