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On that day that we were meeting Beatrice, the lot of us met up in front of the station closest to the god park. I was the only one who turned up with an umbrella so everyone started saying stuff like “That’s an ojousama for you,” but Okaasama would get angry if I tanned so I really had no choice here.

Still, I was out here to play with a dog so for once I was wearing something pretty casual; just a tunic and leggings.


Umewaka-kun appeared from the ticket gates. In his hands was a large carry bag.

“Kept you guys waiting! I’ve brought Beatrice!”

When he gently unzipped the bag, a brown dog’s head suddenly popped out.


She had adorable round eyes and was so many times cuter in person!

“She’s so cute~”


we said as we surrounded her bag.

“They think you’re cute. Isn’t that great, Bea-tan~?” Umewaka-kun asked her. Already we could see some of his dog lover side.

It was going to get warm if we stayed there any longer, so all of us headed for the dog park as we chatted.

“So you can even bring dogs onto the train then.”

“Yep. As long as you’ve got a carry bag and pay for their ticket.”

Perhaps she was curious, because Bea-tan’s head turned this way and that as it poked out of the bag. Sooo cutee~ Umewaka-kun was petting her head even as he spoke to us.

He had a tote bag with him as well, so he was actually carrying quite a lot. Apparently he had Beatrice’s brush and water inside.

The dog park was only a few minutes walk from the station. When we got there we told the receptionist that we had a reservation .

I wanted to be able to take pictures and measure her without getting in anybody else’s way, which is why I reserved an area for us in advance.

Once we went inside, Umewaka-kun opened the bag entirely and Beatrice leapt right out.


Full of energy, she began to run circles around Umewaka-kun.

“Bea-taaan~! It must have been sooo cramped in there! You’ve been such a good girl!”

Umewaka-kun knelt down and rubbed his cheek against Beatrice, who whined happily.

They were in their own lovey dovey world.

“They’re even more affectionate than I expected,” said Kitazawa-kun as he watched them. Kitazawa-kun was the one with the brown hair.

Although, as somebody who had received the Bea-tan emails, I could tell this was only just the beginning.

“Okay, Bea-tan! Today you’re going to be the model for your friend Reika-tan~ Let’s doll you up so that you’re as cute as you can be~”

Umewaka-kun pulled out a brush from the tote bag and began carefully brushing her hair. Her fluffy, glossy brown hair was probably thanks to Umewaka-kun’s daily care. She was wearing pink hair accessories on both ears that were designed after flowers.

“Look~ You’re so beautiful now! Bea-tan, say hello to Reika-tan and the others!”

“Reika-tan…?” asked Moriyama-san with a stiff expression.

Uh oh. Um, my being ‘Reika-tan’ was actually because I was Bea-tan’s confidante.

I was about to explain to her when Bea-tan suddenly leapt at me.


I fell onto my butt because of it, and Bea-tan began climbing up my body and chewing on my hair.

“Uwahhh! What!? What’s happening!?”

She was worked up into a frenzy, and wouldn’t let go of it. Help! Somebody help! Owner! Where’s the owner!?

The others weren’t sure what to do and alternated between reaching out and hesitating.

“Oi, Umewaka!” called Kitazawa-kun.

“Look how happy to meet Reika-tan she is~ Are you trying to help groom Reika-tan? You’re so kind, Bea-tan~”

Gnawing and pulling at my hair is supposed to be grooming!?

You really can’t do this, Bea-tan! My hair is treated with chemicals, you’ll fall ill! Stop licking it! Aahh, my hair was getting soaked with drool…

Dog Lover, come do something!

“Bea-tan is really happy to meet somebody with curly hair like hers. It’s the joy of meeting a comrade.”

“Uh, Umewaka, Kisshouin-san seems like she’s hitting her limit… You’d better go help.”

“Really? Kisshouin-san, are you at your limit?”

I nodded with all my might.

“I see. Then Bea-tan, come here~”

Finally, Dog Lover-kun came and picked Beatrice up from behind. Even so, she seemed intent on biting my hair until the end.

“Kisshouin-san, are you okay!?” exclaimed Moriyama-san, as she and the others helped me up.

Thank goodness I wore leggings today…

“…Yes, I am. I was simply a little surprised…”

“Your hair is a mess though… Maybe it would be better for you to take a trip to the bathroom…”

Yes, I think I will…

I staggered to the bathroom. Using the tap I washed the drool off my hair, and then the brown hair off my face…

When I left the bathroom after somehow fixing myself up, Umewaka-kun apologised to me. Since he seemed to have come back to his senses I told him it was fine.

Now then, it was time for the present. In the end I had decided on a cute carry-bag for Beatrice. It was blue with a sunflower pattern on it. On the side it even had a little name tag that said in English, ‘Asuka&Beatrice’.

My original idea had been to get them a matching necklace and choker pair. After some thought though, Beatrice might have been one thing, but giving Umewaka-kun an accessory as a present would probably turn Moriyama-san suspicious again. So I went with something else.

“Uwahhh! So cute! Can I really have this? Thanks, Kisshouin-san!” exclaimed an overjoyed Umewaka-kun.

I was glad that he liked it.

“Look, Bea-tan,” he said to her, “Reika-tan got a cute bag for you! Wah! And it has Aa-tan and Bea-tan’s names on it too! Aren’t you happy?”

Bea-tan was chewing on the bag. What mattered was that she seemed to like it.

After a short break, I began the photography session. Apparently he had taken her to a salon to get her hair trimmed. She was as good looking as she would get. I pulled out my digital camera and began taking photos of her whole body, as well as each part. Between shots I took measurements as well.

“Oh, would it be better if she changed ribbons? I brought a whole bunch.”

“Uwah… You’ve even got a crown!?” exclaimed one of the boys.

“Of course,” he replied, “Bea-san is a princess. How could she not have a tiara? Right, Bea-tan?”

Bored of the photographs, Bea-tan began to run around the place.

“Waaait~!” chased Umewaka-kun. “Gotcha!”

“Woof woof!”

“Bea-tan, you coy little thing~!”

Everybody seemed taken aback. He was even more of a dog lover than they expected. They looked a little creeped out.

Later on in the day we had some tea at the dog park’s café together, before going on a walk.

Umewaka-kun was glued to Bea-tan the whole time.

“Umewaka was this kind of guy…?” I heard Moriyama-san mutter.

Oh? Was Moriyama-san going to be joining my Forever Alone Village?

While Sakaki-san cheered her up, Umewaka-kun was showering his lover with kisses.

Since he knew that I was making a doll, Umewaka-kun was thoughtful enough to keep a lock of hair from Bea-tan’s visit to the salon, which he handed to me in a ziplock bag.

Now I knew what colour to use. Umewaka-kun might have been a handful, but he was a good person.

I didn’t waste any time before heading to a handicrafts store to buy the right coloured wool. I’d be working hard from tonight onwards!

“Bea-tan was super happy to meet you, Reika-tan! Please make Bea-tan’s doll beautiful.”

Leave it to me.

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