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As it hailed from an ordinary clan of eagles, the highest cultivation that it could reach due to racial limitation was Early-Stage King Rank and eventually; wait for its lifespan to end.

That was why it took the risk of entering deep into human territory, to look and develop its own unique path…

But now?

What can it say? There's nothing it could do!

It no longer possessed the ability to leave this body…

As the body of 'Huan Jiu Li' transformed, his soul turned exceptionally domineering as the body expanded. Due to that, the Eagle Demon's soul was rapidly squeezed and suppressed to the point that its soul got completely destroyed.

At the same time, the hundred different bird demon clans gathered.

Everyone kowtowed towards 'Huan Jiu Li', and in unison, "We greet our Emperor's return!"

Huan Qing Yan woke up after falling into unconsciousness for a few days.

Just not long ago, she either laughed or cried but now her face was as expressionless as a soulless puppet.

When Ji Mo Ya fed her food, she would eat; but when she was not being fed, she would blankly sit there motionlessly for the entire day without even moving her eyes and when she felt tired, she would sleep.

Ji Mo Ya had inspected her spirit treasure and while both her spirit imprints were still on her wrist, they looked very faint as though they might disappear the next instant.

Especially her pig spirit treasure on her right wrist, it was fairly faint and could barely be seen.

On the other hand, her left wrist imprinted with her leaf spirit treasure was slightly clearer to the eye.

Along the journey, Ji Mo Ya became a full time babysitter and did everything by himself without allowing any of his men to assist him.

Although he also had serving girls with him, they were in fact part of the Feather Guards and not simple ordinary servants. During normal times they would perform tasks like those of serving girls, but in battles their abilities were nowhere weaker than their male counterparts.

Some of the serving girls did not like what they saw and offered to assist Ji Mo Ya in caring for Huan Qing Yan, but they were all calmly rejected by him.

After half a month of travel, Ji Mo Ya finally reached Du Jing City of Xuan Chu Empire with Huan Qing Yan.

Du Jing City was a frontier city of Xuan Chu Empire, however the nature of it location was such that its roads were connected to the Holy Court at its north, the Immortal Ripple Empire at its east and the powerful Shang Qiu clan at its west. These resulted in a huge traffic of cultivators who had to pass by the city and thus the city developed into one of the most prosperous city of human cultivators.

Du Jing City's auction house was also the most well-known amongst cultivators and its auction event a monthly affair.

They were reputed to be the most well equipped auction house with all sorts of weird and rare items which of course came with prices not cheap, anyone interested in their items must ensure that they have fat and plump wallets.

When Ji Mo Ya arrived in Du Jing City, he barely managed to register and participate in that month's auction.

The auction house was constructed to be very prosperous and rich looking, it was tall and huge while possessing a grandeur that reached the sky.

Their day of arrival at Du jing City coincided exactly with the day of the monthly auction, everyone entered the premises with their respective participation permits.

Just the cost of one participate ticket to enter the auction house of Du Jing City was ten thousand spirit stones.

If one did not have that amount of spirit stones, they do not possess the right to participate and enter at all.

This showed how huge and how prestigious the event was as well.

As Ji Mo Ya's Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage was too eye-catching, it was kept immediately upon their entry into the city. His main goal was to purchase the Five Star Treasure Vine which was not enough even if he successfully obtains it. In addition, as time was not on his side, he did not wish to sow any problems by the attention he might attract.

For that reason, he changed his current ride to an ordinary flying equipment, an extremely ancient looking flying carriage. Although it does not possess the speed and attractiveness of the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage, it was also not cheap.

When the flying carriage hovered outside the auction house for a moment, many spirit masters travelled under it; literally a sea of heads who were wearing all manners of attires, each one of them displayed various expressions of excitement.

Like a gentle spring breeze Ji Mo Ya spoke to Huan Qing Yan, "Lass, you used to enjoy watching a bustling scene but now you only stare blankly day and night, I'm wondering if this was due to the destruction of that soul…"

He felt only worry deep down in his heart, after all there were too many weird points in this matter that he was unable to make sense of.

Everything else aside, just the fact alone that both souls looked exactly alike was something illogical.

The dulled Huan Qing Yan looked blankly at the row of carriages outside…

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