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Chapter 24

The auction had to be halted. The audience were told to remain where they were and wait further notice.

As Luo Qiu was deep in thought, a staff member came towards him.

Under his instructions, Luo Qiu and You Ye were guided to the side door. Several people were already waiting there.

They was Zhang Qingrui, a fast man around 30 years old, and an approximately 50-year-old woman.

“Luo Qiu, this is Ms. Dong, the sponsor of this auction. And that is the site manager, Mr. Han.” Zhang Qingrui explained in a hurry, “I’m really sorry about this accident. We’ll get it back as soon as possible.”

“…You mean, it hasn’t been found it yet?” Luo Qiu asked after a second of silence.

Ms. Dong looked at Luo Qiu, sizing him up.

She felt apologetic since Luo Qiu had lost his auction item which was due to their negligence, so she pacified Luo Qiu in a kindly manner, “Don’t worry, Mr. Luo. We’ve called the police. The thief will be caught soon.”

Luo Qiu asked unreservedly, “Did the thief actually manage to leave the place?”

Zhang Qingrui felt a little awkward, “There’s evidence that the thief had planned to commit the crime. This can be seen from how he managed to escape through a door with a broken lock and from the way he left by motorcycle.”

Luo Qiu shook his head. In such a foreign place, he was not able to do anything. Things would be different if he was back at his city.

Anyways, he didn’t have to worry about it, because he hadn’t paid for it yet.

“I don’t care how all of you solve this issue. I want a good explanation before I leave in the evening.”

You Ye then added, “Your security was the one at fault. Furthermore, we prefer the jade token, instead of any kind of compensation.”

“I understand,” Ms. Han apologized. “We’ll send the jade token to you if we get it back.”

You Ye gave off a strong pressure. Those wealthy female second generations couldn’t even hold a candle to her.

Zhang Qingrui could do nothing but look at Luo Qiu, showing him a helpless look. Thus Luo Qiu turned to You Ye and said, “Since item was stolen and we have no interest in the other auction items…Zhang Qingrui, you can call me if you get it back…You Ye, let’s walk around and have a look. It’s not easy to get an opportunity to sightsee.”

The servant girl nodded submissively, a far cry from how she treated Zhang Qingrui and the other two.

Looking at two people walked to the exit, Ms. Dong gave a sigh of relief, “Qingrui…Who is that girl? I’ve never seen anyone like her in my life.”

Zhang Qingrui forced a smile, “Aunt Dong, to be honest, I’m confused too. I only know she is Luo Qiu’s friend…maybe his girlfriend.”

“That…man?” Aunt Dong asked curiously.

Zhang Qingrui was reluctant to answer, “He’s my classmate, but I don’t know him well.”

Aunt Dong said, “Anyhow, we should get the jade back first. I Dong Minghua, am not someone who is easily bullied…Hum!”

Luo Qiu called a taxi using an app.

While they were waiting for the taxi, You Ye said softly, “Master, I have failed...I’m sorry.”

Luo Qiu gave a start. “This isn’t a big deal. This kind of occurrence cannot be predicted. Furthermore, there are recordings of the thief and he will be arrested soon. Plus you got back the deposit, we didn’t actually lose nothing.”

“But if it wasn’t for that guy causing trouble, that jade token should be in your hands now.”

Nevertheless, Luo Qiu said with pleasure, “But isn’t it more interesting now? Why did that man steal the jade? Does he know something about it? These events behind the jade are more valuable than the jade itself.”

In was then the taxi arrived. Luo Qiu smiled. “Let’s go. I can vaguely guess which direction the thief fled towards.”

You Ye was shocked.

Luo Qiu fished out the jade from his pocket, “It keeps generating heat. I can feel it.”

He walked to the taxi and mumbled, “I may be able to find out what the jade is without decreasing my lifespan…”

In a desolate warehouse.

The thief fixed his eyes on the white jade token, repeating the same words over and over, “I got you…got you…got you…got you…”

He was stroking the jade again and again. As if it was his entire world.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of footsteps. Raising his head, he saw a man and a woman appear before his eyes.

The man began to panic, clutching the jade even more tightly…He seemed to have some recollection of this young one in front of him.

He had seen this young one before at the auction site. “It’s you!?”

Luo Qiu was depressed. “I’ve already waited for half an hour, but all I keep hearing was, ‘I got you…’ I got impatient, so I revealed myself.”

“What do you want? You want my jade…right?” The man tensed up, protecting his jade, like a lion or a tiger guarding their cubs.

Luo Qiu took out his white jade token. He gave it a shake and showed it to him. “Could you tell me the secret behind this?”

The man was stunned, then felt a rush of delight. “I knew there was another one! It’s on you. Give it to me!”

The man rushed towards Luo Qiu like a madman.

However, he was put down by You Ye easily.

“Master, he is just an ordinary person,” You Ye said softly.

Luo Qiu muttered to himself, then squatted and said, “Mister, I have no evil intentions, I only want to know what this is. Furthermore, I hope you realize that this object was what I purchased at the auction. You stole it.”

The man was panting. “They…they are mine! None for any of you!!”

Luo Qiu frowned, “As far as I know, the one you stole belonged to Gu Yue Zhai. They then sent it to the auction. As for the other one I’ve got, it should not be yours either.”

“Yes, it’s mine too!” The man opened his eyes in rage. “Both are mine! 500 years ago, they were both mine!”

Luo Qiu started…500 years ago?

The man then gave a bitter smile, “Do you believe in reincarnation?”

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