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This type of cruel execution was not meant for ordinary convicts; it was only meant for people who had committed great sins while working in cahoots with the Demon Clans. In addition, the execution would be publicized and done in front of a large crowd, to be a warning to others.

Therefore, the prison cart was directed to pass through the city center while they were heading towards the execution grounds on the Eastern Great Street.

Huan Qing Yan's mind was a blank. She was unable to accept the impending end that she was about to face.

The Ninth Prince had told her, that she could be saved, all she needed to do was to pass him their family heirloom, the ancient bowl and he would be able to get an elder of the Holy Court to help her and clear off any suspicions related to her. She would also have the chance to find out who was the one that framed her!

However, ever since the Ninth Prince got the ancient bowl, he had not visited her even once.

Deep down within her mind, she already had a vague idea of what actually happened, but she was unable to bring herself to believe it.

She was engaged to the Ninth Prince; she loved the Ninth Prince with all her heart.

Back then, the Ninth Prince was gravely poisoned and was on the verge of death, Huan Qing Yan voluntarily sacrificed her spirit treasure as price to cure him of that deadly poison, saving his life in the end.

At that time, the Ninth Prince swore to never let her down for the rest of their lives…

The Ninth Prince must have encountered some big trouble while trying to save her; the Holy Court has an extremely prestigious status, and Bai Cheng Feng was only a prince of one of the Five Great Empires. He has no power to affect the decision of the Holy Court…

While all sorts of thoughts were running through Huan Qing Yan's mind, she suddenly heard the sounds of joyous music.

Apparently, the prison cart encountered a wedding entourage while passing through the city center.

"The empire's Ninth Prince is receiving his bride! Bai Cheng Feng is being ranked as one of the top individuals of humanity with astounding growth potential. He has the capabilities to cause such a commotion, I wonder who is the lucky girl?"

"The bride is said to be humanity's number one beauty, she was also a genius that rose to fame over recent years, her reputation is exceptional! Who could have known that an unloved adopted daughter of the past would rise to such heights…"

"Her past is not important, ability is all that matters in our age and this pair is truly a match made in heaven!"

Huan Qing Yan thought she had heard wrongly and uncontrollably looked towards the entourage.

In the very front of the wedding entourage was a wedding cart, the carriage was pulled by eight impressive four-legged draconic-beasts. On top of the cart, stood two people.

The male was wearing a long sleeve robe of celebratory red, on his waist belt was a piece of Ink Jade of exceptional quality.

Who could this be other than Bai Cheng Feng on whom Huan Qing Yan had pinned all her hopes on?

Beside him was a bride wearing clothes of the same design, she was graceful and elegant; with a slender body and palm size face, she emitted a flowerlike gentleness… that's Huan Meng Yue!

The family heirloom, the ancient bowl, that Bai Cheng Feng was supposed to use to bribe an elder of the Holy Court, was currently being attached to the headdress of Huan Meng Yue, making it a unique accessory. The bowl was emitting a strange faint glow, it's a trace that it has acknowledged a new master.

When the two groups brushed past each other and seeing how both of them were displaying gazes of gloating and scorn towards her, Huan Qing Yan could not help but go crazy; she screamed, she wanted to know why this happened…

Why, why deceive her!

All her conviction had crumbled at that instant.

She could feel her heart bleeding.

However, to prevent death row prisoners from possible insurrections, spell formations were placed on the prison cart. Therefore, no matter how much she screamed, no sound was being transmitted out of the prison cart! Only the increasing bloodstains on the cage due to her constant banging could be seen…

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