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Chapter 225.2 - Reputation suffers a loss

“Why should we kick them out?” Lou Qingwu looked at him lazily, “If he wants to offer up free money, why not take it?”

She stood up languidly before finishing her glass of wine, and then walked out of the room.

Yue Ji stood behind her and asked uneasily, “Manor master, will she … be alright?”

Tonight, Miss Lou gave off a strange vibe.

Leng Yichen rubbed his forehead and waved her away, “Leave her alone. She’s probably not feeling well.”

He heard the rumours swirling around.

She was such a responsible person, so how could she marry someone like the third prince, someone so ruthless and determined to get what he wants at any cost?

There was probably a reason that didn’t allow her to refuse.

So if she wasn’t willing to say why, he was willing to bet that he couldn’t help out anyway.

He only hoped that she wouldn’t regret her decision.

Lou Qingwu walked out of the room in a male outfit and stood by the stairway on the second floor.

She looked down to see Shu Yunyan sitting in the centre, with a six stringed zither placed in front of him.

He fanned himself as he sat, looking very gentlemanly.

It was just a shame that what he was doing here, wasn’t as gentlemanly as he looked.

Lou Qingwu’s eyes then moved to Xiliang Mubai who sat next to him, her mouth curved into a cold smirk.

She took step by step down, slowly and languidly.

Shu Yunyan noticed movement and looked up, and when he saw her, his brows furrowed.

Next to him, when Xiliang Mubai saw her, his eyes lit up.

In a small voice, he said to Shu Yunyan, “It’s her, it’s her! Shu Yunyan, you definitely need to find out who she is! I’m definitely marrying her!”

Xiliang Mubai’s voice was filled with confidence as his eyes were glued on Lou Qingwu, his eyes glowing as he didn’t see Shu Yunyan’s eyes grow dark.

Right until Lou Qingwu appeared in front of Shu Yunyan did he finally hide the look in his eyes, “Is this gentleman willing to try?” He asked Lou Qingwu.

Lou Qingwu’s eyes swept the zither, her mouth jerking, “Why not?”

When Lou Qingwu said this, the whole room went silent.

After all, it was the first person to try and play the six stringed zither, and a gentleman too.

No matter how they looked at it, they didn’t think he could do it.

But that gentleman was quite handsome, even a bit prettier than the girls at Changle Lane.

“How should we address this gentleman?”

“Mu, a single word. How do I address you?”

Shu Yunyan’s eyes faltered, before speaking, “Shu Yunyan.”

His words fell as Lou Qingwu’s lips curved, purposely lowering her voice, “Shu Yunyan, ah. I’ve recently heard that the Xiliang ambassador, the Xiliang prime minister … his name is Shu Yunyan, I wonder if you’re him?”

Everyone sucked in a deep breath.

After all, if another country’s ambassador suddenly came to a place like Changle Lane and set up such a competition, no matter how you looked at it, it was a provocation.

Before, they didn’t know but now they did, it was an uncomfortable feeling.

Shu Yunyan obviously didn’t think she’d be like this and he grew silent for a while before nodding his head, “Yes, I am the Xiliang prime minister, Shu Yunyan.”


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