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Chapter 122.1 - Pour bewitching potion

Thousand Face’s eyes fell on Lan Bai’s face and saw her propping up her face with both of her hands, using Lou Qingwu’s face to gaze with the eyes of a lovestruck fool at Xiahou Qing.

Seeing Thousand Face, she hadn’t fully reacted yet, she only continued to reply to him, “That, ah, I’ll definitely go, definitely go!”

She couldn’t be any more obedient, okay?

Thousand Face glanced sideways at her, trying to give her a look.

His eyes were about to spasm from trying to wink so hard at her but Lan Bai still looked past him to continue gazing at Xiahou Qing.

Thousand Face was so angry he was about to throw the tea cup at her head.

What kind of bewitching potion had he poured on her?

“Cough, cough!”

He put down the tea cup and stepped back two steps.

He coughed loudly.

Lan Bai didn’t seem to hear him, she just continued to giggle and said something else to Xiahou Qing.

But Xiahou Qing looked at Thousand Face, forcing him to look downwards, “Eldest miss, laoye wanted to see you, he said there was something for you to see.”


Lan Bai finally then looked at Thousand Face, she looked confused, “Me?”

Thousand Face: “Yes, ‘eldest miss’, if you don’t go, laoye will be angry!”

Lan Bai looked at Thousand Face a few more times before looking at the still smiling, warm and gentle man.

She viciously shook her head twice before finally realising and standing up.

She quickly spoke, “Oh, okay, I’ll go now!”

After finishing speaking, she turned around and ran out.

When she reached the corner, her arm was tugged hard by something.

Just as she was about to hit back, she saw it was Lou Qingwu and quickly stopped herself, “Master, you came back!”

“En, I already know. I’ll go deal with Xiahou Qing, wait for Thousand Face and then go back to the Leaning Wind Pavilion.”

“.... Okay.” Lan Bai saw that Lou Qingwu was about to leave and suddenly thought of something, she pulled at Lou Qingwu’s sleeve, “That, ma-master …”

“En? What is it?” Lou Qingwu turned back to see her and seeing Lan Bai’s uneasy expression, she couldn’t help but ask.

Lan Bai rubbed her head, wanting to cry but having no tears. “That … I … seemed to have listened to the third prince for a long time and gotten bewitched, I lost track of time. I don’t know if I got exposed, what do I do?”

Lou Qingwu froze, then shook her head, “It’s fine.”

She’d witnessed Xiahou Qing’s skill first hand in her previous life.

He was a professional at gaining the hearts of young women, especially when he spoke about interesting matters that sheltered young misses wouldn’t have ever heard of.

Adding onto his handsome face and his uniquely warm and gentle gaze, when he looked at you deeply, it gave off the feeling of him being incredibly deeply into you.

You’d unknowingly fall inside.

Back then, she’d been enchanted by him too, bending over backwards for him right until her death.

It was only a pity that she’d only known about how two faced he was when she had died.

All of that warmth and gentleness was only a facade, to cover up the fact that he was as brutal and heartless as he appeared to be gentle.

Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai swapped clothes before she returned to the main hall.

Thousand Face was still there, respectfully standing.

Xiahou Qing asked him a phrase and occasionally, he’d reply.

Thousand Face saw that Lou Qingwu came and his eyes lit up, “Eldest miss!”

“En, you can retreat.”


Thousand Face let out a relieved breath and hurried outside.

But when he was about to reach the exit, he couldn’t help but take a look at the third prince and furrow his brows.

He’d only casually asked a few questions and even though they seemed harmless, they were all about his master.

Once he carefully analysed that, he only felt that it was terrifying.

He was spending so much time and effort on pleasing his master, what exactly did he want?

Furthermore, he’d only spent a few words and easily bewitched Lan Bai.

He felt even more deeply that this third prince was hidden deeply and terrifying.

Lou Qingwu leisurely sat down, smiling at Xiahou Qing, “Where did we get up to?”


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