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Hou Ning Xue and her group were all rankers within the three hundred range of the rankings, and belonged to the mid-range level. Thus their accommodations were located at the east and west halls.

Two people could live in each room.

However, they did not return to their individual rooms. Instead, they went to Hou Ning Xue's room.

This caused Huan Qing Yan to feel curious.

The room was naturally not as big as hers, with only more than a dozen square feet of space. There were two beds, as well as other simple furniture like tables and cabinets.

All of them all entered the room while shifting the beds to the side and creating an empty space in the center of the room.

The eight of them sat down and formed a circle, it was as though they were preparing to play a game!

Huan Qing Yan looked at them with a puzzled look…

Didn't they say they needed to prepare? What were they doing?

Huo Ning Xue explained meekly, "Young Mistress Huan, we are calling the plate spirit…"

That's when Huan Qing Yan looked at the center of their circle, there was a common plate laying inverted on the floor.She had initially assumed that it was covering something and didn't take notice of it…

Seeing Huan Qing Yan's blank expression, one of the guys with a shrewd look explained, "I have an uncle in Delta Hall, the plate spirit was a secret game that was used by the students of other halls. We can invite the plate spirit to possess our body, and for a short time we would obtain the blessings of the plate spirit. It allows us to complete our missions more efficiently. Else, we would encounter dangers more often and reduce our efficiency…"

Huan Qing Yan suddenly remembered the 'plate spirit game' from her world, a chill to run down her spine.She had a bad feeling about this matter.

"How do you call it?"

"It is a forbidden technique, by using ancient mantras we will be able to call the plate spirit. These mantras were specially bought by us from the general goods sector after we pooled all our spirit stones together. It is also very effective, we've called it twice so far and each time we've on average obtained a one star power boost. We Five Star Spirit Masters would temporarily reach the level of Six Star Spirit Masters after the plate spirit possessed us… Lady Huan, would you like to join us?"

Huan Qing Yan was unable to comprehend it, just what in the world are they going to call…

The reincarnated girl still in her body, was enough trouble for her. Therefore she didn't want to get involved in any other random things.

"I think it's best if all of you stop using this type of forbidden technique." Huan Qing Yan advised.

However, Hou Ning Xue happily replied, "No worries Young Mistress Huan, we've already done it twice. As new recruits with relatively weak strength; it would only be harder for us to proceed in the future without external support…"

Since they were determined, Huan Qing Yan also stopped trying to warn them.

Huan Qing Yan owed the Hou Clan a small debt, but after she assisted Hou Ning Xue the last two times the debt was also mostly repaid.

The two of them were neither relatives nor friends, she did not have the right to holdback the other from trying to do things that they think could make them rich.

"Then so be it, I'll wait for all of you outside."

The reason why the group brought Huan Qing Yan here was because they wished for her to join in on the plate spirit calling ceremony. With that, Huan Qing Yan could have a boost in strength and increase all of their odds of success.But seeing as she was unwilling, they couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed.

However, since they were not close with her they did not force her.

"Okay, please wait for a while Lady Huan, we'll be done very quickly. We also hope that Lady Huan will not speak of this matter."


Huan Qing Yan left the room, but before leaving she took another peek.

That's when she saw each person stretching out a finger and pressed it onto the plate. All of them were chanting a mantra in unison. The sound of the mantra that they chanted was strange and dark, but there was also a small intent of excitement in it as well,resulting in Huan Qing Yan to feeling very unsettled.

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