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Chapter 315

Ji Mo Ya’s appetite seemed to be poor as he stopped eating after a short moment, yet he did not leave; instead, chose to remain seated and closed his eyes to rest; small traces of fatigue surfaced on his face…

Huan Qing Yan approached him tactfully. After standing behind his chair, she used her little hands to massage his shoulders.

Due to the proximity to his neck, she once again smelled the unique fragrance coming from his blood, causing Huan Qing Yan to uncontrollably bite her lips.

So fragrant!

It seems very delicious!

Suddenly, a bold idea surfaced in her mind.

The last time, she awoken her second spirit treasure after drinking Young Master Ya’s blood, so would Little Xing Han awaken his spirit treasure if he drinks the blood as well?

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Her current plans were to attend the academy that would be recruiting soon, when that happens, she would

have to leave behind her mother and brother who were ordinary people behind in the Hanging Cloud Empire. The royals of Hanging Cloud were heartless people; they would use you when you display value and would discard you when you have no more value…

This would mean that they could only expect a hard life ahead, but if Little Xing Han were to awaken his spirit treasure earlier, things would not be the same.

As she was thinking, Ji Mo Ya said, “I have bought the Aged Consulate, as the Huan Estate has yet to be repaired, there’s no need for you to move out immediately. The remnants of the Su Clan have also been cleaned, the Crown Prince had also passed away in prison, so just stay sharp in the future.”

These were all instructions before departure.

These were also the only things he could do for her now.

He had already postponed his departure for three days. The spirit crane had come to him three times, each urging him to leave!

The situation was very dire, it was said that there

there was a Demon King within the group; what’s more, this Demon King specialized in hiding. The demons had never held back with their methods whenever they sent a team to hunt him…

Huan Qing Yan absently acknowledged his instructions. Her emotions were currently in a mess.

She really wanted a drop of blood from Ji Mo Ya, but she knew that he would surely reject her request. Ji Mo Ya had viewed his blood to be very precious, so not only would he not give her, he might even be angered due to her request.

When she remembered how Xing Han had been stuffing himself with stamina spirit dishes daily, at how his stomach became extremely bloated due to the amount of food, she could not help but feel her heart aching.

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The reincarnated girl coldly said, “Don’t you have a needle under your sleeves? Just that bit

that bit of blood should be nothing much to Ji Mo Ya, yet for Xing Han, this is an opportunity.”

“But Young Master Ya had treated me so well, I…”

“He would be leaving soon, if you do not act now, there will be no more opportunities. It’s not like you are asking for much, just a drop or two for Xing Han to try. Looking at how magnanimous Ji Mo Ya is, even if he discovers your actions, he would not blame you either.”

Huan Qing Yan was convinced; she bit her teeth, at most she would just repay his blood with her own and do an exchange.

She silently took out a long silver needle from her sleeves and pricked the back of Ji Mo Ya’s neck at lightning speed…

A drop of blood quickly oozed out.

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Before she could collect the blood drop, Ji Mo Ya had already stood had already stood up with a bang, the dining table shattered as his palm slapped on top of the table.

The crockery on the table all fell onto the ground and broke into pieces as well.

At the same time, the arm that was holding the needle was caught by a large hand before she was yanked violently.

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes were like rumbling thunder clouds, black and oppressive, and a chilling murderous intent was emitted from his gaze.

A powerful aura weighed down on her, causing her to have difficulty breathing.

Ji Mo Ya was so angry that he smiled, “Good, good! Aren’t you courageous? To think that you dare draw my blood!”

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Huan Qing Yan was utterly scared, that thick solid table was shattered into powder with a strike of his palms; if he was to direct that palm at her, her tiny life would have been gone.

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