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Chapter 347

She continued to feed him some Replenishing Jade Ophiocordyceps Soup daily, and no longer dared to lick him again. She also soaked him within the hot spring as the hot spring pool possessed the properties of removing fatigue and recovering mental power…

Although she managed to find several medicinal recipes that could treat either external or internal injuries, she did not have enough ingredients to make them.

From the looks of it, she should properly stock up on ingredients of medicinal foods that she would frequently use from now on, in preparation for times of emergency.

She did not know the current situation outside. She was worried about Huan Jiu Li and Bai Trash, and she wondered if they managed to escape or not.

Putting what Bai Trash had done before aside, his act of lending his assistance to send her to the Five Black Mountains was considered pretty good.

As for Huan Jiu Li, his abilities were weaker

than Bai Trash, and he also did not possess any flying magic equipment, what if…

On the ninth day, the actions of the Demon King excavating outside slowly stopped.

It has stopped!

But before Huan Qing Yan could feel happy, she heard the spiteful voice of the Silver Wolf King, “Must be using a secret skill to hide yourself. Fine, since I can’t find you by excavating, this king shall spend some effort to refine the whole Five Black Mountains!”

Huan Qing Yan was flustered, what to do now?

If the whole mountain range was refined, the ancient bowl’s disguise would likely be exposed.

Just as Huan Qing Yan was feeling anxious, four figures suddenly descended from the sky, “Silver Wolf King, how dare you!”

The Silver Wolf King was surprised, “How did…”

“How did we manage to reach here, right?” The person who looked  like the leader laughed coldly and threw something forward.

When the item landed onto the ground, it rolled forward

forward and stopped; on closer look, it was a stone colored, grey nine tail fox!

However, it was already dead.

“Grey Fox King!” The Silver Wolf King shouted in surprised, “How dare you kill it…”

One must know that the Grey Fox King was an individual that had a reputation that was slightly higher than the Silver Wolf King himself.

This was because the Grey Fox King was known for its high intelligence; of course, from the human’s perspective, they would see it as an exceptionally cunning individual. It specialized in illusion techniques, and although its attack power was not high, its ability to trap people was without a doubt the best.

For the operation this time, the demons had, in fact, sent both Silver Wolf King and Grey Fox King out to work together.

The Silver Wolf King would be in charge of assassinating, while the Grey Fox King would be in charge of intercepting the reinforcements.

Unless they possessed the proper

the proper techniques, even a human Spirit King would be helpless when facing the Grey Fox King.

That was why the Silver Wolf King was very startled, this was an outcome it never expected…

Huan Qing Yan breath a sigh of relief, ‘That’s great, the reinforcements have finally arrived.’

And each of them did not look weak!

The human cultivators did not talk any further, and started a great battle with the Silver Wolf King and its subordinates…

As the experts were fighting, Huan Qing Yan was unable to observe them clearly due to her low level and cultivation, all she felt was that it was not only exceptionally powerful looking and stunning, the destructive force emanating from them was also enormous. It had created even more shockwaves than the time the Demon King was excavating the mountains.

“You old men, a few Spirit Kings ganging up on this Demon King alone, is that all your abilities amount to? Wait till Grandpa Wolf till Grandpa Wolf calls for reinforcements as well!”

Although the demons had the numerical advantage, the Silver Wolf King was the only one that was at the level of King, the others were just cannon fodder with no ability to fight.

“You want to run? Leave your life first!”

The human cultivators increased the power of their attacks, causing the demons to slowly lose their footing…


While Huan Qing Yan was lying on the poolside of the hot spring, she pulled at Ji Mo Ya who was still soaking within the pool and mumbled, “Young Master Ya, hold on, we will go out once the Demon King runs away.”

He was constantly in an unconscious state and she had no means to cure him properly; he required proper treatment quickly!

“Oh, so you can’t wait for this Young Master to leave this dimension?” A teasing voice came from the hot spring pool.

Huan Qing Yan was pleasantly surprised, “Young Master Ya, you are awake?”

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