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Chapter 327

Two large words were branded on the helm of the flying boat: Surging Wave!

Those spirit masters who were more knowledgeable immediately jumped in excitement: “It’s the Surging Wave Academia!”

“That cannot be, Surging Wave Academia only recruits once every two years and the recruitment is still some time away, did they bring it forward?”

“Who cares about that, the Surging Wave Academia is here for recruitment! I must quickly inform my child back home. He did not pass the recruitment two years ago, but he might have a chance now thanks to Young Master Ji Mo bestowing us the spirit rain.


As the usually imposing Auspicious Flying Cloud Boat approached, everyone gathered was able to see the hundred-meter long boat clearly. There were multiple flying oars attached to the body of the boat; every time they moved, waves of spirit energy vortexes would be created, and the flying boat relied on these spirit vortexes to propel and fly.

The words ‘Surging Wave’

that was located at the helm of the boat, was also formed using spirit energy. Just a look on it would give people the urge to worship it.

The emperor boarded a flying magic equipment with his State Teachers and ascended into the air with a face full of smile, “Welcome, esteemed guests of the Surging Wave Academia.”

Someone on the boat replied after a loud laugh, “The Hanging Cloud Emperor is being too polite, we are here to impose on your esteemed country once again.”

Both the host and the guest were treating each other politely, causing the atmosphere to turn pleasant.

The citizens of the entire capital entered into party mode.

Within the Aged Consulate, Madam Huan was shedding tears of joy.

Huan Xing Han had awakened his spirit treasure!

She thought of looking for Huan Qing Yan and sharing the good news.

But Huan Qing Yan was still within the courtyard of the main building. The spell formation within the building had activated, so

so despite her knocking on the gate, there was no reaction.

Anxiety began to fill her heart, did Huan Qing Yan leave with Young Master Ya?

If they did, why did she not leave any message? Looking at that, it was impossible that she had left, so what happened?

She arranged for people to wait outside the main building, instructing them to inform her once they have news about what happened inside the main building.

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Within the underground prison, Huan Meng Yue laid on the ground like a dead dog; it wasn’t known whether she was dead or alive.

Waves of rotting scent were being emitted from her body.

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Today was supposed to be the day of her execution, but due to the early arrival of Surging Wave Academia, her execution date had been pushed back.

The emperor did not wish for his citizens to see such a gloomy event when it was a day of celebration.

Within the darkness, Huan Meng Yue’s eyelids twitched.

“Are you… still alive?” A patchy voice was transmitted from the spirit imprint from her wrist.

Huan Meng Yue lifted her head and cried out for help at her last ray of hope, “Fairy, though I am still alive, living feels even worse than death. Fairy, what should I do, wuu wuu….”

The Rouge Spirit Bird had turned dumb. It had not glowed for many days already, and since the day Bai Chen Feng left, this was the first time it had a reaction.

How could she not be agitated?

The voice from the spirit imprint wasn’t very clear, “Currently, the clear, “Currently, the connection between us is very weak. We could no longer be able to communicate with each other as easily as before, maybe once every ten days or half a month is possible; your Rouge Spirit Bird is basically half crippled. However, do not be disheartened, I have already sent someone to save you; you are able to survive after so many years, so do not let me down now…”

When Huan Meng Yue heard that someone was coming to save her, she immediately replied happily, “Yes, fairy…”

She did not wish to die, so no matter what, she must survive!

Huan Qing Yan did not know how many days had passed when she stopped training.

After her pig spirit reached five stars, the leaf spirit was unwilling to lose and wanted to rank up as well. However, as the spirit rain had stopped, the rich spirit energy leftover after the rain only allowed the leaf spirit to reach four stars.

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