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Chapter 54 – Sparring Translated by Monkillu


Xu Yan disappeared, Lu Peng and the rest soon also left.

Since then, there would be an addition of a madman within the Spirit Medicine Garden. He would kill people and beasts alike when he saw them. His eyes were red, just like a half man and half beast.

For a period of time, it made the three sects’ disciples in Spirit Medicine Garden flustered.

Zi Chen didn’t know any of these matters.

At this time, he was looking at a red wolf. It was a rank eight ferocious beast, the ‘bloodthirsty red wolf’.

It was different compared to other wolf types, it wasn’t a ferocious beast that lived in groups, and it had the strength of a pure ferocious beast. The strength of a peak rank eight, protecting a 700 year red caltrop flower.


The bloodthirsty red wolf lowered its head, its eyes were vigilantly looking at the front. Its mouth was emitting a low growl, as if it was giving out a warning.

“Haha, this little thing is very smart. It actually didn’t attack immediately.” Miao Kong was looking at the red wolf and smiled with plain disdain.

“A rank eight ferocious beast already has a very high wisdom, it certainly isn’t stupid.” Zi Chen also smiled. He didn’t have the intention to attack.

The red wolf was still growling, but Zhang Haotian still maintained his silence.

“We finally found a decent spirit medicine after looking for a long time. Why are you acting so cool?” Said Zi Chen to Zhang haotian.

After experiencing life and death and going through thick and thin together, they could be considered as friends. Therefore, Zi Chen could make fun of this callous fellow as he pleased.

“Will I be the one to do it?”

“Of course it is you, I’m not the one that wants to make a breakthrough.” Zi Chen rolled his eyes.

“Alright then.” Zhang Haotian nodded. The aura of his body became cold the moment his voice fell, followed by an oppressive aura that started to surge.

“Heavenly Tyrant Fist.”

Zhan Wu Sect’s strongest martial technique appeared.


It turned from a warning growl into an attack. The red wolf knew that the human in front of him was very powerful, yet he still had to attack. Its four limbs exerted strength, and the red wolf suddenly leaned forward and pounced. Its sharp claws were emitting out a dense cold light, it opened its giant mouth, revealing ice-cold teeth. The red wolf made a vicious bite towards Zhang Haotian’s fist.


The ‘Heavenly Tyrant Fist’ finally landed, but his fist didn’t get bitten by the red wolf. He had actually struck the head of the red wolf. A bone cracking sound rang out in an instant, the hardest structure of the red wolf was its skull. But it was shattered by a single punch from Zhang Haotian. After it was blown several meters away, it died.

“Get the spirit medicine, we should get going. By the way I haven’t seen any cultivators for a long time. Maybe the spirit medicine has run out.” Zi Chen turned around and left when he saw that the red wolf had died,.

During this period of time, almost all of the spirit medicine that they had robbed ended up in Zi Chen’s stomach. After that, under the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique, it was absorbed by his body.

Eighth Zhen Qi Layer with the physique of a rank nine ferocious beast, Zi Chen’s progress became much slower. Although he had swallowed many spirit medicine, but the growth of his cultivation level was unusually slow.

This wasn’t the issue of talent, and he also didn’t encounter a bottleneck, but it was due to the energy Zi Chen needed at this stage was really too much.


If it was an ordinary peak eighth Zhen Qi Layer cultivator, they would need a 500 years spirit medicine to break through the bottleneck. If Zi Chen wants to break through to the ninth Zhen Qi Layer, then the amount of energy he needed was several times more than the others.

He didn’t only want to make a breakthrough to the ninth Zhen Qi Layer, but also make a breakthrough in his physique.

The three people left and found a place. Zhang Haotian swallowed the spirit medicine and began his breakthrough. He was guarded by Miao Kong, while Zi Chen went looking for some spirit medicine.

The Spirit Medicine Garden only opened once in a few decades, and the entrance was only for those at the Zhen Qi Realm. In other words, Zi Chen only had one opportunity, therefore he didn’t care about the rules of the sect anymore. As long as it pertained to a spirit medicine, he wouldn’t miss the chance to obtain it. He would still harvest the 50 years spirit medicine, it was like he was eating rice. He would swallow it directly without any fear of him being unable to refine them.

During this period, Zhang Haotian and Miao Kong were looking at him as if they were looking at a monster. But they never inquired the matter of how Zi Chen was able to refine so many spirit medicine.

This was just like why Zi Chen never asked Miao Kong why he had such an exquisite movement technique, or why he didn’t want those contribution?

Everyone had their own secrets.

Zi Chen had secrets, Zhang Haotian had secrets, and Miao Kong also had his own secrets.

At night, Zi Chen returned.

Zhang Haotian was still cultivating, this time he wanted to break through to the ninth Zhen Qi Layer. It would perhaps take a lot of time, even days. Miao Kong was guarding him as Zi Chen sat cross-legged.

He closed his eyes and calmed his mind. After being in a tranquil state, Zi Chen’s consciousness entered the lightning space once more.

The lightning surged, and the thunder boy appeared, bringing along an unreal and an ethereal feeling. As his feet moved, his figure already arrived at a distant place, leaving no trail behind.

This is the true essence of the ‘Ethereal Step’.

This set of rank one movement technique, Zi Chen had comprehended it completely, and he only lacked its true essence. Today, he will try to comprehend it.

The thunder boy flashed, the movement technique appeared repeatedly. Amongst the unreal and ethereal, there was a mysterious feeling directed towards the true essence.

Zi Chen was trying to comprehend the mysterious feeling. He was moving, following the thunder boy’s movements, by experimenting whilst he observed.

Miao Kong was keeping watch tonight. After he saw Zi Chen’s body emitting some faint silver light, he once again said, “He entered that profound state again, he is simply a monster.”

The silver light on Zi Chen’s body appeared on it’s own. It appeared when the cultivator was in a deep enlightenment, and formed a energy defense on their own.

If ordinary people wanted to enter it once, other than their natural talent, most of it depended on chance, and they needed to be extremely lucky. After entering this kind of deep level of enlightenment, usually their cultivation would advance quickly, it can be said to be a lucky opportunity. But as for Zi Chen, Miao Kong saw that he had been cultivating from evening until now. Almost every night he would enter the deep enlightenment state.

If Zi Chen didn’t enter that kind of state any other day, Miao Kong would instead feel strange. It can be said that every night was an opportunity. If Zi Chen’s speed of advancing wasn’t so quick, then it would instead be strange.

“One is mysterious, the other is cold. These two aren’t ordinary. Ah.” Miao Kong looked at Zhang Haotian that was cultivating on the other side, and sighed.

As time passed, the night receded quietly and the light appeared in the clear sky. The sunlight illuminated the earth.

After cultivating for one night, Zi Chen finally touched the true essence of Ethereal Step. As the sky brightened, he opened his eyes, and there was a trace of joy in his eyes.

“What is it? Did you break through?” Miao Kong asked.

“Um.” Zi Chen nodded: “Finally broke through.”

After that, Zi Chen got up and began to display the Ethereal Step in front of Miao Kong.

His whole person, under the heaven and earth, seemed to have turned into mass of shadows, illusory and ethereal. It made people unable to grasp his movements, every step he took, seemed to be unexpected and unpredictable.

“This is… The true essence of Ethereal Step?” Miao Kong’s eyes suddenly lit up. There was a look of disbelief in his eyes. “It has only been how long, and you actually comprehended the true essence of Ethereal Step! This is too incredible.”

“Was this quick? It has already been several months.” Zi Chen spoke indifferently as his figure stopped and looked at the agitated Miao Kong.

“Not quick? You must know that this rank one martial technique, for the others to comprehend the complete set essence needed several years. As for the true essence, it is very difficult to comprehend, yet you comprehended it in just several months.” Said Miao Kong as he stared.

For Miao Kong, the progress of Zi Chen was naturally very quick, but only Zi Chen knew that his speed was not fast. If he could cultivate the Ethereal Step peacefully, in at most two months, he could comprehend the true essence already. After all, he has the thunder boy that trains him repeatedly.

He can draw a dipper with a gourd as a model.

He now comprehended the true essence of Ethereal Step. After that is the Streaming Light Sword, this was an extremely formidable rank one martial technique, with a rank one weapon, the might was even stronger.

As for the Thunderbolt Finger that Zi Chen cultivated before, at this moment, it had reached a bottleneck. Regardless of how Zi Chen practiced it, he was unable to comprehend the essence of the Thunderbolt Finger. Zi Chen was guessing that there was something missing, but as to what was missing, Zi Chen was unable to grasp it.

Zhang Haotian was still cultivating, the surging heaven and earth spirit qi around him was also becoming more and more dense, as if he had reached the brink of a breakthrough.

Zi Chen went out early and returned late, he brought back some food or wild fruits occasionally.

During the daytime, he looked for spirit medicine, at night he practiced the Streaming Light Sword in the lightning space. There was plenty of time.

Seven days later, Zhang Haotian’s surroundings had formed a whirlpool. An extremely rich heaven and earth spirit qi revolved around him, gathering from all directions, finally it was absorbed and refined by Zhang Haotian.

This was the brink of a breakthrough. With the absorption of heaven and earth spirit qi from his surroundings, Zhang Haotian was going to break through a layer.

After another half a day, suddenly a formidable aura emerged from Zhang haotian’s body.

The ninth Zhen Qi Layer, he finally broke through. As his eyes opened, light flashed in his eyes.

“Ha ha. The ninth Zhen Qi Layer. What a formidable feeling.” The cool youth laughed loudly, obviously he was very happy.

The ninth Zhen Qi Layer, it was definitely the elite of the sect.

“How strong?” Zi Chen was looking at Zhang Hoatian, and spoke with a smile.

“Very strong. If I encountered one of those ten seeds trash again, I could kill him with a single punch.” Said Zhang Haotian confidently.

“Oh. Then what if you go against Xu Yan?” Zi Chen’s eyes lit up.

“Draw or I am stronger.” Said Zhang haotian.

My Streaming Light Sword is also about to break through soon. What if you and I spar for a bit? To let me break through the bottleneck?” Zi Chen’s eyes lit up as he suggested.

“You?” Zhang Haotian’s corner of his mouth twitched, “Hadn’t you just comprehended the Streaming Light Strike of the Streaming Light Sword? How can it break through again?

“I only comprehended the essence, but I haven’t comprehend its true essence yet, but I’m about to. Should we try?” Zi Chen’s eyes were shining.

“This……!” Zhang Haotian hesitated, “You also know that I just broke through. Once we fight, I fear that I will hurt you.”

“Ha ha ha!” As Zhang Haotian’s voice just fell, a loud laughter rang. It was Miao Kong who was laughing madly. He pointed at Zhang Haotian and said, “Zhang Haotian, I used to think that you were very cool and charismatic, I didn’t think that you could actually make a joke, and a very funny one too. Ha ha ha.”

Zhang Haotian’s face sank in an instant, it became very awkward.

In the past, he had sparred with Zi Chen, but every time he ended up with defeat. Moreover, he got beat up pretty badly, therefore a shadow had already formed in his heart. Even if he had broken through, he still did not want to fight with Zi Chen.

“Hmph. What I said is the truth. But if you don’t care, then I don’t mind to teach you a lesson.” Said Zhang Haotian.

“I do not care ah.” Zi Chen spread out his hand.

“Good, then do not blame me for being impolite. Heavenly Tyrant Fist!”

He attacked at that very moment. He did not beat around the bush, the moment he struck, he used his full strength.


Zi Chen corresponded with his fist, it created a loud explosion sound. Both of them retreated for several steps.

“Ha ha ha. I can really cope with you now that my strength made a breakthrough. Come, again!” Since he didn’t get blown away, Zhang Haotian started to laugh, he seemed to be very satisfied. It must be known that when he faced Zi Chen head on before, he got blown away countless times.

Zi Chen also grinned. He waved his fist and struck again. On both his fists, the silver light was shining, bringing along strong winds.

Loud explosions rang continuously in the forests. Both of them kept sending out punches, becoming quicker and quicker, a fierce battle. Both of them were fighting carefreely while dripping with sweat.

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