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She did not ask further as she was not interested in the Greater Demon Murders, but her thoughts were all on the status of Huan Lao San's family, where were they kept after the arrest, what were the arrangements they had installed for them…

Therefore, she quickly returned to the Huan Estate, only to discover that Madam Huan was no longer there. The housekeeper told her that Madam Huan had went over to the ancestral hall building.

Huan Qing Yan assumed that Madam Huan went there to seek the Old Ancestor's advice. This was a good decision as it could create a deterring effect.

Therefore, Huan Qing Yan headed down to the ancestral hall.

When she arrived, the ancestral hall was filled with people; Huan Qing Yan was bewildered at the scene. The Old Ancestor's efficiency was pretty good, he managed to gather so many people within such a short time frame?

When she observed in detail, she felt something was amiss as the people gathered were all flustered and anxious.

She focused her attention on her hearing to find out what caused their agitation.

"Old Ancestor, you must save us. The Greater Demon roaming outside is said to have gone crazy. It only targets the people of the Huan Clan; it did not even kill for their hearts, killing one family after the other…"

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"Old Ancestor, we only came yesterday to observe, my family did not hold any ill intentions towards Huan Bei Ming's branch! We understood what's right from wrong and used honest money to purchase their family's shops…"

When everyone saw Huan Qing Yan entering, the reacted as though the scariest person had arrived; all of them stepped back and avoided her, creating a path for her to walk.

Some child even cried out due to fear when he saw Huan Qing Yan, "Don't kill me, don't kill me, I will not become an adopted son of your family…"

Huan Qing Yan was confused. What happened to these people to make them feel so afraid of her?

She looked towards the direction of Huan Li An, who was seated, and standing beside him, was Huan Xing Han and Madam Huan, "Qing Yan pays her respects to the Old Ancestor. May I know what has happened?"

Huan Li An drew a breath from his smoking pipe before replying, "Last night, those young men that volunteered to be adopted into your family as well as their respective direct relatives and family, have all been murdered by the Greater Demon…"

Huan Qing Yan was startled, 'So vicious?'

She was still wondering how to deal with her clan relatives this morning, yet… this problem was solved for her.

Madam Huan continued, "During the later half of the night, those servants within the Huan Estate that were listed by Luo Shuang were also brutally murdered by some beast."

"Mama, are you fine?"


"I am well, fortunately Young Master Ya had arranged two Feather Guards to watch over Mama; one of the guards discovered the tracks of the Greater Demon and even left the Huan Estate in pursuit; however, he lost track of it in the end."

The clan relatives all around began to say, "The two of you should just stop acting. It must be the both of you that ordered that Greater Demon to murder them…"

"The two of you are truly vicious! Wiping out whole families."

"Ssshh, are you all tired of living? Be careful of being the next family to be destroyed…"

After that, everyone within the ancestral hall went silent.

Huan Li An putted down his smoking pipe and solemnly asked, "Qing Yan, are the massacres that happened yesterday related to you?"

"No, I have also just learnt of this matter. Last night, after Young Master Ya sent his men to arrest Huan Lao San and his family, I did not follow up on it. That is why I came here today, to find out the latest situation."


Huan Li An replied calmly, "This old man also believes you. Your eyes were clear, it is not the type that could be displayed by possessed evil men. Of Huan Lao Shan's family, only Huan Lao San, his wife and Huan Ying Hu were dead. The rest of his family were locked up and arrested, allowing his family to avoid total annihilation."

Huan Xing Han held Huan Qing Yan's hands, "Sis."

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