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Not long after the opening ceremony, the incident with Wakaba-chan and Kaburagi was the talk of the school, and already it had caused waves to spread.

Plenty of students had come to them to find out the truth, but both of them gave the same answer.

“We just met at the gates by chance.”

Whoa, whoa, you think any girl who Kaburagi just ‘met at the gates’ would be able to walk in while having a friendly chat with him?

When they pressed her further though, she said that mostly they were just talking about that last exam before the break, or about maths, or physics, and pretty much all about their little competition for better grades. Thanks to that, everybody tentatively accepted it, for now. It wasn’t a secret that Kaburagi had called out to her at the rankings boards for the term-end exams.

But you knooow… Although everybody else might have believed that Kaburagi was only interested in her as an academic rival, as somebody who had read Kimidol this whole situation just reeked of suspicion to me. As if that wasn’t enough, at the Summer Party I found out that he had gotten over Yurie-sama.

I’m pretty sure it was true. I think that waltz with her was his farewell to his first love. Even I couldn’t help but feel sad for him. I’d never experienced anything like a love of over 10 years, but it must have been hard. It wasn’t unreasonable that it took him over 8 months to get over it. He had liked her for 14 years after all. Not that I didn’t pity Yurie-sama for being wracked with guilt all that time, though.

A first crush of 14 years was pretty long though. Kaburagi must have been 2 or 3 at the time. Who knew that a 2 year old infant could even have a crush. I voiced my thoughts to Enjou and he told me that Kaburagi had just said that because that was when he first met Yurie-sama. The crush actually really began when he entered kindergarten. At least that’s what Enjou thought.
I heard that the kindergartener Kaburagi had followed her around crying “Yurie~ Yurie~” and Yurie-sama said that he was so cute that she couldn’t help but always play with him.

Yurie-sama had been in primary, and considered him a bold but adorable little brother who adored her.

Despite the disparity in how they saw each other, it was still the closest they had ever been. Perhaps it might have been the happiest time in his life to Kaburagi…

Ah, but when I met them at the summer party, both of them seemed happy and well, so all’s well that ends well, I supposed.

No sooner had we entered 2nd Year did they hold the election for Student Council President and Vice President. This year the strongest candidate for President was, obviously, student council member Fellow Stalking Horse.
Not only were his grades good, but he had served as the StuCo President in middle school as well. Plus, he was popular with the girls.

In the end nobody could rival him and he won the place without any trouble. And then, instead of being voted in, the President chose their Vice President from within the Student Council, and of all people Fellow Stalking Horse nominated Wakaba-chan!

Eh!? Wakaba-chan was part of the Student Council!? I mean she had great marks, so I guess it was pretty natural but… Huh.

This had never happened in the manga. Manga!Wakaba-chan was already hated by everyone by the time she entered 2nd Year, so it wasn’t possible to begin with. But although some people still hated her in this world, she had almost no connection with the Emperor. I guess that’s why she managed to join.

If you looked at it a certain way, Wakaba-chan was so talented it was almost crazy, so she would definitely help them a lot. Do your best, Wakaba-chan!

Ah… But then the Pivoine never switched presidents until the end of the year. Youko-sama wasn’t stepping down any time soon. Was Wakaba-chan going to be okay…?

The 3rd years were stepping down everywhere else but it had nooothing at all to do with me, so I was as carefree as could be when the Club President dropped a bombshell.

“Reika-sama, would it be possible for you to take over as President of the Handicrafts Club?”

“Ehhh!? Me, the President of the Handicrafts Club!?”

The President was checking my interest. Who could have foreseen this happening.

But gosh~ Me? It’s me, you know? The girl who was stuck as an provisional member until last year, you know? Still the least skilled member of the club, you know?

“I… Although I enjoy handicrafts, I lack much knowledge and I only recently became a full member. Would it not be pushing it to have me as the President…? I can hardly see the others agreeing…”

When there were so many skilled and orthodox members of the club around, I didn’t think they would agree to making a maverick like me the President.

“That’s not something you need to worry about. This was something we decided on together. Everybody else wants you to be the next club president as well.”

“Eh-, they said that?”

“Yes. Don’t you love handicrafts? Everybody knows that you came during the summer and tried your best to help with the wedding dress.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong. During the summer break I tried to come here as often as possible. Even if I couldn’t embroider, and was almost no use in helping with the dress, I did make some decorative roses and I helped with the clean-up.

“Compared to ability or knowledge, what I think is most important is how you feel about the Handicrafts Club. I don’t think it’s so easy to find somebody who loves this club as much as you do, Reika-sama.”

“Reika-sama, we’ll all be here to support you as well, so could you please become our President?” asked Azai-san from my grade.

Before I knew it, everybody else was gathered around and asking me to be President as well.

Me, as the President of the Handicrafts Club…

“Are you… all truly fine with me…?”

“Of course!”

Everyone nodded with a smile.

Last year I was resigned to being a (provisional) member. This year I had finally become an official one. And now, to be the President of the Club…!? If this wasn’t a vigorous climb in ranks then I didn’t know what was!

“I shall do my best!” I declared, and everybody cheered and clapped.

From today onwards, I was Kisshouin Reika, President of the Handicrafts Club!

Ah. But the newest Club President hadn’t made any progress at all on her school festival submission. What to do?

“I can’t wait to see the Bea-tan doll~ Please make me really cute, okay! Bea-tan is so looking forward to this! Aa-tan is too!” came the email from Bea-tan, which just piled on the pressure…

When I tried making the face, one of the eyes half came off and turned into something from a horror movie. Dog Lover-kun could never know.

It seemed that during the summer remedials, Class Rep and Iwamuro-kun had really grown friendly with Honda-san and Nonose-san. Recently I occasionally caught sight of them together.

Apparently Iwamuro-kun liked Nonose-san. I see he still liked girls, even with his crossdressing hobbies…

Besides them, I often saw Fellow Stalking Horse and Wakaba-chan together, since they were both Student Council members. Sometimes I even saw Kaburagi casually saying hi to her.

I was in the salon when Youko-sama muttered something between sips of her tea.

“The new Student Council is going to be a problem, one way or another…”

I immediately escaped the salon to head to the Handicrafts Club.
G-, Gosh, I’m so busy now that I’m the Club President.

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