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"Ai, the world is truly unpredictable, who would have known that a servant from our Huan Estate would have reached this situation. If you sincerely regretted your ways, I willalso forgive you this one time, but if you ever did something harmful to me or to the Huan Family again, then please disappear from my sight and never appear in front of me." Huan Qing Yan displayed a touched expression.

Both of them continued to act and chatted without letting the atmosphere turn cold.

To proveher sincerity Huan Meng Yue even talked about some of the small and fun incidents of the past. As Huan Qing Yan had seen the reincarnated girl's memories before, she was also able to recall some memories, allowing the atmosphere between them to maintain a vague peacefulness.

After that, seeing that the situation was about ripe, Huan Meng Yue asked, "Young Mistress, rumor has it that you were chased into the forbidden grounds of the Academia, the Tyrant King Lizard cave, while escaping the crazed demonized people, is that true?"

"Yes. The Demon Men were exceptionally powerful and able to move very quickly in water; as I was losing, Bai Chen Feng happened to come and rescued me. While trying to make an escape, we were chased into a dark cave, not knowing what cave it was at that time, only feeling an exceptionally eeriness when we were inside." Huan Qing Yan replied her question.

She did not regard this as a big secret; this was something that she had reported to the teachers as well.

When Huan Meng Yue heard Bai Chen Feng's name, the fingers hidden underneath her sleeves tightened, yet her face maintained a smile, "It was said that an ancient Greater Demon was sealed within the Tyrant Lizard King Forbidden Grounds, anyone who enters would be eaten by it, how did both of you managed to escape alive?"

Huan Qing Yan scratched her head with a confused look, "I also did not know! I was unconscious, it was Bai Chen Feng who carried me out of there. Maybe it felt that our cultivation were too low and not enough to fill its appetite?"

The matter regarding Young Master Ya was something that she and Bai Chen Feng did not tell anyone about.

Because Bai Chen Feng had warned that if the matter regarding her attempt of assassinating Young Master Ya was exposed, the academia would surely expel the both of them.

Strangely, even Teacher Kang and the members of the Zero Light Hall did not question them about the events within the cave.

It was as though someone had placed a gag order and did not want them to ask for details.

"What happened after you entered, did you discover anything strange? Such as seeing or hearing something strange? What was the terrain inside like?" Huan Meng Yue continued a questioning in a hurry.

As the conversed till this point, Huan Qing Yan had also understood her motive, she wanted to get information about the cave through their conversation, but how was this related to Huan Meng Yue?

"Nothing strange, just a very ordinary cave, we were lost within it for quite some time before we manage to find a way out." as Huan Qing Yan spoke, she also started to recall the situation inside the cave; at that time she could feel an evil conscious staring at her and Bai Chen Feng, viewing them as though they were delicious things.

Later, Young Master Ya appeared and that conscious disappeared.

Only now did she noticed that Young Master Ya had silently saved their lives!

When Huan Qing Yan remembered Young Master Ya, her calmed heart felt a wrenched pain again.

On the other side, Huan Meng Yue suddenly stood up and pointed towards Huan Qing Yan, "You are spouting nonsense! The Tyrant Lizard King's cave was an extremely strange place, anyone who has entered had never came out before as all of them were eaten! It's impossible that the two of you had never encountered it…"

Huan Qing Yan looked at her with a faint smile, Huan Meng Yue noticed that she had lost her composure and quickly changed back to her gentle attitude, "Young Mistress, Meng Yue was also worried about you. That Tyrant Lizard Cave is a true cave of death, it's a one-way ticket in with no way out, yet our Young Mistress was blessed with fortune to be able to escape."

"Indeed, I am really blessed. Bai Chen Feng was the one who brought me out, maybe he has a life saving magic equipment on him, as I was unconscious during the later part, I did not know of the details, why not ask Bai Chen Feng yourself instead?"

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