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Tashinami’s been taken over by another group. Thank goodness.

It hadn’t been that long since the school year began, but the class reps were already having meetings to prepare for the excursion.

Speaking of which, we would be going to London, Paris, and then Rome in May.

We were going to be spending 3 days in each.

Usually the first was scheduled sightseeing, the second was free time, and the third was used for travel to the next city.

Quite a packed schedule.

I wonder why they even picked May for it.

The new 1st years were looking for a club to join, so I had my duties as the President of the Handicrafts Club as well.

I grumbled as much to Satomi-kun as we headed to the meeting room.

“But I’m glad I’m doing this with you, Kisshouin-san. Some people really cut loose during the excursion, but they’ll all listen to you. I’m counting on you, Kisshouin-san.”

So he said, but in 1st Year he did quite a good job himself.

And he wasn’t one of those dead serious types, so he had the flexibility for it too.

I’ll be counting on you, Satomi-kun.

When we arrived, the other class reps, and members from the Student Council were already waiting.

Oh, it was Class Rep.

When our eyes met I gave him a small wave, which Class Rep and Miharu-chan next to him returned with a smile.

This year Class Rep wasn’t in my class anymore, but managed to make it into Miharu-chan’s class. The two of them were the class representatives for it.

Not only that but he had taken my advice on the White Day present.

During the spring holidays the two of them went with Iwamuro-kun and Nonose-san to an amusement park together.

Class Rep had told me all about it in his and Iwamuro-kun’s first report since school began.

“Thank you, Kisshouin-san!” he had said. “As expected of my master! You see, the four of us went on all sorts of rides but since I was a bit scared about going on the rollercoasters, Hondsan tried to cheer me up while I was depressed about it. Geez, I really don’t have any face left as a guy~ But when I actually did ride them, they weren’t as scary as I expected. Just a day wasn’t enough to try all the rides, so the four of us agreed to go there again, and…”

The four of them basically had a double date, didn’t they.

So jealous…!

Group dating was what spring was all about!

I wanted to try going on a double date to an amusement park too!

In the end I just listened to the two of them talk fondly about the girls, before they handed over a cute set of sweets as both souvenirs and thanks.

Mn, thanks for that. It was delicious.

Anyhow, right now Class Rep and Miharu-chan were happily chatting as they looked over the printouts for the class trip.

Maybe they were planning on spending time together during the second day of the trip.

Unuu, weren’t they enjoying a little too much romance?

Had I blessed them too much?

While they were off enjoying themselves, their master was the chief of the Forever Alone village.

Weren’t disciples supposed to be a bit more considerate of their masters…?

No, no, a master was supposed to be happy for their disciples.

They were members of the Fulfilling Romance village now; a village separated from mine by a large river…

Although this meeting was mostly to get the class reps familiar with each other, we still discussed group and room allocations, as well as what to look out for during the second day’s free time.

Although the groups and rooms were basically split within the class, during the second day you were free to join your friends in other classes, so special care had to be taken to avoid any trouble.

The class reps from Kaburagi and Enjou’s classes already looked a little exhausted.

Free time was going to mean a flood of girls about them, after all.

Good luck…

Anyway, what most of my grade were discussing these days was the class trip.

“Where are you going during the second day?”

“Paris is going to mean shopping, of course. There are handbags that haven’t made it to Japan yet.”

“I was thinking of getting some shoes. Although handbags would also be nice. Got a shop in mind?”

“Let’s watch a musical at Piccadilly Circus!”

Piccadilly Circus is a London road junction, close to major shopping and entertainment areas in the West End. It is surrounded by several notable buildings, including the London Pavilion and Criterion Theatre, and is frequently used as a meeting point.

“That sounds amazing! In that case, the Phantom of the Opera would be nice. I saw it in London with my family once, and it was great.”

“I think I’d like to see Les Misérables.”

“Isn’t that a bit dark…?”

“What about a ballet then?”

“I want to watch an opera in Rome!”

Musicals, ballets, and opera?

If we’re watching a ballet I’d like to see Le Corsaire.

And maybe buy some nice stamps for my secret hobby.

Maybe I could buy some at the Vatican City and send some air mail to my friends and family.

But what if I got back to Japan before the letters did?

Changing topics, Moriyamsan from cram school had gotten together with her boyfriend during her class trip.

You do hear a lot of stories about new couples forming on these.

Maybe I’d have a dreamy encounter as well…

I was wondering where Wakabchan would be going during the class trip, so I gave her a call.

“The British Museum, hands down! I want to see the cat mummies! I want to see the Rosetta stone! And best of all, the admission is free! What a big-hearted country! Hmm, aside from that though, I want to try gelato at the Piazza di Spagna!”

Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Plaza), at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, is one of the most famous squares in Rome.

It was going to be her first trip overseas, so no wonder she was excited.

“Unfortunately, eating at the Piazza di Spagna might be forbidden…”


Wakabchan seemed crestfallen, but you could still see the plaza from the gelato stores nearby.

“Oh yeah! Since you warned me about getting the passport in advanced, all the paperwork went smoothly. Thank you!”

“You are very welcome.”

Since I had been to the three cities before, Wakabchan listened fervently as I told her my impressions of them for a while.

“By the way…” I began, before asking her if she made much progress studying at the library.

“Yeah, I did. It was pretty quiet~ Made it easy to concentrate.”

“I am glad to hear that. So you went by yourself?”

“More or less. I did go a few times with Mizusaki-kun though. Oh, and once with Kaburagi-kun as well.”

“My. With Kaburagi-sama?”

“Yeah. Kaburagi-kun suggested we go to a library to study. He didn’t seem to be familiar with any, so we went to the place that Mizusaki-kun told me about. When we got there, Mizusaki-kun was coincidentally there as well, so the three of us found a place to study together.”

“I see~”

That lined up perfectly with what I heard from Kaburagi.

The moment when he was thrust from Heaven into Hell.

“Did the three of you have fun?”

“Well, not so much fun, but it did help with our studies. Mizusaki-kun showed us the questions from his cram school, and Kaburagi-kun told us which textbooks he was using.”

That really wasn’t a date but a study group.

The pitiful Kaburagi.

“Anyways, more importantly we going to make teppanyaki with a hot plate at my house. Wanna join us?”

“Eh!? I do, I do!”

After that we worked out a time.


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