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Chapter 191

While drinking the black tea served by an old man with an American vintage style afro, skinny pants, and plaid shirt, Jessica had thought of leaving this place immediately since she didn’t feel imprisoned here.

However, she chose to stay!


As long as a sufficient transaction fee was paid, she could obtain anything she wanted. There was a lot of legends from the West and many of them were stories about making transactions with the devil.

Yet she didn’t expect to encounter such magical matters in this foreign country--- there was a moment where she thought that she was hypnotized. But in view of receiving many anti-hypnotizing trainings, these enabled her… to be sure she wasn’t in the state of being hypnotized.

"How much lifespan do I need to pay for looking for someone?" Jessica was probing, "If you’re that miraculous, you should know whom I’m looking for."

This time Luo Qiu could answer this question easily without paying more of his lifespan to gather information from the altar, "Only one month of your lifespan, I can take you to the man you want."

There was no name but two words mentioned, indicating gender… At the same time it also indicated that he knew who was the person Jessica had said.

Life was too long and no one knew where is the end. It would only be a waste of life if one acted without any purpose. Humans tended to spend more time

on boring and useless things. If one month was enough to find the man, Jessica thought that this deal was worthwhile.

"OK, deal!" Jessica nodded decidedly, "But if you guys cheat me, I won’t forgive you easily!"

"The man you are looking for is in Room 302, the third floor of this hotel."

Jessica raised her head subconsciously and looked up to the third floor. The window of a room was indeed covered by curtains. "Is he here?"

She turned around, the traces of dismay and nervousness were still seen on her face. ---Because she was in the club seconds ago and in the blink of an eye, she arrived at a totally different place.

She was already in a street!

And that so-called boss of the club had disappeared…No matter if Ye Yan was in the hotel or not, this ability of teleportation made Jessica impossible to calm down for long.

Without being aware of it, she tried to recall the location of this miraculous shop but she failed no matter how… When she entered that place, she seemed to be in a supermarket before going in.

"Who are you looking for?"

The hotel boss who was reading the newspaper put it down when he saw someone walking in… then he changed his tone immediately.

The thing happened in the club was put aside first. The purpose

purpose was to make sure if Ye Yan was here. Jessica took a glance at the boss and then put down few one hundred yuan bills, "I’m only looking for someone."

"Oh, help yourself," the boss nodded his head, "but don’t create any trouble for me."

Jessica had seen too many hotels like this. They were usually used as hiding places. She sized up the boss and thought that he was trustful. After that she walked up the stairs and reached Room 302 very quickly.

She stopped at the door side and stretch her hand out to knock on it. But it gave out a weird sound.

One short with two long, four short and three long sounds (Morse Code, it was W,H,O in sequence).

She then stuck her body on the wall.

After waiting for sometime, nothing seemed to happen. But Jessica could slightly hear a fine sound coming from the room.

She knocked again in the same way, the other hand holding her gun to pull the trigger quickly at any time.

There was no response after waiting for a while. At this moment, a tap-tap sound with the same tempo was heard through the room’s door.

Jessica controlled her wild excitement and continued to knock Morse Code on the door steadily and carefully.

J-e-s-s-i-c-a, Jessica.


The door lock rang slightly but it didn’t open at once. However,

once. However, Jessica couldn’t bear her impulse. She twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open!

"Ye, you’re really here!"

Jessica rushed to Ye Yan and collapsed in his arms. Holding him tightly, "Thank God, you’re here!"

Ye Yan frowned at first and then loosened her hands.

He sat down, voicing coldly, "You come to arrest me, right? To my surprise, you can even find me in this place. Your capability is beyond my expectations… It’s even more surprising that you are the one who appears."

Skipping issues of the club.

Jessica said, "Ye, come back with me first, I’m sure you’re wronged. Let’s go back to the headquarters rather than being a wanted out here, there’s danger everywhere. I’ll find a way to prove your innocence."

Ye Yan sneered, "Don’t you know? The killers are right at our home. I’m courting death if I go back."

Jessica frowned, "Something happened to you suddenly. There’s a traitor among the insiders for sure… but don’t worry, I’ll find a way to send you to a special detention center with round-the-clock surveillance. No one can do you harm. You should know how dangerous it when you are out there. Moreover, you can’t be exposed."

Ye Yan took a glimpse at Jessica.

At the moment their eyes met each other, Jessica took one step backwards but still lagged a bit. Her wrist had been clasped by Ye Yan quickly.

"You don’t trust me." Jessica’s lips me." Jessica’s lips moved, voicing very softly.

Ye Yan spoke calmly, "At least till now, there’s no one I can totally trust in the headquarters."

Jessica took out her gun from her back and gripped it, "You made me trust you 3 years ago. Now, I hope that you can trust me as well."

From getting the gun, putting finger on the trigger to pressing the muzzle on Jessica’s forehead, Ye Yan kept silent all the way.

Jessica breathed deeply, shutting her eyes, "Let me help you, please."

Long after that, Jessica opened her eyes, she found out that Ye Yan had already put his hands down.

He still looked the same like 3 years ago---stubble, gloomy glance, and slightly pale skin. He was soon a 40 year-old man, but still looked young like 30 something.

"I won’t go back with you."

"Then let me stay with you at least."

Jessica grabbed Ye Yan’s palm, putting it tightly on her forehead.

From China to France, from a stranger to someone familiar, she had spent a full 3 years with him.

1095 rotating days.

26,280 GMT hours.

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