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Chapter 325

It was unknown when, but a layer of faint light gathered and surrounded its body.


A loud clap of thunder came, and the loudness of the sound immediately startled Huan Qing Yan into a jump!

The white dragon coiled up in the air and nodded its head towards the four azimuthal direction.

“Dragon spirit nodding to the four points!”

Ji Mo Ya mumbled, his usual faint expression had uncontrollably revealed obvious joy.

“What do you mean by that?” Huan Qing Yan did not know those words. Since she did not know, she would ask; that was one of the pleasant qualities that she possessed.

Ji Mo Ya curled his lips, “Directing spirit from the four directions is one of the special traits of my dragon spirit treasure. You will understand shortly what I meant; you should properly enjoy this chance.”

After he finished speaking, he shut his eyes and sat in meditation on the spot.

Huan Qing Yan pouted her lips, that’s when she saw waves of fog-like substance covering the body

of the white dragon…

“Spirit Clouds!”

On this continent, the reason why eating spirit dishes was better than absorbing spirit energy from the natural surroundings was because the absorption efficiency was much higher.

If the spirit energy concentration within natural surroundings reach a state of forming spirit clouds, then the situation would be reversed.

As the rate of the spirit cloud gathering increased, a bright light was emitted from the white dragon’s body; the shine from it was so glaring that it made it hard for people to look at it directly.

Waves of low rumbling thunder were heard from afar and began to near.

The louder the sound of thunder, the more spirit clouds gathered, eventually covering the entire estate of the Aged Consulate, but even so, it was still expanding.

Suddenly, a deep, dull explosion of thunder was heard; the next instant, multiple crackling sounds were heard…

Huan Qing Yan lifted her head. The white dragon that was up in the sky was no longer visible, only its roars which were

were very similar to the sound of thunder could be heard. It seemed to be very far away, yet it also seemed so close that it reached the innermost depths of the heart.


The sound of thunder clapped before the boundless spirit clouds began to convert into fine threads of rain and fell.

However, it was only for a moment, the rain fell harder and faster, eventually turning into a downpour!


The whole capital went up in joy!

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In the streets.

“It’s raining, oh the heavens! Its spirit rain!”

“Why are you guys standing there like idiots? Quickly enter meditation and start cultivating!”


Within the royal palace.

“Your majesty, it is Young Master Ya’s dragon spirit treasure, it had summoned spirit rain!”

“Really? This could be considered a rare blessing onto our empire. With this spirit rain, the number of individuals becoming

individuals becoming new spirit masters would be more than double the amount of other years… Hahaha! The heavens are looking after our Hanging Cloud!”

“Yes your majesty, the spirit energy would thicken greatly over next few days. We should quickly head to the outskirts of the Aged Consulate. The closer we are to the center of the spirit rain, the greater and thicker the spirit energy would be…”

“Okay! Hahahahaha.”


The center of the Aged Consulate was where the spirit energy was naturally the most abundant, especially the courtyard of the main building. As Huan Qing Yan was soaking in the thick spirit rain, she could feel every cell within her body jumping in happiness.

Huan Qing Yan stared at the dragon spirit treasure that was still in mid-air; it looked like a treasure statue, its eyes were celestial like Ji Mo Ya’s, she was truly happy for him!

From the unusual and majestic situation, as well as the cheers of the Feather Guards, she knew that Ji Mo Ya had broken Ya had broken through and reached a higher realm.

This was because of that small bowl of medicinal food; it had actually assisted Ji Mo Ya to suddenly break through into a new realm. This was truly good news.

The spirit rain that was falling on her thickened as time passed by. She knew that this was a chance of a lifetime, so she immediately closed her eyes and sat down to start cultivating.

With Ji Mo Ya reaching a higher realm, she felt the gap between the two of them getting further and wider.

She must also work hard.

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As an unlimited supply of spirit energy entered her body, the energy within her dantian also filled up quickly.

The pig spirit happily grunted in excitement.

Huan Qing Yan focused her mind and sent the spirit energy towards it!

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