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Chapter 233
The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 233

Would the mastermind also be killed by that Greater Demon?

She was looking forward to what it would do next!

At the same time, she was also afraid that it was a trap set by someone, just waiting for that righteous Greater Demon to…

This made her feel extremely conflicted.

After the clan relatives have sincerely admitted and regretted their actions within the ancestral hall, they dispersed.

Some were still unable to relax and used the opportunity when it was still daytime to pack up their stuff and leave the capital to take refuge.

Huan Qing Yan remained behind with the Old Ancestor to discuss about the matters of the Huan Estate as well as how to manage the remaining members of Huan Lao San's family before she left the ancestral hall.

Along with her, accompanied the Feather Guard who left the Huan Estate to pursue the Greater Demon!

< < 24. <<<<

Hanging Cloud Empire

Capital, within a certain small secluded forest.

A young man with a tall and sturdy body was lying weakly on the ground, although he was covered in injuries, all of them were external injuries, and the main reason for his condition was due to overexertion, resulting in him lying on the ground due to fatigue.

Covered on his body were a bunch of leaves and weeds, it was meant to act as a camouflage to prevent others from discovering him.

Suddenly, the earth beside him begun to rumble as an elder emerged from the ground.

When the elder came out of the earth, what laid in front of him was the unconscious young man.

He was unconcerned about his condition; on the contrary, he coldly smiled and looked towards the depths of the forest, "Demon spawn, come out!"

There was no reaction, only the rustling of wind and leaves was heard.

The elder drew a green short sword from his

his waist and used his finger to lightly caress the body of the sword. The sword glowed and released multiple spirit energy swords, heading straight into the deep forest…

From the depths of the forest, a bird-shaped black fog opened its mouth and attempted to attack the elder.


The corners of the elder's mouth curled mockingly. He raised his hand and grabbed at it.

The black air trembled as it seemed to be caught by him; however, the elder released his hand shortly after.

The elder squinted his eyes, the demon's strength was recovering at rather quick rate; however, no matter how fast it recovered, it would never be able to contend him.

He stopped himself and shouted, "Demon, look at what you have done! Didn't we agree that you will only target insect, amphibian, snake, and rodent type spirit treasures and not any innocent parties? Why did you kill off all our spies that we have inserted within

inserted within the Huan Estate? Are you deliberately trying to go against this old man, or do you simply have a death wish?"

That cloud of black fog replied, "You think this daddy wanted it to happen? It is that mute that you found for this daddy; his willpower is extremely strong, forcing this daddy to act for him; he even threatened this daddy that if this daddy does not help, he would commit suicide and die together with this daddy…"

The elder looked at the young man covered in injuries and coldly smiled, "You think this old man is a fool like you? You want me to believe that a Demon General is unable to control the willpower of a low rank cultivator?"

"No way in hell is that mute an ordinary person! This daddy had spent the whole night killing and have long depleted all my mental energy, and he himself was also exhausted from our exhausted from our actions, if not, would you be able to catch this daddy so easily? D*mn it, this daddy no longer wants to stay in Hanging Cloud Empire's capital. Our agreement was fulfilled a long time ago. Quickly open a hole in the capital's spell formation and let this daddy out!" That black fog replied extremely unhappily.


That elder replied, "Although our agreement was completed, but you reported Huan Bei Ming's condition late, causing us to be unable to make proper arrangements in time. This resulted in his body being burnt to ashes in the end, so you still owe this old man a debt…"

"Late? This daddy was too weak from the start and was unable to find a suitable spirit master's body, yet you did not bother to help this daddy to find one. If you had assisted me, this daddy would have been able to notice the changes in Huan Bei Ming's condition earlier."

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