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"Jiang Chu, your child's condition is worse than expected… where on earth did you get the bone marrow?"

His colleague frowned, looking at Doctor Jiang with a dark expression on his face.

Jiang Chu asked him promptly, "What's wrong?"

He sighed. "Jiang Chu, this kind of rejection will only happen due to a mismatch. Furthermore, it's almost always fatal… I don't know where your child received this operation but was there something wrong? Normally, this fault should not occur! This might as well be murder!"

"How could this be…"

Jiang Chu gazed blankly for a second, then frantically rushed out of his colleague's office. With his head lowered, he dashed about madly.

"Jiang Chu, what are you doing?"

He had knocked into someone… it was the director! He was also Jiang Chu's respected teacher.

"Teacher… I…" Jiang Chu was too frantic to form a coherent sentence.

The director sighed, "I heard about your kid's situation and I am very sorry for that. Since you are not in the best frame of mind, I've arranged for another doctor to take your place to perform today's operation. Go back and accompany your family today. I'm also contacting some foreign hospitals, hopefully they can find some method to…"

Jiang Chu shook his head, "Director, I want to be alone."

The director nodded, then left with sigh. He felt it was a pity. This was actually a good opportunity for him to get promoted, yet misfortune happened and the patient had heard about it. Of course they would be unwilling to allow him to perform the operation. What if he got distracted during the operation? Every minor mistake would be fatal.

Jiang Chu walked alone through the corridor like a zombie. Those girls that he passed in haste seemed to be muttering something about him.

Were the looks of his colleagues filled with compassion? Or with taunts?

Jiang Chu arrived at his previous patient's sickroom. He found another doctor checking her situation and setting the patient's mind at ease. He did not blame the director for replacing him. Let's not say if he was able to hold the scalpel to perform the operation, even now, in such a situation, he wouldn't be able to maintain his calm.

Rather, to give up on the operation was like a kind of release… because he would not be facing the girl's wistful eyes again.

Jiang Chu came to the rooftop alone, his trembling hands fished out his cellphone. Then he dialed a number after a long moment of hesitation.

"Is that Mr. Sun?"

From the other side, one could hear the static and a modified voice. "Doctor Jiang, I was just about to call you."

But Jiang Chu voiced deepen. "Set other things aside, Mr. Sun. Answer my question first! Was the bone marrow you provide my son suitable or not?"

Mr. Sun ignored his question and continue, "Black Cat has been arrested. Local authorities will soon reach you. I have already made the necessary plans. You have to leave now."

"What?!" Jiang Chu's face changed. He shivered abruptly for a moment. "No! I can't leave… I can't leave my son alone!"

Mr. Sun said coolly, "You're young, and can easily have another baby. But if you don't leave, it would be terrible for us. Black Cat is only a contact and does not knows a lot… but you should realize how much you know. We won't allow you to be captured by the authorities. You should know what I mean."

However, Jiang Chu roared crazily, "Tell me! Was the marrow suitable for my son?!"

"Someone will pick you up in an hour, you can choose to leave or remain behind forever. Remember, we don't lack doctors."


Half an hour…

Jiang Chu's hand slipped, the phone fell down to the ground and he collapsed, sitting on the ground weakly. Mr. Sun was infinitely resourceful and always punctual, never late or early.

He dashed down from the rooftop after making a tough decision.

The iron door closed, giving off a sound on the rooftop. At the same time, the sound of high-heels coming into contact with the cement floor echoed as well.

"Master, there is almost no way out for Jiang Chu right? Do you think he will remain or leave?"

Luo Qiu thought for a while, "Depends on how much he cares for his son."

You Ye nodded, and said soon, "I may know the reason why master wants to come to the hospital."

Luo Qiu asked curiously, "Why?"

You Ye smiled, "A hospital is a place where both hope and despair exist. It is also a location where life and death gather. No matter patients or their relatives, both would feel helpless here. Thus it's a suitable place to search for potential customers. You Ye has decided to have the black soul envoys pay more attention to hospitals in the future."

[Wait… there must be some misunderstanding. I just wanted to go out for a walk and check Jiang Chu's situation…]

But he didn't plan to correct You Ye's thoughts; instead, he mumbled, "An hour, it should be time for him to make the decision."

"One hour… one hour…"

He knew how horrifying Mr. Sun could be. Only an hour remained… no, it might be 59 or 58 minutes!

Jiang Chu hurried down through the stairs.

A group of medical staff was pushing a sickbed past him.

It was the girl that he was supposed to do the operation on… The little girl didn't know much about the world, she just smiled when she saw the doctor that she met before.

The smile touched the heart of the hurrying Jiang Chu. He suddenly slowed down, holding the wall, feeling like he would collapse instantly.

Without realizing it, Jiang Chu came to another sickroom.

His worn out ex-wife leaned on his son's sickbed, sleeping while grabbing his hand. Jiang Chu didn't dare to make sound. He walked to the sickbed, looking at his son with mixed emotions.

He should have had a satisfactory life.

Yes… should have... if the marrow was compatible!

Jiang Chu stretched out his hand, wanting to touch his son's face but took it back abruptly.

He gritted his teeth and walked out of the sickroom to the park outside the hospital building. Then sat on the stone bench, in a daze.

An hour later.

Jiang Chu still sat there, until an average-looking man dressed in a black suit approached him.

"Doctor Jiang, Mr. Sun asked me to pick you up. Let's go."

Jiang Chu raised his head gradually, gazing at this man. Suddenly, he patted the long bench. "Don't be impatient, take a seat. I have some questions to ask you."

That man frowned, saying stonily, "Doctor Jiang, please don't give any trouble. Please just follow me."

Watching his hand reached into pocket, Jiang Chu sneered. "Why? I've done a lot for Mr. Sun. Isn't that enough to exchange for several minutes?"

But the man solemnly fished out a folded knife.

"Mr. Sun has stated, if Doctor Jiang isn't obedient, he is no longer necessary in this world."

That man intended to kill him right then but at this time, a thunderous voice stopped him in his tracks.

7 people rushed out from all directions, the head was Officer Ma, "Put down your weapon! You're surrounded!"

The man's cold eyes moved to Jiang Chu's face.

Jiang Chu's lips trembled slightly and said emotionally, "You gave me the false marrow first… An eye for an eye! I've called the police and have revealed everything! Hahaha, I'm on the spot; anyhow, I can't leave… so let's perish together!"

That man snorted--- and aimed a stab towards Jiang Chu's neck!


A gunshot rang out at the same time. A bullet hole appeared in his wrist, and the knife fell to the ground.

"F*ck! I've said before, I'm the NO.1 in the office! Catch him!! F*ck!! Idiots!! Stop him! Don't let him escape!!"

The testy Officer Ma stamped the ground in rage.

"Officer! Our people have surrounded the area. He's injured and can't run away at all! What about this guy?"

Two fly cops brought Jiang Chu to Officer Ma.

Officer Ma said, "He is an important witness, take him back! Keep your eyes on him… also gag and tie him up! F*ck!"

"Officer… Can I have a look at my son before I leave? Please…" Jiang Chu suddenly begged.

Officer Ma sneered, "What? You've found your humanity now and remembered your son? Then how about when you were helping these trashes harvest organs to sell? Where was your conscience then?"

Jiang Chu's face turned pale, kneeling on the ground, and begged, "Please… let me have one last look at my son. He, he can't last much longer!"

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