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The appearance of a lady with wings exceeded Luo Qiu's imagination, however it was still acceptable compared to the huge butterfly he had envisioned.

Once the butterfly came out, Luo Qiu took off his windbreaker and threw it to her, "Wear it and hide your body."

She grabbed it, saying slowly with a smile, "You humans really are weird."

Luo Qiu said nothing, but touched his nose and smiled. Due to her wings, she couldn't wear the coat properly, so she just wore it backwards holding it with her two hands.

Suddenly, she spread her wings and flew out of the cocoon elegantly, floating up into the grey sky. Finally, she landed in front of Luo Qiu, saying with gratitude, "Thank you for saving my life."

Compared with the hideous appearance before, her present beauty made her seem even more special.

At this time, the sun was about to rise, which meant the task of protecting her would soon end. Luo Qiu had gained a little bit of information about the transformation of monsters from You Ye previously.

Most monsters who could conceal their original bodies would join human society to live as ordinary individuals. Some others would hide in suburbs or unfrequented areas.

As for the butterfly monster, she was perfect in both looks and the temperament. If she was able to cover up her wings, she would be an unbelievable beautiful lady in society even if she didn't dress up.

"Now you can speak fluently." Luo Qiu ignored her thanks, instead, became interested in her ability to speak.

The butterfly replied, "I've full-grown vocal cords now so my voice is normal."

Luo Qiu nodded, "You've successfully evolved, so what's your next goal? Living in human society or returning to the forest as a free monster?"

The butterfly thought for a while and said, "I want to see the world…Do you have any ideas?"

Luo Qiu was stunned, in fact he didn't even understand the so-called society as a student, but he felt embarrassed if he didn't answer the question, so he replied, "I think, first you need a name."

"A name? "

Luo Qiu smiled, "Everyone's life starts with a name."

"But…I don't have a name." She shook her head, but suddenly raised it and asked with shining eyes, "Can you give me a name?"

To give a good name for the butterfly, one with such beauty and grace, made Luo Qiu itch to have a try.

He looked to the sky, gazing at a distant place while admiring the rising sun, but his thoughts still remained at the scene where the insect monster transformed to a butterfly and flew out. Those reminded him of a poem, and he intoned in a soft voice, "Like the scent of books, dancing around a glass of wine…"

Suddenly Luo Qiu turned around, "Dance! What about 'Dance' as your name?"

"Dance…" the butterfly lowered her head, whispered the name for several times, then raised her head and nodded with smile.

Not only did the butterfly manage to be reborned, but even obtain her own name.

The beautiful golden teinopalpus imperialis spread her wings and flew into the sky. A spot of light then dropped into Luo Qiu's palm gently. It was the transaction fee---the jade token.

"Thank you! Hopefully we will meet again."

Then the butterfly flew towards the direction of the rising sun.

After long time's view of the jade, Luo Qiu turned to You Ye and said gently, "I'm hungry, let's go to have some food. I know there's a restaurant that is famous for its steamed buns and fresh soybean milk."

Luo Qiu observed the jade while he was eating the hot steamed buns.

He had to make a choice even though he didn't want to lose the jade.

To offer it as tribute for the exchange of 70 days, or spend 20 days to do a further identification?

He asked for You Ye's opinion on the way back home, however, he received the same answer, "Master, as long as you feel happy…"

"Just leave it for now, I don't have that many days that can be used for further identification, on the other hand, it's also a pity to pay it as tribute so soon," Luo Qiu said to himself.

So, he decided to leave it for now, and offer it to the altar in exchange for more days if he didn't manage to complete any more deals.

But if customers came successively…it would be better to research the secret of the jade.

"Luo Qiu, what are you giggling about and why are you getting up so early?"

Ren Ziling walked out of her bedroom with bed hair and a drowsy look. Luo Qiu pointed to the steamed buns and the soybean milk on the tea table, answering her, "You're up early too."

Ren Ziling sat beside Luo Qiu directly as she yawned, holding his shoulder and smiling, "Can you tell me why you're acting so weird these two days? I can play the role of your life coach."

Luo Qiu moved away from her and turned on the TV. Ren Ziling didn't mind and grabbed the steamed buns instead.

Luo Qiu frowned, "Did you…brush your teeth?"

Ren Ziling blinked, "It's better to brush teeth after breakfast."

"What a good life coach." Luo Qiu teased.

Ren Ziling shrugged, putting down the bun, and noticed the jade token Luo Qiu left on the tea table, "Was this always in our home before?"

"Now it is."

Ren Ziling weighed it in her hands and frowned, "I've seen this somewhere… where was it?

Luo Qiu took back the jade, standing up and saying, "You can tell me when you remember the place. However, you should brush your teeth now. Do you know how bad the breath of a woman that smokes chronically is when she wakes up?"

Ren Ziling put hands together and breathe out, then said, "No, it's not bad."

"So are you going to brush your teeth?" Luo Qiu grabbed the bag of the steamed buns.

After hearing this, Ren Ziling felt that she had lost the argument and rushed to the bathroom.

Luo Qiu sized up the jade token and then thought of something.

On the TV, a female anchor pronounced in a precise tone, "Today, Everlasting Heart Group will publish their new development project. According to reports, they will cooperate with the prestigious industrial company---Golden Eagle, to develop…

Luo Qiu remembered it supposed to be the project of Cao Ziqian and his partner, the property developer.

The news didn't mention about their chairman---Jin Zifu, but Luo Qiu knew that Jin Zifu had been sent to a well renowned hospital.

Right then, Ren Ziling suddenly darted out, with the toothbrush in her mouth, "I remembered where I saw the jade token before!"

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