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Chapter 209

Zi Chen took a big step forward, causing the heaven and earth to tremble . It was as if he was carrying a mountain on his back .

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What great pressure .

After taking a few steps, Zi Chen sighed in his heart . The pressure here was extremely heavy, even with his body, he could feel a sense of tension .




After taking three consecutive steps, the earth trembled and rumbled .

Hehe, brother-in-law is so amazing . Good luck .  Just as Zi Chen was walking in front of him, Wang Shan smiled idiotically and greeted him .


Zi Chen took another step forward, causing the heaven and earth to tremble . Step after step, Zi Chen walked past Wang Shan .

The smile on Wang Shan’s face disappeared in an instant and was replaced by a vomiting look, as if he was disgusted by his own expression .

Zi Chen, just you wait .  Wang Shan raged in his heart .


Within this gravitational field, there were a few cultivators who had taken a maximum of seven steps before they could not move at all . And at this moment, Zi Chen had already taken thirteen steps .

He felt that the pressure on his body was getting increasingly greater, so much so that he was no longer able to breathe .


The old man was standing right in front, quietly looking at Zi Chen, he did not say a word and after seeing that he had walked a few steps more and did not continue, the old man’s eyes had a look of disappointment, and said, Young man, why are you so quick, I thought you were able to reach the end .


His words were filled with disappointment and disdain .

Old man, you don’t have to provoke me . It’s no problem at all for me to reach you .  Zi Chen said calmly .


Oh, you still have the ability to do that? The old man teased .

Hehe, this time you are really blind . Let me see how many inheritances you will place in front of me and I’ll slowly pick one .  Zi Chen laughed . Golden light suddenly surged around his body as he was full of confidence .

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His perfect body appeared . Golden blood rushed into the sky, almost covering the entire space .


After that, Zi Chen walked forward with large strides, amidst the dumbstruck gazes of the crowd .


The heaven and earth shook as if they were going to collapse .


The ground trembled and others almost fell down .

Zi Chen walked one step at a time, slowly and firmly, as if he could not feel the pressure here as if he was taking a leisurely stroll in his own backyard .

A trace of light flashed through the old man’s eyes . The mocking expression disappeared and was replaced with a serious one .



The earth trembled and every step Zi Chen took caused the ground to shake . In a short few tens of meters, Zi Chen quickly arrived in front of the old man .

Old man, where is my inheritance? Zi Chen laughed, with a friendly face .

You… You!

The old man’s expression changed . Just now, he was completely engrossed and did not notice Zi Chen’s arrival .

Moving to the side, a door appeared behind the old man and he said, Once the body-tempering trial is passed, you will then have to pass the heart-tempering trial, there will be no inheritance until later .

You lied to me? Zi Chen’s face changed .

Of course not, I can give you some of them now but they are only some normal inheritances . If I give them to you, you will not be able to take the heart-tempering trial and will not be able to obtain stronger inheritances .  The old man smiled .

Good, don’t I just have to pass the heart-tempering trial? My heart has been set, as firm as a rock, I am not afraid of tempering my heart .  Zi Chen nodded, his heroic spirit soaring into the skies as he strode into the sect .

Zi Chen, do your best! Su Mengyao encouraged him .

Zi Chen walked into the heart-tempering trial

The body-tempering trial was a body check . Zi Chen had a perfect body so the first stage was very easy to pass .

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As for the second stage, the heart-tempering trial… .

Mind tempering!

Zi Chen had already died once so his mental state was naturally incomparably strong . Moreover, his heart was very special .

Once he entered the heart-tempering trial, he saw a straight path that stretched as far as the eye could see . Furthermore, it was filled with all kinds of dense fog, causing Zi Chen’s vision to blur and all sorts of figures had appeared in front of him .


Among them, there were a lot of familiar people but everything happened in a flash, like a dream or an illusion . Zi Chen only felt that his vision became blurry and before he could carefully feel it, something strange happened .


His heart suddenly shook, and a wave of the Power of thunder and lightning surged out and spread throughout Zi Chen’s body . After that, all of the illusions disappeared from Zi Chen’s eyes .

Zi Chen stood in a space that was comparable to a stone room .

Where are the people? How is this trial going to work? Zi Chen frowned, extremely puzzled .


Outside the heart-tempering trial, the old man stood there calmly, hoping to meet one or two people with special physiques .

Unfortunately, he was disappointed, those who came to this trial was no longer the Limitless Sect geniuses but ordinary Xiantianz .

There were hundreds of thousands of such people in the Limitless Sect back then and their statuses were extremely low as well . Forget about coming to the core sects trial, whether they could become the Limitless Sect’s inner disciple or not was still a question to be asked .

Sigh! The elder shook his head, his eyes filled with disappointment .

Old man, Zi Chen has already entered to participate in the trial, why haven’t you entered yet? Su Mengyao was concerned about Zi Chen’s safety .


He went in to take the trial, why would I go in? The old man said calmly .

What if he had already passed it? Su Mengyao said very seriously .

Little girl, are you kidding? This is the heart-tempering trial, he won’t be able to pass this trial in such a short amount of time .  The old man laughed, Let me tell you, back then in the Limitless Sect, there were many with strong physiques but there were only a few who were able to surpass the heart-tempering trial and remain extremely firm in their minds .

If he wants to go over there, I think it will be very difficult! The old man shook his head . Obviously, he had no confidence in Zi Chen .

I believe that Zi Chen can go over . You should go take a look, old man .  Su Mengyao was worried .

Little girl, I think you have lost your mind because this is the heart-tempering trial, who can pass through so quickly? Let me tell you, that little kid who broke that record also took a quarter of an hour . That was the fastest person in the Limitless Sect and was also the person with the highest talent .

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Seeing that Su Mengyao was still unwilling, the old man said, Fine, fine, since you’re so concerned about him, I’ll go take a look, it’s just that this is obviously unrealistic . If he really broke the record, then I’ll decide for myself and give you a type of inheritance .

After the old man finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the door .

Suddenly, as if he had seen a ghost, he looked at the young man in front of the light door .

You . . . Why are you here? The old man’s eyes widened .

There’s no one inside . Don’t tell me you’re in charge of the heart refining trial? Then follow me in .  Zi Chen said .

Refining the heart? The old man was stunned .

Isn’t this the heart-tempering trial? Why is there no one refining my heart? When I go in, there is only a small house but there is nothing inside .  Zi Chen said truthfully .

Huh? The old man was stunned . This time, his eyes were as wide as an egg .

You said you saw a small house . What was it like? The old man was extremely excited and almost jumped up .

It’s just a small house, the area is only a few dozen square meters, there’s nothing inside .  Zi Chen shrugged .

Impossible, you must be lying to me . You cheated, now go back in .  The old man spoke with a look of disbelief .

Alright then! Zi Chen was helpless as he walked in again . The old man carefully felt for the heart-tempering trial and confirmed that it was activated .

Furthermore, when Zi Chen went in, the illusion mirror had already activated but he seemed to be unharmed as he stood in the middle of the stone room, looking around .

After a few breaths of time, seeing that the old man had not come out yet, Zi Chen walked out once again . His target was the door, which was very clear, without any trace of aging .

Heavens, to walk out of the heart-tempering trial in a breath, how firm is his heart? Could it be that he doesn’t have any flaws? The old man was still dumbstruck, as though he had seen a demon .

Old man, do you think I did it or not, what do you think? Zi Chen was waiting anxiously .

You… you passed .  The old man said helplessly .

Haha, that’s great . Give me the inheritance .  Zi Chen was very happy .

Inheritance? Suddenly, the old man’s heart skipped a beat as he said, This is only the second stage . If you want the strongest inheritance, you must pass the last stage .

The last test? Zi Chen was a little dissatisfied .

This is the strongest inheritance of the Limitless Sect and also the only inheritance that I cannot control . Don’t you want to obtain it? The old man said enticingly .

But Zi Chen was a little hesitant . No matter how he looked at it, the old man seemed to have some ill intentions .

I have already promised this little girl . If you can pass this trial, I will give her an inheritance that suits her well and it can also be said that it was tailored for her . I can fulfill my promise now, if you are not willing to pass the final trial, then . . .  The old man became hesitant .

Are you sure it was tailored for you? Zi Chen stared at the old man .

Of course!

Alright, let her obtain the inheritance immediately . I’ll take the third stage now .  Zi Chen said .

Very good!

The old man nodded, his eyes filled with excitement . He then waved his big sleeve, and a ray of light enveloped Su Mengyao who immediately disappeared .

The ability to pass through the trial, which is also called Consciousness, is entirely dependent on your luck . This trial is somewhat dangerous, and might even cause you to die or possibly, become an idiot .  The old man said solemnly .

Why didn’t you say so earlier? Zi Chen shouted in anger .

Didn’t I say earlier that I was afraid you would disagree?

Then what if I go back on my word?

That’s easy to say, if you go back on your word, I will definitely be angry . If I’m not careful, that little girl might become a idiot

You old thing… Zi Chen was furious, a cold light flashed in his eyes .

Brat, don’t look like you’re going to eat people . Let me tell you, if you pass the third trial, you will have a huge benefit and obtain the strongest inheritance here . Moreover, I have a few inheritances that are very suitable for your friends .

The old man shamelessly pointed at Miao Kong, then pointed at Liu Bo and Wang Shan, Of course, there are also two that are more suitable for them .

Zi Chen .  Liu Bo was very excited, he looked at Zi Chen, and it was as if he had seen hope, Help me, my Liu Family will definitely repay this debt handsomely .

Brother-in-law .  Wang Shan looked at Zi Chen, his eyes becoming extremely bright, You have earned my good impression, I will definitely persuade my sister to marry you .

His life or death has nothing to do with me .  Zi Chen swept his eyes across Wang Shan .

That’s good . It’s just an inheritance anyway, so if you don’t want to, then don’t give it to him . As long as you pass it, you can make the decision .

Wang Shan looked pitifully at Zi Chen, his eyes filled with grievances, as though he was a wronged woman .

Whatever .

Zi Chen waved his hand, and said, Now, bring me to the next trial .

Haha, very good!

The old man laughed out loud, he grabbed Zi Chen and disappeared in a flash .

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