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Demon men were traitors of humanity, and naturally were also spurned by all humanity!

For the sake of causing discord within humans, demons would try to create demon men at whatever chance they have, using these people as spies for them…

When Huan Qing Yan heard Ji Mo Ya's reply, her heart turned cold.

She needed to calmly think back at what happened last life; how did Huan Jiu Li die? Since what was happening now was basically the same as the past, if that's the case, Huan Jiu Li must have also been possessed during the previous life.

It was just that the reincarnated girl did not discover that and assumed he died for Bai Chen Feng.

In the previous life, a horde of rats, snakes, and insects also appeared in Bai Chen Feng's estate, causing the reincarnated girl to worry, so she requested Huan Jiu Li to go protect Bai Chen Feng…

In the end, Huan Jiu Li died!

She had always assumed that Huan Jiu Li died from protecting Bai Chen Feng, but it looks like she was absolutely wrong.

"What are you thinking?" Ji Mo Ya noticed Huan Qing Yan's complicated expression; it was sad at first, but then it slowly turned into that of deep realization, so he was curious 'what was this lass thinking about'.

Huan Qing Yan replied brightly, "Young Master Ya, our family has a restaurant just up front, since it is reaching noon soon, why not we have a meal over there?"

When Ji Mo Ya saw the glistening shine in the eyes of Huan Qing Yan, he knew that this lass must be up to something, yet he did not ask further and treated as though he did not discover anything.

"Then this Young Master shall accept your offer."

With the Feather Guards opening up a path, Huan Qing Yan led Ji Mo Ya to their family's restaurant.

From afar, they saw the waiters of the restaurant shouting.

"Our Huan Clan Restaurant have just created a new dish, dear customers, do come in and have a taste!"

"The Huan Clan Restaurant is having a 20% discount just for today, do not miss this chance to enjoy this great offer…"

However, the effects weren't good.

The waiters of the restaurants next to them laughed unrestrainedly, "You guys from the Huan Clan Restaurant should stop wasting your efforts; with Huan Bei Ming dead, how good can this new dish be?"

"The spirit chef in your restaurant is not even Basic rank, right? Even if it is a 50% discount, no one will go in, save the effort!"

Huan Qing Yan was furious, she walked up quickly to them.

These two groups of people from next door, how dare they undermine them.

"Dear customer, their Huan Clan Restaurant is on the verge of closure; our Delicious Fragrance Restaurant's boss is an Imperial Chef; be it the uniqueness or spirit value of our dishes, it could only be the best, so please come in and try…" a waiter greeted Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan ignored him and immediately waved at the celestial-like Ji Mo Ya behind her, "Young Master Ya here has long heard of the Huan Clan Restaurant's good reviews. This is his first time visiting, so he will surely have a good meal in the Huan Clan Restaurant. Young Master Ya, what do you think?"

When Ji Mo Ya appeared in this busy street, he had long caught the attention of everyone in it.

Who had seen a character with such grace and poise before? No matter man or woman, those who have seen him for the first time would all be charmed by him.

If not for the Feather Guards maintaining a perimeter, these people would have surrounded him already.

The aura emitted by the Feather Guards were not ordinary, so those with a basic discerning eye would be able to understand that their master must be someone of very high standing.

However, this did not prevent a group of fans, formed by elderly women, aunties, and girls from trailing behind him…


When Ji Mo Ya saw and heard her, he knew that this lass was trying to use him as an advertising tool and help the Huan Clan Restaurant pull some business. To dare to use him in such a manner, he did not know whether to praise her wittiness or to praise her guts that was as big as thieves!

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