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Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Xu Yan attacks

Translated by Monkillu


This was a distressed figure, his clothes were tattered, his hair was dishevelled, his clothes were covered with black marks dried up blood, the original colour of the clothes couldn’t be seen anymore. His body was emitting a strong bloodthirst. When he arrived in the valley, his figure slowed down and he walked towards the valley, step by step.

The earth trembled every time he stepped forward, the Xiantian Realm pressure exuded from his body, the oppressive aura made the people in the valley unable to breathe.

“It’s senior brother Xu Yan, it turned out to be senior brother Xu Yan.”

“Senior brother Xu Yan, come to our place.”

“It was Xu Yan.”

“He actually broke through to the Xiantian Realm.”

“Rumor said that Zi Chen had killed nine people of the ten seeds. But now, Xu Yan has broken through, Zi Chen is finished.”

Waves of exclamations rang in the valley, some Ling Wu Sect disciples shouted loudly at Xu Yan to come to their place, their eyes were full of joy.

Zi Chen whispered in a low voice: “Not good.”

He placed Su Mengyao and Lin Xue behind himself, because at that moment, Xu Yan’s head had turned over here, his red glowing eyes that were covered by his hair had seen Zi Chen.

“Zi Chen.” Xu Yan’s eyes were burning, he closed in, step by step, the Xiantian Realm pressure appeared, and the earth started to tremble.

“Not good. I don’t know what kind of dogshit luck this Xu Yan has, he actually broke through. Even the expression of Miao Kong, that was always calm, became bitter.

There was a wolf in front and a tiger behind, every path was fraught with peril.

Zhang Haotian stood side by side with Zi Chen, he knew that there will be a fierce battle today, it may possibly be the last battle of his life.

Zhang Haotian! When he saw Zi Chen, he naturally saw Zhang Haotian, and also Miao Kong. All three of his biggest enemies were here. A cruel smile crept on Xu Yan’s face.

“What should we do?” Whispered Liang Guang faintly from the side. Xu Yan’s strength made his face turn pale.

Mu Yi was hesitating, he did not know who to side with. But then, Lu Peng said in a soft voice: “Just wait and act according to the situation.”

The earth trembled, the wind howled, all the eyes in the valley were staring at Xu Yan. Nobody spoke, The Xiantian Realm Xu Yan gave to big of a shock to them.

“Senior brother Xu Yan, come here.” Suddenly, a disciple of Ling Wu Sect shouted, he

seemed to know Xu Yan, he actually went forward rashly.

“Hmph. Senior brother Xu Yan has broken through. The 1000 years spirit medicine here belongs to our Ling Wu Sect. You two sects should leave quickly.” This disciple was putting on a high and mighty air as he walked towards Xu Yan, he did not understand the current situation at all.

“Senior brother Xu Yan, there’s a 1000 year spirit medicine there, only you can get it.” This disciple went forward, he already arrived in front of Xu Yan.

But the situation changed in an instant.

The disheveled Xu Yan turned his head suddenly, he revealed a pair of glowing red eyes. An intense killing intent emerged from his body, this disciple’s look changed greatly. He retreated hurriedly and was also shouting: “Senior brother Xu Yan, it’s me…..” His voice had not even fallen yet, when he saw that Xu Yan had opened his mouth and revealed his blood-red teeth, then pounced towards him.

Ka cha.

A crisp bone breaking sound resounded clearly, this disciple’s neck snapped from just a bite, a burst of fresh blood gushed out and splashed on Xu Yan’s face.

Xu Yan’s whole face was covered in blood, he looked even more ferocious and frightening right now. After that, he chewed for a couple of times and swallowed the meat that he had bitten off.

“Aaah……!” Such a bloody scene made some timid female disciples cry out in alarm, some of them could not help but puke.

Zi Chen’s hair stood on ends when he saw this, the things in his stomach started to roll.

“Haha, Zi Chen.”

Xu Yan laughed loudly, just like a wild animal. He was making heavy breathing sounds, and his eyes were filled with strong killing intent.

With a rustling sound, the Ling Wu Sect disciples that were close to Zi Chen before scattered in an instant. All of them move away because they saw that Xu Yan’s target was Zi Chen.

“Zi Chen has killed nine of the ten seeds, and now Xu Yan is going to take revenge.”

“Every injustice has it’s perpetrator. We must draw back quickly.”

“According to the rules of our Ling Wu Sect, if there’s enmity, they must solve it themselves, we cannot butt in.”

Some disciples drew back, they also found excuses for themselves in order to leave.

In an instant, only a few people remained at Zi Chen’s side.

Su Mengyao, Lin Xue, Zhang Haotian and Miao Kong was a given, but Lu Peng, Liang Guang, and Mu Yi actually did not leave.

“All of you leave quickly, this matter has nothing to do with you. Xue’er and Meng Yao, leave quickly.” Xu

Xu Yan walked towards them, step by step. Zi Chen felt the pressure getting bigger and bigger, and thus spoke to them in a low voice.

“No, we will not leave.” Both of them shook their head, their eyes were firm, they wanted to fight side-by-side with him.

“Go. Leave quickly.”

Zi Chen berated. Xu Yan’s tyrannical aura was really terrifying, it far exceeded common Xiantian experts. His whole person looked more like a Xiantian demonic beast, it gave Zi Chen a tremendous pressure.

Xu Yan’s eyes became even redder, his mind was full of the scene of when his nine brothers died. The scenes kept changing in his mind. In the end, he saw the scene of when the ferocious beast was scavenging on the corpse. Xu Yan roared and screamed, “Zi Chen, I must eat you.”

As his words fell, Xu Yan rushed towards Zi Chen rapidly. His body’s domineering aura surged, he was just like a demonic beast that pounced.

“Thunderbolt Finger!” A cold light flashed in Zi Chen’s eyes, his finger pointed in front of him suddenly. A silver light flashed, a wriggling thunderbolt appeared with a tyrannical power.

“Heavenly Tyrant Fist.” Zhang Haotian clenched his fists tightly, he sent out a fierce punch. The wind howled, his aura surged.

“Ha ha!” Xu Yan laughed savagely. He sent out two palms towards them, his Xiantian aura was surging, and his frightening pressure was wreaking havoc.



As the palms landed, the Thunderbolt Finger shattered into pieces and vanished into thin air. The Heavenly Tyrant Fist was even repelled back by a single attack. Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian’s joint attack was broken in an instant, at the same time, their bodies were also blown away.

This was an extremely shocking scene. The flash of lightning that Zi Chen sent out was already very frightening, and Zhang Haotian’s Heavenly Tyrant Fist was also a very overbearing existence. They attacked together, even if it was Mu Yi and the rest, they would also be defeated, however against Xu Yan, that was at the Xiantian Realm, they were actually blown away by a single strike.

The energy produced by the strong qi was wreaking havoc, the strong winds blew Xu Yan’s long hair into a mess, revealing a pair of glowing and ruthless red eyes. In his eyes, there was no sanity at all, there was only a strong killing intent.

Zi Chen was blown away, Xu Yan’s eyes saw Lin Xue and Su Mengyao. If he was sober, he would naturally dread Su Mengyao to some degree, but now, he was half human and half beast, he had no scruples. He had already

had already started rushing towards them.


Su Mengyao shouted lightly, her ninth Zhen Qi Layer strength surged, the Xiantian martial technique Spirit Snake Dance appeared, just like a white spirit snake. It rushed towards Xu Yan.


Xu Yan did not even evade it, he countered by sending out a palm. Under his strong and fierce raging qi, the white spirit snake was beaten back and it landed on Su Mengyao’s chest, making her whole body be blown away.

Lin Xue’s attack appeared at this time, in the air, thousands of palm shadow’s appeared, but it was still inferior to Xu Yan’s single palm.

A palm was sent out and Lin Xue was beaten back, a streak of fresh blood splattered through the air.

Her strength was the lowest, so Lin Xue’s injury was the worst.

Xu Yan was already crazy, and now there were two exquisite figures in front of his eyes, there was also the endless hatred. His body flashed as he darted towards Lin Xue.

“Xu Yan, scram!”

Zi Chen, that got blown away, had already caught up, he shouted loudly. His whole body was emitting a silver light. Just like a cannonball, he rushed towards Xu Yan.


They clashed, and it created a deafening explosion. After that, the silver light around Zi Chen’s body shattered, his body bounced away as if he had been hit by a mountain. Fresh blood appeared in the air, Zi Chen was also injured.


Zhang Haotian was holding his long saber. He slashed down all of a sudden, a cold saber beam flashed, it was headed towards the top of Xu Yan’s head.

Xu Yan raised his hand, his right hand made a fist as he sent out a punch towards the saber beam.

“Ka cha.”

The saber beam shattered, and the long saber broke into pieces.

At this time, Miao Kong had already arrived behind Xu Yan quietly, and he then kicked towards Xu Yan’s butt. However, in an instant, a peerless aura burst out from Xu Yan’s body. Miao Kong’s attack didn’t injure Xu Yan at all, instead he himself was forced back.

One against five and it was Xu Yan’s victory.

This was an extremely shocking scene, the crowd finally felt the strength of the Xiantian Realm.

“Huu, huu.” Xu Yan was panting loudly, just like a demonic beast. His eyes were staring at Lin Xue fixatedly, and he growled: “Zi Chen, I must let you see how your friend is going to be fucked to death by me.”

Sometimes he was sober, and sometimes he was insane, but Xu Yan did not forget about revenge.

Zi Chen charged towards Xu Yan once more, Zhang Haotian was also the same, and the same, and Su Mengyao also appeared from the side. Right now, the three of them had joined hands, yet they were still unable to do anything to Xu Yan. The Xu Yan who has reached the Xiantian Realm was extremely frightening.

“Streaming Light Strike!”

Zi Chen’s strongest attack was actually unable to break his defense. His attack was blocked by the Xiantian zhen qi. After that, his chest suffered a heavy blow, and he vomited blood as he got blown away.

“Zi Chen.” Lin Xue cried out in alarm.

Everyone got blown away in an instant, every one of them was seriously injured. Xu Yan revealed his glowing red eyes and rushed towards Lin Xue.

Around them, the crowd was shocked.

The furious and desperate Zi Chen, after clashing a few times, his injury turned from bad to worse. At this moment, he was incapable of fighting any more, Zhang Haotian was also the same.

“No! Xu Yan, if you have the ability, come at me. You trash, come and kill me if you can.” Zi Chen roared, his eyes were filled with unwillingness.

“I’m the one that killed your brothers. They deserved to be killed. I slashed them to death, one by one, with my sword.”

Xu Yan’s body shook, and he looked at Zi Chen. In his crazy eyes, there seemed to be a trace of sanity, he only grinned fiendishly and said to Zi Chen: “You can rest assured that you will die. But in front of everyone, I will rape Lin Xue and Su Mengyao, I will let you have a taste of what despair feels like.”

Xu Yan grinned fiendishly. At this moment, he was clearly sober.

Zi Chen got up slowly and charged towards Xu Yan again, but he got blown away once more by a slap. At the same time, Xu Yan had arrived in front of Lin Xue.

Lin Xue retreated in panic, she was already injured.

“Ha ha!” Xu Yan grinned fiendishly and rushed towards Lin Xue.


Suddenly, a loud sound appeared. Don’t know when, Lu Peng, that was motionless, had arrived beside Xu Yan and repelled him back with that sneak attack.

“Junior brother.”

Lu Peng’s action frightened Mu Yi and the rest, and they cried out in alarm.

“I order all of the tenth Zhen Qi Layer disciples of my Black Tortoise Sect to kill Xu Yan. This person is insane. After he kills Zi Chen, the next one might be us.” Lu Peng didn’t even turn his head as he spoke in a loud voice.

At the same time, his whole body emitted a dazzling light, the strongest rank one martial technique of Black Tortoise Sect appeared.

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