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Chapter 225.1 - Reputation suffers a loss

-- Changle Lane

On the second floor in an separate room, Leng Yichen’s brows were furrowed as he looked at the girl across from him who hadn’t spoken a single word since coming to Changle lane.

She wore men's’ clothing, and looked graceful and clean but it was a pity she was an alcoholic.

She took one swig after another, emptying the bottle of wine in front of her.

She hadn’t spoken a word in two hours.

Leng Yichen saw that she was in a bad mood so he didn’t interrupt her.

He just watched her, drink cup after cup.

Yue Ji had come in a few times, seeing the two people just drink silently with each other.

So she tried to get someone to play some music to relieve their boredom, but Leng Yichen rejected her.

The person across from him didn’t seem to want to relieve her boredom, but instead, wanted to drown herself in alcohol to get away from her sorrows.

Furthermore, it was sorrows arising from love.

They kept drinking until there were lots of guests at Changle Lane.

When Yue Ji came to visit the room again, her expression wasn’t good.

Yue Ji came in and closed the door behind her, then leaned in close to Leng Yichen, speaking in a low voice, “Master, downstairs, there are two people making a ruckus. What do you think we should do?”

“Throw them out.” Leng Yichen didn’t even lift up his head.

“But their status is a bit special.”

“Oh?” Leng Yichen swept an eye at her, “What kind of special?”

“It’s Xiliang country’s fifth prince, Xiliang Mubai and the prime minister, Shu Yunyan.”

“En?” Leng Yichen’s expression grew deep, “Why are they back again?”

“This subordinate doesn’t know. That prime minister Shu didn’t show off his identity but he created a six stringed zither round, saying that Changle Lane was such a big entertainment building so he wanted to learn from someone. If someone could use the six stringed zither to play “Guang Han Diao”, then he’d be willing to offer 10,000 pieces of gold. If no one could play it, then it’d be proof that Changle Lane is great in name only. Master, what do we do? We have four who can barely play the six stringed zither, but they aren’t at the skill level where they can play “Guang Han Diao”.”

Guang Han Diao was the hardest song to play on a seven stringed zither, let alone a six stringed zither.

But this prime minister Shu had picked this peak period when there’d be lots of guests to pick a fight with Changle Lane.

If it wasn’t someone who was well-versed in music, they wouldn’t know how hard the song was.

So if it was spread, their hard earned reputation would be shattered.

Leng Yichen’s face grew cold. “What is he trying to do?”

What was in it for prime minister Shu to ruin Changle Lane’s reputation?

Yue Ji was also at her wits end.

After all, with Shu Yunyan’s identity, if they did end up fighting, it’d provoke the two country’s relationship which would be even more troublesome.

“He just wants to force me to appear.” Suddenly, a cold and low voice sounded from behind.

Leng Yichen looked up to see Lou Qingwu languidly lying backwards.

Lou Qingwu seemed to not have felt his eyes on her as her slender fingers gripped a golden goblet.

Her face was as cold as white jade.

This Shu Yunyan really treated Xiliang Mubai, running all the way to Changle Lane just because of him.

That day, when she played the zither on the pleasure boat, was probably where Shu Yunyan got the idea to use a zither round to force her to appear.

Seeing her with Leng Yichen, probably made him sense that she wouldn’t want Changle Lane’s reputation to suffer a loss.

Leng Yichen suddenly thought of his too as his eyes grew cold, “Kick them out!”

“But …” Yue Ji looked worriedly at Leng Yichen.

This was an important information exchange point in the capital for Leng Yichen so if it closed, it would only be bad news for him.

“Why should we kick them out?” Lou Qingwu looked at him lazily, “If he wants to offer up free money, why not take it?”


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Guang Han Diao - wide winter harmony??

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