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Luo Qiu started observing his first customer out of habit.

Though he still had basic courtesy and maintain eye contact, but Luo Qiu could see he was travel-stained and nervous. He wore a black suit without a tie and his top buttons were unfastened.

In addition, his suit was wrinkled, and a glimpse of stubble could be seen on his face, his eyes were also bloodshot due to the lack of sleep.

In general, Luo Qiu thought this customer was in a fragile condition due to one or more late nights.

He was a native judging by his accent.

En…That's all he knew for now. Luo Qiu nodded in his heart. Then…there was no then.

----Let's return to the scene.

The customer with the pass of the club in his hand, revealed that he knew some details about the 'Trafford's Trading Club'.

Then as the new boss, Luo Qiu stayed silent from the very beginning…Because he didn't know what to do.

Should he…greet the customer? But how should he greet him? Coolly appear like the former boss? But the problem was he had already sat down when the customer came in…Or should he introduce some of the items here, say something amazing to show off? But he knew nothing about the goods here except the little knowledge he had about the 'Scarlet Moons'.

To raise the topic that the 'Scarlet Moons' was actually a pair of eyes, with a person who was dozen years older than him? That would feel really awkward!

Luo Qiu didn't know what to do next…But the customer was waiting there, looking at Luo Qiu nervously, which made him more uncomfortable.

"Do you…want to buy something?"

After some period of preparation, Luo Qiu had broken the silence first.

"You are…" the middle aged man asked doubtfully.

"This is the boss. Please take a sit, esteemed guest," You Ye said suddenly.

Though she was only a puppet, she was flawless in every aspect, even able to solve problems for her boss. Just then, Luo Qiu considered You Ye, the capable servant girl, much more useful than that useless dull booklet.

However, she was only a puppet.

The middle aged man was seated in the drawing room by You Ye…It was actually a round table near the window. As the customer sat down, You Ye walked to Luo Qiu, saying lightly, "It's OK for Master to listen to the customers' request and estimate if it is worth completing the transaction or not. Of course, it's OK to refuse if you think the transaction fee isn't enough."

How thoughtful of her to remind him.

Luo Qiu would feel nervous just like any ordinary person, however he wouldn't show it easily. He nodded, walking to the customer and sitting down silently.

"Are you…really the boss?" the middle aged man looked at Luo Qiu from top to bottom.

"Is that weird?" Luo Qiu asked back.

The man promptly shook his head, as he was afraid Luo Qiu would get angry, and explained: "No, no, no…just, different from my imagination."

Luo Qiu asked curiously, "What did I look like in your imagination?"

He said: "I heard about the legend of this club from my ancestors. However, even my grandfather didn't know how long this club had existed."

Then, he sized up Luo Qiu and said: "My grandfather said he had bought 3 things here in his lifetime. And the boss never changed…But he wasn't a junior."

"Let's talk about what would you like." Luo Qiu said coolly.

He wanted to appear mysterious…even though it didn't seem to help in this transaction. He just purely followed what the former boss did, and felt that he should learn from him.

When he heard this, the middle-aged man hurriedly put a black card on the table.

He seemed to attach great importance to this card, because he had grasp it tightly ever since he came into the shop till now, "This! I want, I want to buy my factory back!"

Then he started to tell his story.

His name was Jin Zifu, his family was famous for running a factory that manufactured large-scaled machines - Of course, Luo Qiu had never heard of his name before as he had never paid attention to the business circles.

There was a crisis of his factory recently. His factory no longer belonged to him, instead, it was in the possession of his daughter's husband.

It seemed that a few years ago, his son-in-law had him sign some documents occasionally. At that time, he was careless and trusted him. Before he knew it, the factory and his properties had all been transferred to his son-in-law.

His daughter died in a car accident, but her husband didn't remarry and continue working in the factory to raise their little child.

That was why Jin Zifu had trusted him more and more, then he lost everything in an instant.

"Ziqian…No, that bastard, intends to destroy the factory, then cooperate with property developers to build large-scaled, luxury housing estates on that ground! And only paltry reparations for the workers and their families! Some of them have worked in the factory for more than half of their lives…I'll never allow such things happen!"

The card on the table was totally black, with a golden stamp on one side. The golden stamp was 70% similar to the altar in the basement's third floor.

But…was he using this card as the transaction fee?

Luo Qiu, who had no idea what to do with that card, he felt embarrassed again…

"We have what you need, sir."

At the same time, You Ye came out with holding a delicate teacup and teapot, putting down the tray and picking up the card with smile: "The last symbol will disappear after being used in this deal. As per the rules, you get a 10% discount off the transaction fee…Are you sure you want to complete the transaction? If so, please name the appropriate fee you deem suitable. Of course, our boss has the right to evaluate if the price you state is suitable or not."

Good job, You Ye!

"I…I know the rules." Jin Zifu breathed deeply and said, "My grandfather told me the rules before he left."

At this, Jin Zifu fell silent immediately. Luo Qiu was clear now. This man had decided to come here but hasn't made up his mind whether to seal the deal or not.

"Take…half of my remaining lifespan." At last, Jin Zifu said some words that astonished Luo Qiu.

Though he had roughly read the so-called boss booklet, Luo Qiu still had no idea how the club operates. Everything was a brand new experience to him…But ever since he saw the altar, he felt a sense of mystery.

His lifespan?

He forced himself to observe, to see how You Ye would deal with the middle aged man, and this ridiculous scene that was happening.

"I got it." You Ye nodded, "To human beings, their lifespan is one of the most precious transaction fee. Please give me a second, and close your eyes, sir."

You Ye suddenly stretched out a finger, pointing at Jin Zifu's forehead.

Soon after, You Ye pulled her arms back, putting on her…Actually she had never taken off her black gloves in the first pace.

"Sir, based on the assessment of your body's condition, your remaining lifespan is 37 years. Half of it is 18 years and 6 months."

"18 years…" A terrified look emerged on his face, but Jin Zifu clenched his teeth and said: "OK, just 18 years, I have decided to save my factory at the cost of my life, and bring my workers out of their suffering while allowing them to earn enough money to support their families!"

"Sorry, sir. Whether this transaction will be successful or not depends on the boss's is satisfied with the price or not."


When Jin Zifu gazed at Luo Qiu anxiously, Luo Qiu felt embarrassed one more time …

Judgement, how to judge it?

"Maybe our boss needs time to think about it." You Ye smile faintly and said: "Sir, you can go back for now. if we make a decision, the card you have will give you instructions…Anyway, welcome to 'Trafford's Trading Club."

You Ye was indeed perfect…

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