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Chapter 182

After leaving the burly man and the old man, Zi Chen increased his speed . As he went deeper, his mind became more and more unsettled .

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Something must have happened to them .

Zi Chen secretly thought, and even felt some self-blame .

Before leaving the Cangli City, he noticed that Wang Shan's gaze was off . He had once warned Wang Shan with his eyes, but obviously, it is ineffective .

Is it Su Mengyao or Xue'er, or Miao Kong?

Zi Chen's heart was in a mess, when they were attacked that day, it was definitely related to Wu Xiong . Now that they were deep inside, it was very possible for Wu Xiong to make a move .

Chen Feng and Ling Yun were not good people either . Zi Chen was very worried .

He was fast, travelling almost at full speed . During this period of time, he discovered many spirit medicines that he had abandoned .

As he went deeper, the bad feeling in his heart grew stronger .

Just who is in trouble?

Zi Chen was very anxious .


Right at this moment, a figure appeared in front of Zi Chen . It was a youth, very young, wearing green clothes . His appearance could still be considered handsome, and the moment he appeared, he stared fixedly at Zi Chen .


Zi Chen said in a deep voice and stopped in his tracks .

Chu Fei was at the level of peak Xiantian Realm and could be said to be a genius in terms of combat power but Zi Chen was not afraid . The only thing he was afraid of was his Forbidden Artifact .

Chen Long, you sure ran fast . I chased you for four days before I caught up .  Chu Fei stared at Zi Chen and said sinisterly .

What's the matter? Zi Chen's voice was calm but he had to be on alert against Chu Fei's sudden sneak attack .

Of course, I am here for the keepsake . Hand over the keepsake .  Chu Fei went straight to the point .

keepsake, what keepsake? Zi Chen frowned .

Glancing at Zi Chen, Chu Fei said, Stop pretending, you don't have a keepsake? Then why are you running so fast? Those two guys are stupid, I'm not stupid, hand over the keepsake and I'll let you live .

Rotten cloth, I do not know what the keepsake is . The reason why I entered deeper is because I sensed that something might have happened to my friend . Now quickly leave, or else don't blame me for being impolite .  Zi Chen said coldly . Right now, his time was very precious .

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Only a ghost would believe you . I want to see how you're going to be rude to me .

Chu Fei sneered, a light flashed in his hand and a blood-red lance appeared . It was only the size of a palm but it emanated with a terrifying aura .

Forbidden Artifact!

Zi Chen's pupils contracted . Back then, Chu Fei had used the might of the spear to kill the Demonic Beast but he was not willing to be outdone . He reached out for his bosom and the diamond appeared .

That day, the old man had accidentally said that if the diamond was used well, they could block the attack of the Forbidden Artifact .

At that time, Chu Fei was also present and now that he saw the diamond in Zi Chen's hands, his expression became extremely unnatural as well .

I told you, I have something going on . If you keep stopping me, don't blame me for being impolite .  Zi Chen held onto the diamond and said coldly .

You can try one step forward! Chu Fei stared at Zi Chen, the blood-red lance in his hand released a cold light .

The atmosphere instantly became tense, as if a life-and-death battle could happen at any moment .

Humph! Zi Chen coldly snorted as he held the diamond in his hand . With veins popping out from his body, he walked forward step by step .

He kept paying attention to Chu Fei's expression . If he had any intentions to make a move, Zi Chen would definitely make a move .

Chu Fei was the same . Other than his eyes which were getting sharper and the pressure on the Forbidden Artifact was getting stronger and stronger, but he did not make any other movements .

Zi Chen walked out step by step, brushed past Chu Fei's shoulder and walked towards the distance .

How dare you .  Chu Fei clenched his teeth but did not make a move .

In the end, Zi Chen left and avoided this battle . By the time he sped up, his body was already drenched in cold sweat .

I refuse to believe that you can endure for so long .  Chu Fei's heart was filled with unwillingness but in the end, the reason he did not make a move was not because he was afraid that he would not be able to kill the opponent, but because he was distressed about the Forbidden Artifact .

Forbidden Artifacts had a limit to the number of times one could use them . Furthermore, they were high-grade goods and were not something that anyone could own . The fact that he was able to bring one along gave him a mission .

He didn't dare be completely sure that Zi Chen had the keepsake on him and he was also hesitant in his heart . What if he couldn't kill him with one strike?

He couldn't afford this loss .

I'll follow you . Let's see if you have the keepsake or not .  He didn't want to attack but he didn't want to give up . Chu Fei could only follow Zi Chen .

After a long time, Zi Chen discovered the following Chu Fei .

This guy, he's like a ghost that won't leave!

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Cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes . If not for this incident, he would have had the urge to fight Chu Fei . Since Chu Fei was concerned about him, how could he not be jealous of his spatial equipment .

Compared to when Zi Chen was carrying his baggage around, Chu Fei only had to wear his ring .

Chu Fei was like a fly, following closely behind Zi Chen . At the same time, he was also looking for an opportunity to attack .

The success rate of using a Forbidden Artifact to launch a sneak attack was still very high .

Just like this, Zi Chen advanced for five days under high alert . During this time, Zi Chen would check any places that had energy fluctuations and the moment he found someone he was not looking for, he would turn around and leave .


Just on this day, Zi Chen once again heard the sound of energy fluctuations . This time, the energy fluctuations were even more intense, causing the earth to shake .

There are experts in battle, many of them .  Zi Chen's heart stirred and he immediately turned to rush towards the battlefield .

Escaping the entire way, Miao Kong and the others could be said to be exhausted . Out of the five guards, one had died, so four were left .

Finally, he was surrounded in the Central region .

This was a mountain range and Miao Kong was surrounded by over a dozen people .


The leading one had peak Xiantian Realm, with a loud shout, he rushed forward with boundless killing intent, straight towards Miao Kong .


Miao Kong's guard was very strong . His sword pierced a cultivator's chest before being cut . He kicked away by the cultivator and he lost his life force but there was an additional wound on the cultivators body with blood flowing out .

The stench of blood pervaded the air, there were at least seven or eight corpses lying on the ground .

As expected of a member of the Wu Zong Sect, the guards are so powerful .  The peak Xiantian Realm from before used his scarlet tongue to lick the blood off the sword .

Who are you people? At this moment, Miao Kong could not remain calm, his clothes were stained with blood and two corpses laid at his feet .

Although he had not comprehended any powerful Wu Zong Sects martial technique, Miao Kong still had the strength to fight him . Under his desperate state, he was able to kill two people at the same time .

The person in front of him was definitely not a member of the Wu Zong Sext, but they had chased them the entire way and killed two of his guards .

Miao Kong, today is the day you die . As for who we are, after you die, we will burn some paper to tell you .

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The crowd rushed forward once again . Sword Qi and sword shadows flashed as another round of slaughter began .


Miao Kong's guard was very brave and fierce, he killed another person and this person was actually an expert at the peak Xiantian Realm . It was just that the guard had paid a heavy price and one of his arms had been cut off .

He was already very exhausted yet he still used his arm to exchange for the life of an expert . His strength could only be described as terrifying .

Young Master, I will cover you . Leave quickly .  Blood was flowing out from the severed arm, but the guards voice was firm and the cold light in his eyes grew stronger .

We will kill our way out and let the Young Master leave .  The other two people also shouted loudly . They were extremely confident, but they could not help but spit out blood .

Haha, today is the day of your deaths . You will not be able to leave this place and you will be surrounded by our men .  The peak Xiantian expert laughed out loud . At this moment, figures flashed in the distance . There were over a dozen people rushing over .

Forget it . You have always been protecting me . All of you are of the same life . Why would you throw away your lives for me? With everyone around him, it was already too late for him to charge out . Seeing that there were only three guard left, Miao Kong's heart, which had long been ice-cold, once again trembled .

Young Master, don't worry, I will definitely carve a path of blood for you .  

That's right, what are these scum? We can definitely escort the Young Master away safely .

Our lives belong to the Young Master so we naturally have to escort him out .

Although they coughed out large mouthfuls of blood and their steps were shaky, their expressions extremely resolute, they did not choose to sit and wait for death . The three of them protected Miao Kong and they took the initiative to attack .

They are actually taking the initiative to attack . They are simply courting death .  The leader laughed coldly .


The longsword streaked across, like a venomous snake, its angle was extremely tricky and one of a late Xiantian expert fell to the ground .


A long blade slashed down, bringing with it a terrifying Blade Qi, killing a person of the same level .


A fist struck out, bringing with it a blazing light, it smashed into the chest of a cultivator with a loud bang .

The three of them were very aggressive and despite facing death head-on, they unexpectedly performed exceptionally well, killing the enemy consecutively . They were very decisive and forcibly brought Miao Kong forward .


With a sweep of the Sword Qi, another peak Xiantian expert died . There were already four peak Xiantian experts killed, as well as dozens of cultivators of other levels . With such strength, they could be proud of themselves .


There were too many enemies, even more were experts . One of the peak Xiantian Realm expert cultivator released a powerful punch that shattered a guard's fist Qi, following that, a sharp Sword Qi pierced through his chest .

Young Master, I'm sorry . I can't protect you anymore .

Spitting blood, the guard collapsed to the ground, unwilling to die .

No! Miao Kong's eyes were filled with grief .

You're all spent . I want to see just how strong you guys are . Kill them all! The leader roared . Against so few people who were severely injured, he had actually lost so many of his men . This caused him to feel extremely displeased in his heart .


They could not win against a large number of people, let alone when they were extremely exhausted . Another guard was killed but before he died, he also dragged another cultivator along with him .

I'm sorry A guards life force dissipated and he fell down unwillingly .


The last guard roared and rushed forward . He had already burned away all his potential and would soon die .



Two of the cultivators were killed but two weapons still pierced through his body .


Suddenly, a huge tremor shook the entire mountain ridge, causing the mountain rock to roll about and the leaves to fall .

Zi Chen rushed over like a ray of lightning, in the blink of an eye, he rushed into the crowd and rushed to the side of Miao Kong and the guard .


With a punch, the entire area shook and a cultivator was instantly sent flying .


Another punch landed with boundless rage . A cultivator was blasted apart, his life disappearing .

Zi Chen's appearance was powerful and swift, shocking everyone .

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