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Chapter 231.2 - His apologies

“You seem happy.”

“Of course. I’m really close to achieving my target. Of course I’d be happy.”


“But, I’m just missing one little thing. After a few days, tell Lou Qingwu to come out and meet you.”

“En?” Xiahou Qing impatiently furrowed his brows.

These few days, Xiahou Rui had started to act up again, networking and swaying the influence of other nobles.

He was messing with Xiahou Qing’s already established networks.

Xiahou Qing already had enough on his plate and now Ye Ji was coming to him with more things, “Deal with your things.”

Ye Ji’s face became cold, “What? Now that you got your person, you’re not bothering with me any more? Furthermore, just because you have an imperial edict, do you really think you can rest safely? Don’t forget, women change a lot. So if someone ends up stealing her away from you, you can regret it for the rest of your life.”

“What should I be worried about? In about ten or so days, we’ll be married. I’m not worried.”

Even though Xiahou Qing said that, his heart still thumped a bit.

He thought about the night of the imperial edict, and how he hadn’t contacted Lou Qingwu since then.

Well, he only needed to ask her out once and it wouldn’t take too much effort.

Furthermore, if he didn’t agree to Ye Ji’s request, she’d definitely spend two or three days constantly harassing him.

So right before the marriage, he should see Lou Qingwu once.

Thinking it through, Xiahou Qing’s mood improved and agreed to Ye Ji.

Ye Ji saw this and was satisfied.

When she left the study, she had a very confident smile on her face.

Her plan was seamless.

Furthermore, with how brother Ye was, as long as her plan was completed, he definitely wouldn’t look at another girl ever.

It would be very worthwhile her time.

Feng Yege came back after five days from the Medicine King Valley.

In that time, he feigned illness and refused all guests.

When Shiyi and the others all arrived at Qingge little building to see him, his clothes were dusty from the trip and his black gown made his face look even paler than it already was.

And that night, he appeared in the Leaning Wind Pavilion again.

Lou Qingwu had already tucked into bed but when the door opened without a single gust of wind, Lou Qingwu’s eyes immediately flew open.

She saw a figure standing next to her bed and her eyes went cold.

But in the next moment, when a cold fingertip and a familiar scent touched her, she loosened completely.

“You …” Lou Qingwu was a bit dazed.

Feng Yege didn’t say anything.

Lou Qingwu hadn’t seen him since the day that he left with Zi Li so suddenly seeing him, made her feel a bit like it’d been years since they’d last met with each other.

Just as she was about to say something, he suddenly hit her pressure points.

At the same time, she felt him gently pry open her jaw.

Before she reacted, she already felt a medicinal pill enter her mouth.

Feeling what it was, Lou Qingwu’s pupils shrunk.

She never thought that there’d be a day where Feng Yege would actually attack her.

But she also believed that Feng Yege would never do anything to harm her.

So …

What exactly did he want to do?

Feng Yege’s icy cold fingers fell on Lou Qingwu’s unconsciousness face, his fingers lightly pressing on her face before crouching down.

His eyes were deep as his hoarse voice fell on the air, with a hint of apology, “I’m sorry. This is the last time.”

If, if the answer he go was that, then he’d follow her wishes and leave far, far away from the palace, away from her and not ask about any of those matters.

As long as she thought it was the best solution … then he would abide by her wishes.

But before that, he wanted to try one more time.

He lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes hiding the hurt in his eyes.

He held her hand in his hands as he kissed her fingertips and became resolved.

He bent down to pick her up gently in his arms and turned around, silently disappearing into the night.


TL note:  

Poor Feng Yege. Also check out the contents page for some big spoilers orzzzzz (hint; it's gonna be a stressful arc before the marriage arc)

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