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Huan Qing Yan was in an extremely terrible state, during the first few days she had shouted and screamed, "Let me out! Let me out!"

She wanted to look for Young Master Ya. Since he was not here, she planned to leave Surging Wave Academia and head towards the Ji Mo Clan…

Yet no one bothered about her even when she screamed her voice hoarse, she could only stay within the lonely cave, heartbroken, feeling as though the entire world had abandoned her.

Only a few days later, did she finally acknowledge that it had become an irreversible fact.

She would not find Young Master Ya again.

Unless he was the one looking for her, even she died here, no one would bother about her.

The desolate and bleakness slowly calmed her down.

Ji Mo Ya was able to survive being ambushed and surrounded by a Demon King for several days, since the reincarnated girls stab  did not kill him on the spot then he should be fine. If he really had died, someone would have come to kill her a long time ago…

Since no one came for her, it meant that he was most likely fine.

It's good as long as he was safe.

This was good.

From this incident, she had finally become aware of the huge mountain-like gap between the two of them. Like a deep sea, once he decided not to bothered about her, she was like a kite with a broken string, the feeling made her feel dissolute.

She was simply too weak and too small, compared to him she was an ant.

How could an ant possess the ability to find a great eagle flying through the nine heavens?

She would not find it!

Unless she could also learn how to fly, unless she also turns into an eagle. She would forever be unable to find him.

Fine, so be it!

If a chance arises and they encounter each other in the future, then she would try to explain what happened.

If the chance never came, then she would also not force it, the Way of A King was to focus on her cultivating.

Although she decided that, her heart still hurt badly, she felt pain for every breath she took.

One day, two days, three days, four days…

She stayed within the Cliff of Reflection and gazed out at the boundless seawater, it was so quiet that it felt like she was living in another world.

A forgotten world.

After several dozen days had passed, at the time of a food package delivery, she received a note.

"Little Yan, are you still down there? Don't be afraid, the spirit energy at the bottom is pretty good. If they did not release you soon, then you can use the chance to train in solitude. Here's some Ink Jade, they're rare spirit plants so quickly store them inside your storage ring. When no one is around, break it and consume its contents, it will help improve the speed of your cultivation. My body is also mostly healed, but I need to take a trip back to Hanging Cloud. I will return urgently , stay where you are and quietly cultivate, wait for me to return… Little Yan, take care. I've been thinking of you constantly! Ninth Dear."

It was from Bai Chen Feng.

The food delivered were usually ordinary buns, but today it was Ink Jade Lingzi.

Even if Huan Qing Yan do not wish to , she had no other choice but to accept.

No visitors were allowed at the Cliff of Reflection, Bai Chen Feng must have paid a great amount to make this delivery arrangement.

It was full of good intentions.

Huan Qing Yan did a count and discovered there were over a hundred pieces of Ink Jade Lingzi, Bai Chen Feng was very generous…

If he were to give it to her personally, she would definitely have not accepted it. But now, even if she wanted to she was unable to return it. She required rare spirit plants to cultivate at the moment, eating one would be equivalent to multiple meals. In addition, they could be planted within her dimension, ;once harvested, she would be able to return  several times the amount of what he gave her.

Bai Chen Feng had also left.

Huan Qing Yan guessed that he had returned to Hanging Cloud to receive the title of Crown Prince.

Alas, she did not have any interest in him at all, she didn't bother to waste time to think deeper.

Because of him, Young Master Ya misunderstood her. No matter what he does, deep down within her heart, she would always feel repulsion towards him. This fact would never change no matter how much Ink Jade Lingzi he gave her…

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