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Demon Lands, Bird Race, Territory of Roc Emperor.

The Roc Emperor was still in the human form of Huan Jiu Li.

He was able to transform into his roc form ever since he released his seal having returned from human territory.

Being a bird demon, they were born with the ability to fly freely due to their wings; due to such convenience and freedom, demons would prefer to stay in their natural form.

Yet, he continued to maintain his human form.

After he had unified the bird demons and arranged everything in order, he entered the forbidden grounds of the territory.

Within the forbidden grounds, was a floating tower with a base that made from a collection of feathers.

The surrounding area was also covered in various floating feathers that caused visibility to be extremely low; each of this tiny feather possessed a spell formation that would react and sense for any intruder who entered the area, including any divine senses.

This tower was once the nest of a phoenix a millennium ago.

The Phoenix Emperor has ascended for countless of years and since then, no phoenix has appeared on Spirit Treasure Continent!      

Therefore, the Phoenix's Nest currently has no occupants and had turned into the forbidden grounds of bird demons instead.

'Huan Jiu Li' has entered the Phoenix's Nest for a month already, floating within the Phoenix's Nest and in a state of endless meditation…

It looked as though he was in deep sleep, yet, it felt like he was undergoing a mysterious ritual.

Finally, after a month, he opened his eyes.

When he left the Phoenix's Nest Forbidden Grounds, a pure white dove flew towards him shyly.

Its pair of wings lightly flapped as it spoke in a beautiful feminine voice, "Congratulations Roc Emperor for completing your closed-door training!"

This dove was Huan Jiu Li's servant, and despite its small and beautiful appearance, she was actually a Demon General; equivalent to a human Mystic Spirit Master!

As she has yet to reach the level of Demon King, she was still unable to take on a human form; however, she was able to learn the language of humans.

"Something happened?"

The little white dove replied coquettishly, "Yes Roc Emperor, an important news about the humans. Their Holy Court will be conferring the title of Saintess to someone."

The Roc Emperor frowned, as curiosity appeared on his face, "Saintess? It has been many years since a Saintess has appeared, why did it happen this time?"

"It is said that she was a God Chosen who was instructed personally by the Music Sage; she had learnt an extremely powerful technique that would greatly assist the humans, that was why she was given the title of Saintess, it is to increase the morale of humans!"

"What powerful technique?"

"It is still unclear, it is said that it would be perform on the day of the ceremony! To prevent any possible problems in the future, the lion, wolf and other demon clans have all sent people to infiltrate the human territory already, they will try to find openings and use it to assassinate that girl, shall we bird demons also…"

She only asked out of habit, because even though the demon clans have sent Greater Demons, they would never dare to enter the Holy Court. They would only surround and observe at the perimeters of the Holy Court; the chances for them to kill the Saintess was virtually none.

As expected, the Roc Emperor was the least interested, and asked another question instead, "Any news about the human girl that I have ordered for a surveillance?"

The little white dove replied, "Yes, we just obtained some information a few days ago, it was not reported because I did not dare to disrupt the Roc Emperor's closed-door training. The report mentioned that the human girl called Huan Qing Yan was set up during in Surging Wave Academia and had turned into a fool. Later, she was rescued by the human genius, Ji Mo Ya, and brought away. Their whereabouts are currently still unknown …"

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