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Chapter 46.2
Chapter 46 (part 2)
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Shi Wu thought that he was hurt, said hurryly: “Are you in too much pain? I will let Master come over and give you some medicine!”

“Give what medicine?I just put some on his wound, do you thing the medicine are free!” The master just came over and heard this, he said madly .

Even though he said angrily, he still walked over and took up Shen Qiao’s hand to test the pulse .

“The meridians are destroyed, and there is no internal force . What have you done to make yourself look like this, and don’t expect to practice martial arts in the future!”

“Master!” Shi Wu said anxiously, he was afraid that this speech will greatly stimulate Shen Qiao’s mind .

The Master rolled his eyes at him: “Why are you so soft-hearted, he hasn’t said anything yet, you are in a hurry, and his martial arts were not ruined by me!”

Sure enough, Shen Qiao did not say anything .

Shi Wu said lightly: “Mr Sheng, don’t be sad, Master’s medical skills are brilliant…”

View the Lord: “Hey!You are not a daughter, how can you turn your arms to others? Did I ever been a brilliant doctor? I just know something about medical skills, do you understand!”

Shi Wu grabbed his clothes corner and sweet-mouthed: “Master sounds rude, in fact, he is really kind and amazing!”

The master scold with a smile: “Bad boy!”

He turned his head and said to Shen Qiao: “You are badly hurt . I am not skilled in medicine . The medicines here are not complete . I can only do my best . But I can’t do anything about martial arts . Your roots are destroyed . This is not something manpower can save… ”

Shen Qiao suddenly asked: “Dare to ask, in my body, is there still poison…?”

The master feels strange: “Poison? What poison? When I text the vein, I didn’t find any poison in your body!”

In order to confirm it again, he made a three-pointed press on his wrist and checked at it carefully . After a while, he said, “Even if you are badly hurt, I did not find any signs of poisoning . ”

After Shen Qiao was poisoned by “It’s happy to meet you”, the poison didn’t clear away, even Master Yan didn’t know how to clear them . This poison root was planted in the blood, and it was hidden, so that his martial arts skill’s recovery has been hindered, and the cultivation of internal forces is half the battle . Eyes are affected by it, and it was still not good .

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But now, the Master has actually said that there is no poison in his body .

That is to say, when he destroyed his martial arts and wanted to die with Sang Jingxing, he did not expect to escape from dying and then live,and the poison in the body was also cleared away .

Is this a blessing in disguise?

Shen Qiao revealed a bitter smile .

When the Master came in, he took a candlestick and placed it next to him . At this moment, he saw his mouth slightly raised, and he couldn’t help but say: “Are you still laugh with such a miserable situation?”

He turned his head and asked Shi Wu: “Do you think that he has not been able to withstand the upheaval and become a fool?”

“Master!” Shi Wu couldn’t help but covered his mouth .

The Master:”Alright alright alright, I’ll stop . The porridge should be ready . Let me go and check it . I am not used to it that Chu Yi is not here to run the errands for me!”

As he walked, he groaned: “That’s the old ginseng that really hard to get . Now It’s used for a stranger!”

After he left, Shi Wu apologized: “Don’t worry about it, Master, he has a knife mouth and a tofu heart . In fact, although his words are not good, but thanks to him these two days, otherwise I don’t know how to handle!”

Shen Qiao: “I know, I…am also not crazy, is this, cellar, lead to, outside? I saw, it seems, there is light . ”

He said it very hard .

Shi Wu: “Yes, Master has made two holes here, and there is a little light coming in from outside . Can you see it?”

Shen Qiao: “Now, gradually, I can see, a little, no, very clear . ”

Shi Wu: “Don’t worry, Master said that this place is very secretive . It is hard for others to find out . Pengcheng County’s people have come two times . Every time they couldn’t find us, they can only leave . Master said that after some time, they would think we move away, and we will definitely not come again . ”

Shen Qiao: “Thank you…”

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Shi Wu smiled: “You are welcome, you take a rest and recover your wound, I will go to boil some water for you . ”

Although this place is full of darkness, it is a quiet place for rehabilitating . According to Shi Wu, Bai Long Guan was built in the late Han Dynasty . It has been more than three hundred years and it didn’t fall down after several wars . However, the incense is no longer seen, and left a scarred, uninvited Taoist temple . When Shi Wu’s master came to settle here, the Taoist temple was empty There is still a tunnel in the back of the cellar . It must have been built with the Taoist temple . After being discovered by the Master of Shi Wu, it became an excellent place for refuge .

After that Shen Qiao fell into deep asleet for another two days, sometimes he was consious, sometimes not, and he dreamed at midnight . He even thought that he was still on Xuan Du Mountain, as if he had opened the door, he could see the master looking at the disciples’ practicing martial arts outside .

However, it was a dream, all the past can not be returned, and the lost will not resurrect .

Those beautiful and quiet days, as if they are also staying on the Xuan Du Mountain, never come back .

What followed was the betrayal, setbacks, and predicaments that he experienced afterwards . It was the melee of the countries, it was the sects insist their own opinions, it was the people were struggling in hell and could not escape .

All sufferings emerged, shocking and empathy .

You keep your Taoism heart and refuse to give up your so-called principle of being a man, is it also because you are not on the verge of being incomprehensible?

Master Yan once asked him like this .

At this moment, this sentence occurred to Shen Qiao again, remembering the time when they got along .

He thought they were friends, but he was vulnerable to the ridicule and tricks of the other party .

But even there was a chance to live again…

To live again…

“Shen, are you better today, this is ginseng stalk rice porridge i juest made, Master said that it is very helpful for physical recovery… oh, Shen, how do you cry! Is it too painful? !”

In the faint light, the crystal tears slides down slowly along the corner of the eye, sliding into the sideburns, silently .

Shi Wu quickly put down the porridge and rushed over . “I am going to call my Master come over!”

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“No . ” Shen Qiao stretched out his hand and reached to Shi Wu’s robes .

Shi Wu screamed and surprisingly said: “Can you move?! Master said that your meridians are damaged, it is very difficult to recover in your whole life, it seems that Master is deliberately scaring me!”

Shen Qiao smiled at him .

When he was awake,every bone was screaming about the pain, and he was so painful that he wanted to die . But he still stick on and silently recited the “Zhu Yang Ce” that he had studied . Something Surprised happened .

When he studied “Zhu Yang Ce”, he already had Xuan Du Mountain’s martial arts as a foundation . It was not difficult to learn . But the progress was always steady, not too slow, nor fast . Feng Qi Ge could not find the reason . At that time, Tao Hongjing was dead, and he could not ask anyone a clear answer . So the apprentice could only explore for himself, and he occasionally gave advises .

But now, in the case that his meridians are damaged and the body is empty of true spirit, “Zhu Yang Ce” seems to have played a completely unexpected role . The broken pubic region is recovering at an incredible speed, and the abolished meridians are also remodeling under the invigorating of Zhu Yangze .

It may not be long before he can recover from his injuries .

Zhu Yang Ce is indeed unbelievable, which has gathered the three advantages of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism . Even Shen Qiao can only learn two chapter of them, it does not prevent him from feeling the profoundness of it .

Confucianism’s upright, Taoism’s soft and gentle, and the Buddha’s solemnity and clarity are all turned into a trickle, flowing in his body .

Shen Qiao doesn’t know if he was experienced the death then thrive from it . But his physical condition is indeed better day by day, and the recovery speed is even surprised the masters who thought he could only lie on the bed for a lifetime .

Shi Wu is very understanding and does not ask him why he cried, but Shen Qiao took the initiative to hold him and said to him: “Shi Wu, thank you . ”

Shi Wu didn’t know what happened, and he felt a little bit embarrassed: “You have said a lot of thanks!”

Shen Qiao treat others with kindness, but never thought about other treat him with the same kindness, because no matter others return back or not, it does not hinder his goodness .

He wants to do this,so he does it . It has nothing to do with others understand or not, agree with it or not, laugh at it or not .

From this point of view, Master Yan is no different from him .

But after all, Shen Qiao is a human being, he is not a stone . He will also be exhausted . He will also be disappointed and painful .

“This Thank you is not the same . ” He said to Shi Wu .

Shi Wu smiled shy: “You recovered so well, Master said that you should eat some meat, he bought a chicken today and came back to stew . ”

Shen Qiao apologized: “I made you paid so much for me . After the recovering, I will to go work and earn money…”

Shi Wu smiled: “You don’t have to worry about this . In fact, Master,he secretly hid a lot of private money, and he refused to take it out . He pretended to be poor . . ”

“Shi Wu,do you want some punch! How dare you speaking the bad things of your master in front of others!Big rebellion! Gangsters!”This is exactly what the incoming Master heard .

Shi Wu spit out the tongue: “It was my fault, don’t be angry!”

The master said with anger: “How did I feel that you were a little more better than Chu Yi! One is badder than the other!What a disobedient disciple!”

Shi Wu obediently listened to the words, he coquettish and mischievous, finally cooled down his Master, but the master began to talk the trivial matters to his apprentice: “There is a rally in the North City today . Chu Yi ran out early in the early morning, he didn’t come back until now, how dare him . If he had wings, would he be able to stab through the sky! “

Shi Wu: “Maybe he saw something delicious, and bringing for us . ”

The Master: “Are you kidding, he only has a few pennies, and he couldn’t afford for himself!”

Suddenly, the bell in the cellar rang .

The bell was very small and the sound was very weak, but the Master was standing next to it, he could hear it .

This is a simple stratagem . The string outside of the bell is connected to the outside and is tied to the entrance of the gate . As soon as someone comes in from the outside, the string would slightly shaken and the people in the cellar can immediately detect it .

Shi Wu said happily: “My senior brother is coming back!”

He was about to go out, but the Master grabbed him: “Wait, something is wrong!”

When he said this, they heard the sound of the foot jump outside: “Master, Shi Wu, I am back… Hey, who are you?”

The master’s emotion changed greatly: Oops, How bad!

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