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Chapter 121.2 - Revealing true feelings

When Lou Qingwu and Thousand Face went back to the Leaning Wind Pavilion, they didn’t see Lan Bai.

Lou Qingwu stopped, “Where is she?”

Thousand Face searched all over and went around a few times but still couldn’t find her.

“I don’t know, I just disguised her as you and then left. She should still be disguised as master so she shouldn’t be moving around recklessly.”

Lou Qingwu’s eyes fell on the entrance of the Leaning Wind Pavilion, at the messy footsteps on the ground.

Her brows furrowed tightly, “Go investigate what’s happened at the residence.”

Thousand Face remembered what happened last time and uneasily said, “Master, what if Lan Bai …”

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “Probably not. If something did happen at the residence, Tang Er would definitely notify me as soon as he could. Right now, I’m just worried that Lou Qufeng or someone else called her away.”

Thousand Face froze before immediately nodding his head, “Yes, I’ll go ask right now.”

Even though he was confident in his disguising skills, faces still couldn’t be 100% the same.

If she was really called away, with how different Lan Bai and his master’s personalities were, she’d be instantly exposed as a fake.

Thousand Face came back in ten minutes, rushing back, “Master, we’re in trouble. The third prince came over an hour ago and Lan Bai right now … right now …”

“Where is she?”

“In the main hall with the third prince, uh, chatting.”

He covered his face, not even daring to imagine how many times Lan Bai had already exposed herself.

Lou Qingwu froze, “Xiahou Qing?”

“Yes, that third prince. He really chose the wrong time to come, just when we were out of the residence.”

Lou Qingwu was silent for a moment.

She thought of the last time that Lan Bai had been in danger.

Xiahou Qingwu had seen the whole thing and already probably knew how important Lan Bai was to her.

According to Xiahou Qing’s dark and sinister personality, he’d definitely think that he’d already gotten a handle on her.

With how smart he was, he’d definitely be able to see that she was a fake.

She frowned, standing up, “Let’s go to the main hall and see.”

“ … Okay, but master, you should probably slightly disguise yourself.”


Lou Qingwu and Thousand Face dodged the guards in the residence to come to the main hall.

She didn’t know what Xiahou Qing said to the housekeeper, but there wasn’t a single servant or maid servant at the main hall serving them.

Only Lan Bai and Xiahou Qing sat at the main hall but she couldn’t hear what they were saying because they were too far away.

Lou Qingwu watched for a while before speaking to Thousand Face, “Go serve them some tea and tell Lan Bai to come out, then I’ll go swap in for her.”

“Okay!” Thousand Face quickly fixed his clothing, wearing a servant’s outfit.

He picked up an already prepared tea set and walked towards the main hall.

The closer he got, the more he could hear Xiahou Qing’s warm and gentle voice.

“... You haven’t been able to go to the residence, that girl Ye Ji’s been chattering all day, chattering so much that my ears are growing tired. So today, when I’d just gotten off the imperial court, she was bickering and wanting to come see you. Father-emperor has already sealed her as a countess, she was so happy that she wanted to share the news with you.”

Lan Bai’s back was facing Thousand Face so he couldn’t see her expression but he was already unhappy with Xiahou Qing’s tone.

He was talking as if he was so familiar with his master but were they really that close?

Without waiting for Lan Bai to open her mouth, he quickly went forward and set down the tea, “Third prince, eldest miss, please drink some tea.”

After finishing speaking, he used his body to block between the two of them.

He turned to face Lan Bai but when he saw her expression, his whole body stiffened.


TL note:

Why does the author keep picking on Lan Bai??

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