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The outside of the Spirit Celestial Pond was constantly guarded by someone day and night, Mo Si's excited voice was heard, "Young Master, are you awake?"

"Yes." Ji Mo Ya calmly walked to the shoreline after exiting the pond, he cleaned and dried his clothes with a spell.

"It's great that you are fine. Mo Si got really worried, if you still did not wake up, Mo Si would have been dragged into the Justice Hall to be questioned and punished, to be buried with Young Master, pei pei pei! Young Master would live to a hundred years of age, pei pei pei! Young Master is someone who will become a sage, your lifespan will become infinit…" Mo Si blabbered away.

Ji Mo Ya gave him a look, causing Mo Si to immediately shut his mouth.

The Parrot Spirit Treasure's nagging disease had unknowingly acted up again.

"Young Master, there's something weird going on within Surging Wave Academia." Mo Si slyly said.

"Speak!" when he heard it was Surging Wave Academia, Ji Mo Ya's steps paused.

"Mo Yi sent a spirit crane message, he says that there have been cases of students within Surging Wave Academia demonizing. The academia used the explanation of cultivation losing control to hide the incidents from students, while they suspecting that a Demon Man awas currently amongst them."

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes, his gaze was also heavy, "Ok."

Behind that short acknowledgement, was also great joy…

Mo Si chuckled and did not continue, the master and subordinate exchanged a look while they both smiled mischievously.

Since the Young Master has awakened, he would most likely look for that Little Fat Chick soon, and what he required most was a legit reason to visit Surging Wave Academia. As his loyal subordinate, not only must he ensure the safety of his Young Master, making sure that his needs are fulfilled was also part of his job. If not, that bloody parrot spirit of his would have long caused him to be transferred to other departments within the clan.

"I will inform the patriarch of my departure." Ji Mo Ya's steps were light yet fast.

Mo Si was startled, eh, something's off, this speed!

"Young Master, it is nothing more than a couple of demonizing incidents, there is no need to hurry, it won't be too late even if you stay within the Spirit Celestial Pond to recuperate for a few more days."

"There's no need for the Spirit Celestial Pond, recuperating can be done anywhere."

Mo Si really wanted to slap his mouth for reporting so early, if only he held it in for a couple of days and waited till his Young Master's body got better.

But there's no point crying over spilt milk.

The Young Master was said to have a very composed personality despite his age, yet with this impatience that he was displaying now, could he still be called the same Young Master of before?

When a person falls in love, be it a man or a woman, their intelligence and logic would for some reason reduce to a worrying level!

Being a prince, the domineering aura emitted by Bai Chen Feng was not low.

When he appeared, he successfully attracted the gaze of Nan Gong Bei Cheng.

"You say that she's your woman?" Nan Gong Bei Cheng examined Bai Chen Feng seriously.This man was someone he could not ignore,despite being new student he was worthy enough to be his rival.

Huan Qing Yan decisively said, "No, he is not."

Bai Chen Feng's expression was grim, "I am the person she likes."

The two of them spoke at the same time!

The observers started to discuss among themselves.

"That young lady must have thought a lot, she must be afraid of Young Master Bei Cheng doing something to the person she likes, so she denied it."

"Indeed, Young Master Bei Cheng is said to be in the top ten rankings of Beta Hall and is already an Eight Star Spirit Master. No matter how powerful Bai Chen Feng is, he is still only a new student… I to would also do the same to protect the person I like."

"Both men emit different flavors, that overbearing princely style of Bai Chen Feng is something I like. Senior Bei Cheng's frivolous style is also my favorite!"

"Scram, lovestruck idiot. You should quickly go back and check your figure and looks in the mirror.Along the way, you should also check your rank on the rankings…"

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