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Chapter 45 – Risking their lives Translated by Monkillu


“You saved me?” Zhang Haotian asked while looking at Zi Chen.

“You saved yourself.” Zi Chen said lightly.

Zhang Haotian saw that there were some traces of spirit medicine on the wounds on his body, and then he said solemnly: “Thanks, I owe you my life.”

The cold youth no longer looked cold.

“No need to thank me. My name is Zi Chen, a disciple of the Ling Wu Sect. Your survival was due to your own willpower and physique, which exceeds that of an ordinary person.” Zi Chen smiled faintly. Zhang Haotian was severely injured, yet he regained consciousness in just two days. His physique was certainly excellent.

“Zhang Haotian, Zhan Wu Sect.” Zhang Haotian said: “In any case, I owe you my life.”

“Can you walk? It’s already been two days, and I estimate that our pursuers are approaching.” Zi Chen didn’t want to be entangled in this subject any more, therefore he changed the subject.

Zhang Haotian stood up, he moved his body and said: “No Problem.”

There was a hint of surprise in Zi Chen’s eyes, Zhang Haotian’s body was really extraordinary. Then he nodded: “Let’s go.”

They had just departed, and in less than half an hour, four figures arrived at Zi Chen’s previous location.

“We were one step behind, they are gone.” The leading youth said coldly.

“Chase, we must definitely complete the task handed to us from senior brother Ling Chen.” Another youth said.

The others nodded, and they gave chase at a high speed. As their zhen qi surged, the strength of the four people was exposed, they were all at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer.


His injury had not completely healed, they had just traveled a few dozen miles and Zhang Haotian could not continue.

“You go first, I am afraid I can’t hold on anymore.” Zhang Haotian leaned on a big tree, and gasped for breath as he spoke. There were signs of cracks on the wounds on his body that had closed, strands of blood flowed out from those wounds.

“You didn’t die from those severe injuries before, what does this amount to?” Zi Chen smiled, he said while bowing his body: “Let’s go, I will carry you.”

Zhang Haotian hesitated, and finally he said gratefully : “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

“Why did you save me?”

“I just like to help at the sight of injustice.” Zi Chen smiled, and said : “Of course, there’s another thing. Our fates were quite similar. The people from my sect want to kill me, you were also being hunted by the people of your sect. Similar fates and similar experiences, we can be considered as friends”.

“Friend.” Zhang Haotian was startled, apparently he was greatly moved by this word.

Zi Chen’s physical strength was very good, even running while carrying a person on his back, he was not even flushed or short of breath. When he ran in the forest, his speed did not slow down.

However, the severely injured body of Zhang Haotian on his back couldn’t bear the shocks for a long time. Not long after, his complexion became ghastly pale, many wounds on his body were bleeding, but he did not make even a tiny sound.

“Can you still hold on?” Zi Chen asked.

“No Problem.” Zhang Haotian clenched his teeth and said.


“This fellow is really tenacious.” Zi Chen thought secretly in his heart and sped up once more. But then considering Zhang Haotian’s injuries, Zi Chen reduced his speed a bit.

Two hours later, Zi Chen was exhausted. The Zhang Haotian on his back could also only barely hold on, so they decided to stop and rest.

“I will go find some spirit medicine, your wounds are bleeding again.” Zi Chen said, he turned around and was about to leave.

But at this time, four figures actually appeared from the forest. These four people were dressed in black clothes, they looked ice-cold, with killing intent in their eyes. Their eyes had locked onto Zi Chen firmly.

These four people were complete strangers. Zi Chen frowned and looked at the opposite party, at the same time, the aura on his body started to surge and he became vigilant.

“It’s you, Zheng Hua!” At this time, Zhang Haotian’s pupils shrunk and he cried out in alarm.

“We chased you for several hours, luckily we finally caught up. It seems like we came at the right time, one is severely injured, another one is exhausted.” The leading youth was precisely Zheng Hua, the inner sect disciple of Zhan Wu Sect. After he saw the two people, inevitably there was a hint of ridicule on the corners of his mouth, as if these two people had became the turtle in a jar.
[TL : Meaning that they were trapped and had no way to come out]

“It seems like this is the god’s will, even god wants them dead.” Another thin youth also said coldly.

The four people closed in.

“There’s still some time left, you can still run away. I’m sorry, I have implicated you.” Zhang Haotian said while blaming himself.

“What are you saying? They did not only come for you, they also want to kill me.” Zi Chen went forward, held Zhang Haotian and let him lean on a big tree.

“I’m unable to fight at the moment, and the four of them are at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer. You are not their opponent. Why do you want to throw away your life in vain?” Zhang Haotian said angrily.

“This is not throwing away my life.” A cold light flashed across Zi Chen’s eyes, “Even if I get killed, I will also take several people to be buried along with me.”

“You ……!” What else can Zhang Haotian say, but he actually found that his voice choked, and he was unable to say the words he wanted to say. An indescribable emotion appeared from the bottom of his heart, his ice-cold eyes were also getting wet.

At this moment, seeing Zi Chen’s back that was not that big, Zhang Haotian seemed to understand the meaning of “brothers”.

“Impudent, this day next year will be your first death anniversary.” Zheng Hua closed in slowly, his power of the tenth Zhen Qi Layer was already surging.

“Zi Chen, leave now. I, Zhang Haotian, recognized you as my brother, but I do not want to implicate you.” Zhang Haotian said chokingly, Zi Chen’s back moved him deeply.

“Ha ha ha, I could not leave now even if I wanted to, therefore you better pray that I can win. Otherwise, we are really going to die today.” Zi Chen laughed faintly, his eyes were calm. The black sword in his hand was emitting out a compelling cold light.

“This is Ling Fei’s sword? Good fellow, you’re quite bold. But you still have to die.” As his voice fell, Zheng Hua’s figure flashed and dashed at Zi Chen rapidly, a cold light flashed towards Zi Chen.

“Streaming Light Sword!”

A black light flashed, the black sword was just like a flowing light, and it blocked off the cold light. A “clang” sound was heard as the two weapons clashed, other than the sound of metal clashing, there were also waves of sparks flashed around.

Under this strike, Zi Chen retreated one step. Two other attacks bursted in front of him, the roaring force rushing at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen was motionless, letting the force pound at him. He took the impact head-on because behind him was Zhang Haotian.

“Good fellow, you are still fine? It seems like I have underestimated you.” Zheng Hua sneered. Zi Chen’s powerful body had blocked all the force.

“Hmph, I never thought highly of you. If you fight me alone, within three moves, I will be able to take your life.” Zi Chen sneered.

“Really?” A hint of ridicule appeared in Zheng Hua’s eyes, and he said: “But unfortunately, you will never have the chance to fight me alone.”

Another round of attacks appeared, four tenth Zhen Qi Layer experts launched a fierce attack at Zi Chen.

Streaming Light Sword!

Martial technique fusion!

Thunderbolt Finger!

Zi Chen was unwilling to be outdone. He used all of his strongest moves in an instant. A sword light flashed, the fierce tiger roared, the lightning raged, waves of thundering explosion sounds rang in the forest.


After a round of attacks, Zi Chen spat out blood and drew back one step. All of his strength was exhausted completely, and he was sweating profusely, his clothes were soaked. But looking over at the other four people, they were calm and composed. They did not consume much of their energy, but there was a hint of surprise in everyone eyes.

Zi Chen’s powerful fighting power far exceeded the four’s imagination. Even if he was running all about, he still had blocked two waves of their attacks.

At the same time, they also rejoiced that they did not meet these two people at their peak condition.

“Huuh, huuh, huuh.” Zi Chen started to gasp for breath, his breathing was very loud and strenuous.

At the same time, because his consumption was very big, Zi Chen’s heart also started to beat fiercely.

“Kid, I will see for how long you can resist.” Zheng Hua said coldly, and attacked again.

The four people attacked once more.

But in an instant, Zi Chen’s breathing sound lowered, and a tyrannical aura appeared from his body. After he reached the consumption limit, the heart began to supply some energy again.

“No!” Under Zhang Haotian tearing eyes, Zi Chen was defending by attacking, he rushed towards the four people.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

The dull collision sounds resounded one after another, the thundering explosion sounds from the thunderbolt, as well as the whistling sword sounds, resounded throughout the forest.

Fresh blood splattered, the roaring sounds and furious shouts resounded unceasingly. Zi Chen was fighting fiercely with four experts at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer single handedly.


The saber light flew across and made a gaping gash on Zi Chen’s body. At the same time, the black sword in Zi Chen’s hand flickered and it pierced through the opposite party’s shoulder.


Zi Chen suffered a punch on his chest, but on the other hand, a streak of lightning exploded on the chest of the opposite party. By relying on his physique of a rank nine ferocious beast, Zi Chen only attacked and did not defend, trading life for life, trading wound for wound. When he suffered a cut, he also returned with a cut.

This way of fighting with his life was even more ferocious than a brave man that was willing to risk his life. Suddenly, the of four tenth Zhen Qi Layer experts were attacked till they became terrified, and had arrived at a disadvantageous position.

“No.” Zhang Haotian’s heart was already frustrated to the extreme. Zi Chen was a genius, a true genius. If he really died here, Zhang Haotian would regret this for his whole life. But what’s to be done? Regrettably, he had the heart to help, but did not have the power. At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to get up.

He could only look at the increasing scars on Zi Chen’s body helplessly, as strands after strands of blood lines flowed. His tears fell along his cheeks. The Zhang Haotian that was always cold and indifferent, he actually burst into tears at this moment.


After a loud explosion, they separated once more. Zi Chen drew back several steps. He stood in the front of Zhang Haotian. His body was full of scars, his face covered with blood, his clothing tattered. He was very battered, but his pair of eyes were still bright, as tranquil as before.

But the other four’s looks were gloomy at this moment. Each person’s eyes were filled with shock.

“Good kid, I really had underestimated you.” Zheng Hua wiped off the blood on his cheek, there was a sharp sword cut on his face. This happened when he stabbed Zi Chen’s chest with a sword, and then Zi Chen retaliated, almost slicing off half of his face.

“We need to kill him. If he does not die today, then when we meet him another day, we will be the ones to die. Even if we suffer severe injuries, we also have to definitely kill him.” Another youth that had been stabbed at his shoulder said coldly.

“Come on.” Zi Chen was holding the black sword, and rushed at the four once more.

Sword light flashed once more. Zi Chen started to go all out again. But nobody noticed that the multiple wounds on Zi Chen’s body, after a few breaths, actually stopped bleeding. Moreover, there was signs of healing on the wounds.

Only by battle of life and death can someone hone themselves.

“Streaming Light Sword!”

“Ethereal step!”

“Thunderbolt Finger!”

Zi Chen was playing dodge ball with death, he was relying on his unique heart entirely. The unending stream of energy supply made Zi Chen break through his limits, one after another. At the same time, his comprehension of the three rank one martial techniques, under the pressure of death, was also progressing at an unprecedented speed.


Both sides separated again after an attack. This was Zi Chen’s fifth attack. He had reached his limit twice, and there were countless wounds on his body, the meat inside could be seen, but the wounds did not bleed.

After his body reached the exhaustion limit, his heart provided more energy. But when his vitality reached the limit, it seemed like he was about to fall.

Zi Chen felt that his own vitality was about to reach the limit.

“Kill!” But he still insisted, and still rushed towards the four people.

“He’s a monster. You two, go and kill Zhang Haotian.” Zheng Hua and the other three finally gave in under Zi Chen’s fierce attacks, their consumption were also very big.

Zheng Hua rushed at Zi Chen. In one strike, he stabbed at Zi Chen’s chest, but then a black sword came, and it was about to cut off his head. Zheng Hua had no choice but to retreat, at the same time, another person attacked Zi Chen.

Two of them held down Zi Chen, the other two rushed towards Zhang Haotian. When Zi Chen discovered that, it was already too late. The two people had already arrived in front of Zhang Haotian.

A saber suddenly flashed, Zhang Haotian dodged with all of his strength, he barely dodged one strike with great difficulty. But after that, a fist punched towards his forehead. At this moment, Zhang Haotian didn’t have the strength left to dodge again. He could only watch the fist head towards him helplessly. In the next moment, he seemed to be able to hear the sound of a cracking head.

“No!” At the point of death, Zhang Haotian heard Zi Chen’s unwilling voice.

“Thank you, brother.” in Zhang Haotian’s heart, he had never been so calm, even in the face of death. Because today, he Zhang Haotian had gotten a brother.


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