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Chapter 185

Luo Qiu stayed silent while Black Water was talking.

It was pretty tranquil before and it turned even quieter until one could even hear a needle fall---But those monster kids were not disturbed due to the golden fog.

Luo Qiu opened his mouth as Black Water’s agitation faded gradually. "Have you calmed down?"

Black Water heaved a sigh of relief, giving a wry smile, "I know I can’t buy it just by seeing your silence… If everything of mine could be exchanged for the good fortune of monsters in the future, it means I’m more important than the whole ethnic groups of monsters. However, I’m not."

But the club boss said, "Yes, you can buy it from us."

"Excuse me?" Black Water lips moved with an inconceivable expression on her face, "I can?"

Luo Qiu said fishily, "Customer wants us to be on monsters’ side. OK, no problem. And you want to pay whatever you owned, correct?"

Black Water nodded without hesitation.

Then that’s enough for us to side with the monsters for around 10 seconds."

"10 seconds?" Black Water frowned.

She felt like she had been teased. 10 seconds were just for several times of breathing! And it would pass in a daze!

What could they do in a matter of seconds? The so-called standing on their side for 10 seconds, but would obtain all she have, including her life and soul? Was that a joke?

"It’s true your club is deeper than an abyss and darker than a night." Black Water sneered, "I won’t make the deal!"

While Luo Qiu replied, "That’s all right. We won’t force our customers to do anything…"

As answering her, a black card without stamp appeared on Luo Qiu’s hand which then floated to Black Water, "…If you need some help, you can get access to us through it."

Black Water hesitated, putting it away finally. She looked at Luo Qiu, asking, "How much lifespan will it take to cure my injury?"

Luo Qiu gave her a quick reply, "10 years, if you want to recover to what you were before."

Black Water felt angry, "I’ll get well by myself around only 5 years but you actually asked for double!"

"That’s right." Luo Qiu smiled. "But with our help, you can get through now, the additional five years are for the difference."

Black Water gritted her teeth, "Then that’s a deal!"

If she didn’t do the deal, instead of getting recovery after 5 years, she might be facing Yang Taizi’s revenge shortly.

Of course, she thought of asking the club to kill Yang Taizi but it might need her to pay more--- That would be the worst deal.

If she recovered, it would be easy to handle Yang Taizi and not pay more for what she could do herself.

Along with the opening of the sheep skin scroll, Black Water’s wound and the pain vanished quickly and her skin even became smooth like usual.

However at the same time, she felt weaker than before…

In other words, her lifespan had been deducted.

Black Water didn’t show her appreciation at all; instead, she taunted, "That f*ckin Taoist paid for hurting me, and I paid for recovery… After that, we still didn’t solve our problem but you’ve easily got 2 deals. You’re really standing on customers’ side!"

"Yes. Sometimes I complain about this shop too." Boss Luo said coolly, "By the way, are you going to continue fighting with Yang Taizi?"

Black Water sneered, "That f*ckin Taoist is weak in martial ability but good at escaping. He can probably escape again, like running awa

y 10 years ago even though he was seriously injured. If he goes to you, it might not be only for hurting me! Do you think I’ll go find him? Rather, I’ll leave this place. If he can’t find me, he won’t go to you to pay a lot for making me leave. On the other hand, he might not be living well after getting back the ashram. Because 10 years have passed… Tell him to be careful of some gate crasher arriving at night! And, the most important is, I don’t want you to have any deals with you!"

Well, women were all vindictive…

Luo Qiu didn’t continue the conversation. He just nodded and left this cave through the way he came here.

Before arriving at the ashram, Luo Qiu saw that Yang Taizi was still lying down and reluctant to wake up, so he squatted down.

Zhan Er blinked his eyes with confusion.

Luo Qiu said, "Taoist priest, if there’s no other problem, I’ll get the transaction fee. It doesn’t matter you wake up or not."

Soon, Yang Taizi eyelids trembled, opening slowly. If he didn’t cultivate Taoism, he was capable of being a movie king.

"Oh… Boss Luo, how long did I faint?" Yang Taizi massaged his forehead as sitting down, "Sorry… Zhan Er… that Boa Monster escaped, go to check and see if anything is broken!"

Zhan Er nodded, rushing into the ashram.

Yang Taizi looked at Luo Qiu with fear, "Boss Luo, please do it gently."

Luo Qiu didn’t intend to reveal his trick. He just pressed his hand on the Taoist’s chest, making a gesture of pulling something out.

Yang Taizi face changed. His hair turned snow white in a flash, along with countless wrinkles on his face.

50 years of lifespan!

Yang Taizi heart was bleeding but had to fake a smile, "Thanks for your help."

He suffered a huge loss in fact but still showed a smile. Luo Qiu felt like he admired Yang Taizi’s calmness.

Therefore, Boss Luo answered with a lie, "It was my pleasure."

"My ashram is remote but very quiet. What about staying here for a while?" Yang Taizi suggested.

Luo Qiu shook his head.

He looked at You Ye, whom then walked towards him. After saying "Return", the two disappeared from Yang Taizi.

Yang Taizi waited for a moment until he made sure they left. He then jumped up, shaking his white hair, shouting towards the ashram loudly, "Zhan Er, go to my room to get the thousand-year ginseng! I’ll die if I don’t eat it!!"

50 years! It greatly hurt his vitality! He needed supplements in time!

In the club, You Ye brought a glass of water.

She put down the glass, holding the tray and saying, "It’s a pity that Black Water didn’t purchase the 10 seconds. She didn’t know what it represented."

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