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Chapter 359

Huan Qing Yan was also not surprised. The strong win while the weak were weeded out; this happened everywhere.

No matter what, to constantly improve oneself was the only ‘Way of the King’.

The middle-aged teacher continued, “Very well, if there’s no dissent, this teacher shall continue. This one’s surname is Cui, and I am one of the teachers of Sky Pivot Hall! A total of five hundred new recruits have been gathered from the Five Great Empires, no matter what your identity was before you arrived here, be it royalty, nobles, or commoners, all of you are now simply Probationary Students of Surging Wave! All of you will be part of a ranking system; this ranking system is not based on your previous identities, and neither will it be based on your cultivation rank nor based on when you arrived. It is purely based on your strength and abilities…”

Blabbers and blabbers, the introductory speech was very


Everyone raised their ears and listened with full attention, worried of missing a single word…

Teacher Cui continued, “This ranking would be called Surging Wave New Recruits Public Ranking! The higher you are in the ranking, the better would be your treatment within the academia, while the lower you are, the worse it would be! No matter where you are, cultivation resources will always be limited; therefore, if you want to obtain the best cultivation resources available, you need to rely on your abilities to fight for it! Now that everyone has arrived, this teacher shall not speak any further; you are given two hours to rest and recover from the fatigue of your long journeys, and after that, we will begin the ranking assessment! Any questions?”

“No!” Everyone shouted.

No matter how long the journey was, all the recruits rode the flying ship to reach here.

They enjoyed themselves with fun and food along the way and could not

not be said to be tired. However, in case there were individuals who had encountered special situations or incidents, the academia decided to give them two hours to rest.

Being given time to rest, everyone begun to gather in groups of threes and twos and started engaging in small talk.

Some did not know specific details in advance started to ask, “Why did the teacher not assign us a place to rest?”

A male and female pair laughed, “Hillbilly, don’t you know that accommodations and food would only be assigned after you are ranked? Didn’t you hear what the teacher had said? Your treatment would be determined by the rank of your public ranking.”

This man and woman duo – the man was fit, muscular, tall and big in size; the clothes he wore was also very clean and colorful, while his expression displayed an air of arrogance and high standing.

The woman possessed an almond-shaped face, small lips and was rather

was rather pretty looking; her expression was like a peacock which was showing off its tail feathers. Her clothes were also luxurious looking, while an assortment of jewelry was piled on her body, making one feel heavy just by looking at her.

With an expression of exceptional superiority, the woman swept her gaze to look at the people in her surroundings, before her gaze paused on Huan Qing Yan and again on Princess Fruit who was beside Huan Qing Yan…

With a tone of disdain, she said, “Did you notice the layout of Sky Pivot Hall? The building in front that is high and towering is where those ranking in the top hundred would stay. Each person would be assigned an individual large room! The left and right buildings that are shorter are the accommodation blocks for those ranked between a hundred to three hundred, and two people would be assigned to each room. While the smallest cramped building at cramped building at the back would house the last two hundred people, ten people would be assigned to each room. Some people have poor abilities and think they could use their looks, yet being only a Five Star Spirit Master, they could only be assigned to the ten-person rooms…”

Although her words were unpleasant to hear, the group also understood the situation. There was already such a large disparity with just their accommodations, so it was likely that the other categories of treatment and welfare would be more or less the same.

Those who did not have confidence about their abilities also started to worry.

Huan Qing Yan felt that she was unjustly ridiculed by just being present; she was just standing still and minding her own business, yet she was attacked by someone else.

Fine, she was born pretty, and she was also a Five Star Spirit Master, so what if she gets assigned to a ten-person room!

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