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Jiang Chu was stunned by the sudden appearance of the black card. However, for some reason, he felt the need to possess it.

He gazed at the black card for almost ten minutes without moving. During this time, he seemed to hear a voice whispering to him.

"Doctor Jiang, the director wants to see you."

At that moment, Jiang Chu was distracted by the voice of a lady. He could feel the back of his shirt soaked in sweat. Then he awoke from his trance and replied. "Ok…I got it, I'll be right there."

Jiang Chu quickly kept away the documents, after a moment of hesitation, he finally stuffed the black card into his pocket.

Several minutes later, Jiang Chu came to the director's office.

The director appeared to be around 50, even though he just celebrated his 60-year-old birthday. He also seemed to be in much better health compared to others. As he saw Jiang Chu, who he held in high regard, he quickly revealed a smile, "Jiang Chu, I knew you would be at the hospital during this time."

"Director, how may I help you?" Jiang Chu sat down.

The dean said, "There is a problem which I require your assistance."

Jiang Chu responded confidently, "What's the matter director?"

The Dean sighed, "I have an old classmate. An early staged tumor has been discovered in his granddaughter's head so he came to me…I'll check her current situation this few days, and then recommend you to him."

The director was satisfied with Jiang Chu's confidence even after hearing the situation. Nevertheless, he still displayed a serious expression. "The patient is not 5 years old yet, thus her cranial nerve is rather weak. You're the only doctor I dare suggest to perform the operation."

Jiang Chu suddenly said, "Director, I've asked for leave last week…"

The director said in a soft voice, "I know you've not had a good rest these few years. And I've authorized your vacations… Nevertheless, I have known this old classmate for dozens of years. If you complete the operation, I can even give you a month off."

Jiang Chu said, "But director, it's difficult to operate on little children…if in case…Wouldn't it be a better choice to ask the more experienced Doctor Huang to do it?"

The director felt slightly annoyed and said, "This time we have to operate the anterior lobe. There is no better choice than you. Jiang Chu, I valued medical ethics and skills more than qualifications. If you managed to do well in this operation, I'll promote you to be my assistant."

Jiang Chu looked at the director in amazement.

The director said pleasantly but sternly, "I've been working hard many years and need a good rest. Jiang Chu, I appreciate your character and your ability. Trust me, you'll be in charge of this hospital in the future after several more years of experience."

Then the director walked to Jiang Chu's side, patting him on the shoulder, "You have the ability, so don't be nervous. Furthermore, my classmate has acknowledged the fact that you shall be the one to perform the operation. If you retreat at this moment, it would be rather troublesome."

Jiang Chu frowned after he heard this, "Teacher, can you tell me who he is?"

"He's a senior in Health Department. Even though he retired, he still wields a lot of influence." The dean smiled, "Don't stress too much about it. This operation may be rather challenging but it shouldn't be a problem for you. Don't let me down."

Jiang Chu had to choice but to say, "I want to read the information on the patient first."

"No problem. I'll send it to you soon."

After saying that, the director left to patrol the hospital. Jiang Chu returned to his office, then sat in a daze at his desk, a worried expression on his face.

He suddenly looked at his hands for a long while. Then took out a knife from the pen container and held it, pretending it was a scalpel.

Nevertheless, just as he grasped it, his hand started trembling. Jiang Chu abruptly threw up his hands, flinging the scalpel onto the floor, then burying his face in those very same hands.

Trembling hands. Through his own preliminary diagnosis, he could no longer deny the harsh reality.

It was Parkinson's disease.

He didn't know when his hands would start to tremble. if it happened during an operation, then…

Originally he had planned to apply for a long vacation abroad to visit his friend, who was also a doctor, to discuss and find the best method to treat his disease.

Bit on the other hand, the director had placed great hopes on him for this operation. He definitely understood the importance of this operation to his career in the future.


"It's quite sarcastic…a chief surgeon loses his hands." Jiang Chu revealed a bitter smile.

These two days were peaceful for the club. During this time, Zhang Qingrui had contacted Luo Qiu, saying that the they had found the stolen item, and have sent it back to him already.

She could only contact Luo Qiu by phone because she didn't know his address.

Luo Qiu also didn't want to expose his residence. So he chose Gu Yue Zhai as the meeting place.

He thought it would be that fat manager who would be sending the jade token back. However, it turned out that the boss of the auction took his place, returning it herself.

Her name is Dong Minghua.

"That lady didn't come along with you?"

Zhang Qingrui was curious about the absence of that girl.

Luo Qiu said, "She is busy."

Dong Minghua smiled, "It was a disturbing matter. You may not believe but the jade was sent back anonymously. Nobody knows what happened."

This sentence was spoken for the benefit of Luo Qiu, because Zhang Qingrui seemed to have already known the situation.

So he pretended to be surprised and said, "That's really bizarre."

Dong Minghua apologized, "Mr. Luo, I am really sorry for the trouble last time. May I treat you and the lady you were with to a meal as an apology?"

However, Luo Qiu was a straightforward person, and didn't like meaningless etiquette, "No, thank you. Ms. Dong. It is not necessary since I've got the jade back."

Dong Minghua forced a smile, "All the more the reason I have to treat you to a meal."

Luo Qiu had no choice but to say, "I'm busy today."

This was Dong Minghua's first time encountering such a person that held no regard for social cues. She had already asked twice, it would be embarrassing if she continued to make such a request. Therefore, she just gave a nod. "That's a pity. Do inform me beforehand if Mr. Luo plans to visit my auction again, I'll prepare some people to pick you up."

Luo Qiu nodded, "Sounds good."

After seeing this, Zhang Qingrui's impression of Luo Qiu was that he was too inept at socializing, it would be hard to adapt to the society. However on the other hand, she appreciated his character that refused to suck up to anyone. It was rare to see a youth like him in today's society.

"Oh…Ms. Zhang, I need to head back to the company now." Dong Minghua said, "I'll drop by to visit Mrs. Zhang next time."

Zhang Qingrui made some small talk before sending Dong Minghua off.

Just then, Luo Qiu said, "Do me a favor."

"Do you always ask for help in this tone?" Zhang Qingrui smiled reluctantly. "Do you know you have offended an influential person in the antique circle? Now you want to offend me too?"

Luo Qiu stared at her blankly, then said after a moment, "I have been lending you my class notes all this while, so…"

"…" Zhang Qingrui sighed, "Say it, what's the matter?"

Nevertheless, after she said that, she frowned and said in a vexed tone, "You're so petty, demanding my help after giving me such minor assistance!"

"But I really did lend you my class notes many times…"

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