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Hans Axel von Fersen (4 September 1755 – 20 June 1810) was a Swedish count, Marshal of the Realm of Sweden, a General of Horse in the Royal Swedish Army, one of the Lords of the Realm, aide-de-camp to Rochambeau in the American Revolutionary War, diplomat and statesman, and a friend of Queen Marie-Antoinette of France. He died at the hands of a Stockholm lynch mob.

Charles-Henri Sanson, full title Chevalier Charles-Henri Sanson de Longval (15 February 1739 – 4 July 1806) was the royal executioner of France during the reign of King Louis XVI, and High Executioner of the First French Republic. He administered capital punishment in the city of Paris for over forty years, and by his own hand executed nearly 3,000 people, including the King himself.

Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just (25 August 1767 – 28 July 1794) was a military and political leader during the French Revolution. He spearheaded the movement to execute King Louis XVI and later drafted the radical French Constitution of 1793. He became a close friend of Maximilien Robespierre, and served with him as one of the commissioners of the powerful Committee of Public Safety.

Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre (6 May 1758 – 28 July 1794) was a French lawyer and politician. He is perhaps best known for his role in the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, a period during the French Revolution characterised by mass executions.

Anyhow, what I took away from that last party was that there were no signs of our family being destroyed at this point.

Everyone from our company screamed ‘Elite!’ and ‘Capable!’. Not only were they all quite accomplished at work, but their expressions seemed positive too.

Thanks to my constant reminders Otousama wasn’t doing anything dishonest, and best of all Oniisama was working there!

I could count on Oniisama to stop Otousama trying to commit fraud or attempt any hostile takeovers.

And we had the secretary Sasajima-san too.

Okaasama might have been quite a spender, but it wasn’t so much that our family was in danger, and I liked to think that I was spending modestly too.

As for our destroyers from the manga, while we weren’t particularly close to the Kaburagi family, neither were we on bad terms. At the very least they didn’t have a reason to destroy us. Probably.

At this rate I didn’t think I’d end up needing to go to another university. Suiran University probably wouldn’t be a problem. Because geez, if it wasn’t for the school fees I reaaally wanted to go to Suiran.

I was humming thoughtfully to myself with a pillow in hand as I sat in the living room after my dinner and bath.

Oniisama came back from work and asked what I was doing.

“Hmmm, I suppose I am wondering about what I want to do in the future.”

“Future? You weren’t planning on going to Suiran’s university?”

“Well that would be ideal but…”

Oniisama slackened his tie as he took a seat next to me.

“Then what’s the problem? Are the grade requirements for your major too high?”

“No, I am not even sure what faculty I want to enter yet. I suppose I was just kind of wondering about the school fees?”

“School fees?”

Oniisama looked at me strangely. Well, of course he did. Why would a daughter of the Kisshouin family have to worry about paying her school fees.

“For example, if our family suddenly became bankrupt… I was wondering if I could afford them in that case…”

“Bankrupt? You always have the most negative daydreams, don’t you, Reika. You’ve been like this since you were a kid. Is there some reason, or?”

“Not exactly…”

I couldn’t exactly say ‘I read a manga in my last life, Oniisama’. He’d think I was mental.

I sat in silence as Oniisama sighed, placing a hand on my head.

“You know, Reika, I don’t know why you’re so worried about that, but both our company and our family are doing just fine. And even if something did happen to our family, I at least have enough money to pay for one sister’s tuition fees. If you have a university you want to go to, then just go. Alright?”

His reassuring smile cleared away my worries. Of course! I had Oniisama, didn’t I. Of course everything was going to be alright. I wasn’t alone.

“You should rely on your family more, Reika.”

Yeah. Thank you.

This morning Kaburagi visited Wakaba-chan’s class, as was the norm.

Although Wakaba-chan referred to him as ‘Kaburagi-sama’ now, when speaking to him directly she used ‘Kaburagi-kun’ as he instructed.

Even though he basically forced her into it, people were still unhappy about it.

In the salon the President was coldly listening to her daily report on Takamichi Wakaba.

The use of ‘Kaburagi-kun’ by an ordinary student like Wakaba-chan was outrageous to her group.

A number of the Suiran supremacists had already warned her to ‘know her place’ but since she told them that it was at Kaburagi’s instruction, none of them could escalate further.

Which of course just worsened their ire of her.

The President’s group were gathered in their corner, as usual, whispering about something or other.

Since I had tests to study for I left the salon early today and made my way to the car park. On the way I happened to meet Kaburagi.

“Gokigen’yoh, Kaburagi-sama. Are you leaving for the day?”


I bet he was secretly studying away to keep his ranking.

“Thank you finding the time to come to our humble party, the other night.”

“No, thanks for inviting me. I had fun.”

Whoa! Of all people, Kaburagi was being polite to me!

Kaburagi suddenly glanced into the distance. At the end of his gaze was who seemed to be Wakaba-chan.
He stood there watching until the figure left.


“Hm?” he continued staring in that direction.

“Were you aware that a great many people are jealous because of all the attention you pay to Takamichi-san?”


He turned to face me but I bade him farewell and got into my car.

I somehow managed to finish the end-of-term tests. They were always hard because of how much more content you had to study for than the mid-terms.

I didn’t have much in the way of memory storage, so whenever I remembered something new it just pushed out what I studied earlier. Wasn’t there some way of fixing this?

During the test there was something related to the test written on Wakaba-chan’s desk. Thankfully she realised and notified the teacher beforehand.

If she hadn’t she might have been accused of cheating.

I hoped the scare didn’t affect her performance…

My Vice President at the Handicrafts Club came to my class.

“Um, Reika-sama. Club Activities will be recommencing today. Will you be attending?”

I was super happy that she was here to invite me, but I already had that planned for today.

“I am sorry. Today I must head to the Pivoine salon no matter what. If I can find the time afterwards, I would certainly like to head to the club, but…”

The President of the Pivoine had asked me to come to the salon after the term-end exams. I didn’t want to be… I had a bad feeling about this…

“I see. Well, we’ve all just finished our exams, so I don’t think many people will be coming today anyhow. Please don’t push yourself and just head home.”

“I see. Thank you.”

If I had my way then I’d be heading to the Handicrafts Club too. It was getting cold, so I was thinking about knitting myself a haramaki belly warmer for winter.

But I couldn’t exactly refuse the invitation of the President of all people.

I trudged my way there with heavy heart, and when I arrived at the salon I was met by the smiles of the President and her friends.

“Sorry for calling you here so soon after your exams, Reika-sama.”

“No, please do not be. Was there something you wished to speak about?”

“Yes, we did. Right, everybody?”

Everyone nodded.

“The truth is that we would like you to be the next President of the Pivoine.”

“Eh!? Me!?”

Me!? That’s impossible!

To begin with, why me!? The President needed the power to control these people!

How on earth could I even go about controlling the likes of Enjou and Kaburagi. Particularly Kaburagi!

If there was somebody who continually undermined the words of the leader, pretty soon everybody would follow.

And if the non-members saw that nobody was listening to me they’d think of me as an easy mark as well. And then at the end they’d stage a revolution! Oh no, I’d be headed for the guillotine…

If I was the Rococo Queen then that made Fellow Stalking Horse Robespierre!

Eh!? Then did that make Wakaba-chan Saint-Just!?

Nooooooooooooooo! Save meee, Ferseeeen!


Whoa! Talk about losing a grip on reality!

“I am unsure that I am suited for…”

“Everything will be fine! We will persuade younger members to see things our way. The Pivoine won’t lose to the likes of the Student Council!”

No, no, I don’t want to fight it out with the Student Council at all. Don’t tell me she was going to turn me into a puppet President and control the Pivoine after graduation?

“Please, Reika-sama, for the good of the Pivoine.”

Impossible… I couldn’t see any future in it except for isolation. Sanson the Executioner was already beckoning for me…

Oh dear, I think my hair was going to turn white from the stress…

‘Since the exams are done, wanna come over and hang?’ came the message from Wakaba-chan.

I super do!

You’re the only one I can voice my complaints to, Wakaba-chaaan~!

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