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Chapter 15

It was a well-known name in the antique circle. As the most famous and substantial antique shop, the customers of Gu Yue Zhai were mostly socialites.

And the place that Ren Ziling saw the jade, was right in Gu Yue Zhai. Ren Ziling said she saw the same jade when she interviewed the boss of Gu Yue Zhai recently.

So Luo Qiu asked her what the boss was like.

Ren Ziling frowned and grinded her teeth, “She is an old woman still in her menopause period!”

It was rare of Ren Ziling to show such an expression, so Luo Qiu threw over a confused look to her..

Ren Ziling said, “There was no greetings, only cold words from her, as cold as the winter!”

Luo Qiu asked indifferently, “I heard you’re journalist?”

Ren Ziling snorted, “Yes, but journalists are sensitive too, but I abide by the professional ethics and won’t write any biased articles! Though the old woman is terrible, her granddaughter is not bad…she was about your age”

Luo Qiu put his hand underneath his chin, looking at the scenery outside the car window and said, “I’m 20 years

old, heterosexual, but not eager to get a girlfriend at the moment, so please don’t act as my matchmaker. Besides, don’t talk while you are driving…”

“Just you wait and see! I’ll have you marry early! Because I promised your father that I’ll take care of you. In addition, I want to hug my grandchildren!”Ren Ziling said.

After a time, they arrived at Gu Yue Zhai…Ren Ziling was the subeditor, so she had a lot of freedom. As for Luo Qiu, his professor might prefer his students to be absent so that he himself could skip class and do his own research…due to such reasons, they had time to go to this antique shop.

“You are…Ms. Ren.”

The receptionist was dressed as a female priestess, with a delicate and pretty look.

“Do you still remember me?” Ren Ziling asked curiously.

The receptionist smiled, “It’s my responsibility to remember the customers. Ms. Ren came here twice to do an interview. I’ve read it and found it well written.”

Ren Ziling smiled sweetly, “Thank you!”

After the receptionist brought some tea over, she then left. Ren Ziling whispered to Luo Qiu, “How about that girl?

girl? She is delicate and polite, and she is your age. Do you like her? Maybe I can help you.”

Luo Qiu sighed, “I should have asked for the address and came here alone.”

Ren Ziling realized he was mocking her but didn’t seem discouraged. “Well, it’s ok. But I’m sure you’ll lose yourself in the next girl we’ll see a second later. It’s hard to find such an elegant girl with traditional beauty nowadays in this society!”

Hearing these words, Luo Qiu didn’t even bother to tease her again.

“Ms. Ren.”

Right then, a beautiful voice of a lady was heard. She was dressed in a cheongsam and walked slowly towards them.

She wore a long cheongsam with light green lotus patterns surrounded by golden strings with long white sleeves. A blue silk ribbon was held in her hands and she wore white flat shoes. This woman was tall, with beautiful eyes, a slender waist and a plump chest. Her hair was held up merely with a white hairpin.

Luo Qiu was astonished by her attractive appearance. Ren Ziling pushed him a little, saying in a low voice, “Are you stunned by her ?”

“Ms. Ren, I think your friend isn’t astonished, but shocked.” The lady smiled. “Luo Qiu, fancy meeting you here.”

“Yeah…it’s a surprise.” Luo Qiu nodded.

Ren Ziling was stunned, “Do you two know each other?”

Luo Qiu then answered, “This is Zhang Qingrui, my classmate from university.”

She looked at Luo Qiu and Ren Ziling, then asked, “You two are…?”

“Ms. Ren is Luo Qiu’s mother!” Zhang Qingrui was shocked by their relationship, but didn’t say anything else. Instead, she turned the subject to antiques. “Why are you interested in antiques suddenly?”

Ren Ziling received some silent cues from Luo Qiu, so she didn’t mention the jade token, instead said he was studying something about antiques.

As her only classmate, Zhang Qingrui inevitably noticed Luo Qiu when they both went to the class occasionally. However, they didn’t talk because he was too introverted to do anything, except give a greeting.

She deemed that the conversation now would be more than the total number of words Luo Qiu spoke to her in last few months.

“Sure…No problem.” Zhang Qingrui answered hospitably, “I can introduce some can introduce some items you are interested in and give you a fair price.”

Luo Qiu looked around.

There were quite a few antiques and china wares, however, he didn’t find the same jade Ren Ziling mentioned.

He shook his head, “Is there anything better?”

And Ren Ziling said, “Ms. Zhang, could you take what I saw last time to show this willful kid? He needs to broaden his horizons.”

“Sure, follow me please.”

Zhang Qingrui turned and made a gesture to invite them to go first.

This scene was caught by two young men coming in.

“Boss Zhong, who is that man? Ms. Zhang personally greeted him herself.”

Boss Zhong frowned and said, “Let’s go for Mrs. Zhang first and put everything else on hold for now.”

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