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The setting sun and flower sea, the castle was still quiet, or perhaps more silent than ever--- Osmond finished the legal procedures to inherit everything in the castle and this family. In the eyes of others, he was a extremely fortunate soul.

The secret of the death of all the young family members in the Ceausescu Family had been buried deeply.

No police came, no gossipers questioned, everything was like the presupposed script.

He acted as the leading actor of this script, inheriting the whole Ceausescu Family, then… becoming a puppet of the Black Religious Congregation.

He really was.

He had freedom in life but it was based on the constant service for the mysterious religious congregation.

Osmond realized he was merely a tool of the Black Religious Congregation to control the tremendous wealth of the family.

On atrium of the upper terrace located in the east wing, Osmond knitted his brows while looking out at the old well where everything happened--- in the center of the flower sea maze.

This was not the original appearance of the well anymore.

In this period, the well was transformed into a huge case made by a large quantity of steel plates on Lamias command--- He didn't know what his half-blooded sister did in the chamber under the old well every day. All he knew was that the demon's whisper from the bizarre sarcophagus circling around his ears turned clearly bit by bit.

"Mr. Osmond, this is today's documents."

A tall and slim Asian-Indian lady who had light yellow skin knocked at the door and entered. Sonam… a woman representing the Black Religious Congregation--- Or it could be said she had been delegated to assist him to handle the business of Ceausescu's Family.

It was irrefutable that Osmond was attracted to this skilled Asian-Indian woman at first glimpse.

"Sonam, do you know where my sister, Lamias, is?" Osmond asked suddenly--- He resisted the feeling of being controlled by instinct, even though he'd inherited the tremendous wealth, and looked incomparable glamorous.

"It's better to ask Ms. Lamias by yourself." Sonam wore a black overskirt and high heels, looking like a secretary and avoided this question tactfully.

"If she'll tell me… I won't have to ask you." Osmond whispered inwardly.

To be honest, he was unwilling to stay alone with the woman who wore a nun's clothes yet actually kept a beast inside her heart.

"Give me the documents. After all, it's just a signature."


The sarcophagus kept shaking with a great noise. As if the things in it would break through the stone coffin at any time.

And now, there were seven priests with black clothes stood around the coffin. They held silver crosses while crooning continually.

"As the situation, it would need at least double the people to suppress the Impaling Duke's left hand."

Ms. Nun, Lamias, showed a serious expression, communicating with the faraway Congregation's administrator through the satellite phone at present.

A calm and slow voice of a man came from the other side of the phone,

"Wasn't the sealing suppose to be successful the night the power changes in Ceausescu's Family?"

"Some things might not be revealed by Jonathan." Lamias frowned. "What I know is only the situation he told my mother. When the successor has been set, the seal will be maintained--- even Osmond, I had him join at last."

"No matter what, we can't let the Impaling Duke's left hand break the seal so easily for now. With the current technique, I don't believe it's no match for the old sealing skill hundreds of years ago. Lamias, come back and carry out some new mission. As for the seal in the old castle, I'll send others to follow up."

Lamias gave him a simple reply, hanging up and walking up to the surface from the secret chamber.

A helicopter was landing on the farther lawn. A man in a business suit came down with a black leather suitcase. As Lamias approached, the man opened the suitcase, "We remade it as per your requirements."

Lamias nodded, picking up a brand-new revolver with a ten-bullet magazine clip from the case.

She lost the one she always used a short while ago and hadn't found it--- It was very very weird!

The nun holding a gun narrowed her eyes, aiming at the crown of an distant oak tree with the new weapon--- "Don't let me know who stole my big gun! Or else…"



He sneezed!

The sound was not that loud but it scared Zhang Qingrui a little who was concentrating on her work. The small bar of soil almost fell down.

She shifted attention to Luo Qiu who was sitting at the other side of the work table and found he was rubbing his nose softly.

"You got cold?"

Luo Qiu shook his head.

The club's boss would never get any illness. "It's ash."

The dust was easy to run into nostrils when the brush was sweeping the soil attached to the bones. Zhang Qingrui nodded, looking down to start to wipe hers.

The long-drawn history had made the skeleton rather brittle. Every part should be cleaned carefully so that the whole one wouldn't be broken--- and the two students were both green hands, who claimed they chose this major because they were possessed, so their work progressed quite slowly.

Only half had been done during these days--- However, it was clear that what the skeleton was before it had been broken.

"This should be… a female's skeleton."

Zhang Qingrui was wiping the bones, saying abruptly without raising her head.

"From the structure of the pelvic bone, it should be," Luo Qiu replied.

All of a sudden, Zhang Qingrui stopped her work, looking up to Luo Qiu and asked, "Luo Qiu, aren't you curious?"



"Where did Professor Qin Fang dig out the pair of skeleton--- by rights, archaeologists should arrive and do a thorough excavation if such things have been found. Yet he took this… well, he packed it up and brought back?"

"So what?"

"Aren't you curious?" Zhang Qingrui was astounded by Luo Qiu, "It's definitely not what a primitive person's appearance looks like. Paleontology tends to be a major that explores the biological evolutionary process. If it belongs to a primitive person, it makes no sense for the professor to transport it from thousands of miles."

Luo Qiu knew the skeleton was odd. Nevertheless, he didn't want to discuss it or do a further investigation about this question. Yet at this time, Ms. Zhang on the opposite of the work table stood up suddenly.

Her eyes glazed over, having neither facial expression nor speaking any words and walked towards the door. She put her hands on her waist gently, taking quick short steps, like a weak willow in the wind… as if she was another person.

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