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Chapter 391 - Letter

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Yes, LuLu, if you stay here then your dad will find this place sooner or later. Or wait until he reaches the prison compound, he will find an update of your safety” Jiang JinYuan urged Lin ShiYa.

“Lord Liu has a plan of creating an army, of equipping up four thousand people here, and then heading into the city to clear the island of zombies and monsters. As long as NinJing City is safe, then you and your father can meet one day. No need to rush,” Han GuangMing and Jiang JinYuan hurried to convince Lin ShiYa.

The surrounding people continued to mediate, but Lin ShiYa’s mood was depressed. She didn’t respond to anyone’s words. After returning to her mansion, she locked herself in her room.

“From what ChengYi said, it seems that LuLu was very hurt. Maybe you should go try to convince her? You can make her happy again,” Yin He looked at Liu Gan.

“In this type of matter, it is useless for me to try to convince her of anything. Even if I convince her, can I create a meeting between father and daughter? If a person is strong enough, they can only rely on themselves. They can’t rely on someone else’s persuasion,” Liu Gan shook his head. He wasn’t interested in doing something like that.

“She loves you very much, so if you say one word it would make a bigger difference than if ten of us said the same thing,” Yin He added.

“I only treat her like I do friends, if I could help in any way, then I would. But, this is something very personal. It is not something that I can control. I don’t have that kind of intimacy with her, so it is impossible for us to reach that degree of talk.” Liu Gan held onto Yin He’s hand.

Yin He opened her mouth to continue talking, but ultimately nothing came out.


Liu Gan planned to tackle four issues. Army, the airship Brave, the secret laboratory, and Evil Dragon Gulf. Of the four, since the Brave airship was at the top of the list, then the army was a convenience factor. Now the communications device was fixed, but the Brave couldn’t be reached, so he could address the other two issues.

The secret laboratory was closest, as it was located behind the College of Agriculture. Liu Gan decided to clear the laboratory before he considers Evil Dragon Gulf.

Going to the secret laboratory would require several willing volunteers. But there was a rumor that the laboratory contained a Spatial Transfer Gate as an access point back to the real world. There were many enthusiastic volunteers, and Liu Gan hand-picked 15 volunteers to go with him.

Han GuangMing, Zhao Meng, and Jiang JinYuan wanted to go, but Liu Gan didn’t take Han GuangMing. Han GuangMing had the duty of remaining in the village to help Lin ShiYa. Zhao Meng specialized in opening locks, Jiang JinYuan specialized in electronics. Both of these two players were indispensable to the plan.

With Zhan Nan Shan’s detailed map, the location of the laboratory was very easy to find. Liu Gan took NaNa along, with Yin He remaining in the village. With this trip with NaNa along, even if something happened in the laboratory or he doesn’t come back after a certain amount of time, Yin He could rush over to provide back up.

On top of that, Yin He could remain in the village to help Han GuangMing and Lin ShiYa suppress any rebels. Even now, the will of the people wasn’t very stable.

The problem was when Liu Gan was prepared to depart, he still hadn’t seen Lin ShiYa. Cheng Qi urgently rushed out from the villa and handed over a letter to Liu Gan. She said that ever since Lin ShiYa came home, she had shut herself in. She didn’t eat breakfast this morning and it was already 9 AM. Cheng Qi was worried something might have happened to her, so she tried knocking, and found the door unlocked.

The room was empty and Lin ShiYa was nowhere to be found. The sheets on the bed were neatly folded, like it hadn’t been slept on. On the table was a letter with LuLu’s writing. On the top of the folded letter was written ‘To Brother Liu’.

Liu Gan opened up the letter; there were several pages, with a total of like several thousand words. It seems like she wrote this during the night. The contents of the letter were her feelings from the moment they met, to the time she got left behind, and to now when they were able to meet up again. All her feelings of curiosity, happiness, and sadness were conveyed. Lastly, she was very grateful that both she and her dad had been rescued by him.

The final message was that she couldn’t remain in the village doing nothing while her father was risking his life passing through the city to find her. She made the decision to head south. Hopefully, before anything happened to her father she could apologize to him and make up for her years of wrongdoing.

“A person's lifetime is transient, but irreplaceable. There are too many things they greatly value, but since it’s always by their side they take it for granted. Only when it is gone, then they will feel the regret after it is too late.

“I must find him, otherwise I won’t be able to forgive myself. This is the only way for my soul to be saved.

“You are my first love, this feeling that I have towards you is very precious to me. I don’t want to forget it. I think that no matter the difficulties that lie before me, when I think of our time together, I will be able to muster up courage to overcome the obstacles.

“Miss Yin He told me something, I promised that I wouldn’t mention it to you. Even though I can’t tell you the contents, I can tell that she loves you very much. I admire both of you. I truly wish that the both of you can stay together. At the same time, I want you to promise me that no matter what happens, don’t let go of her hand and don’t let her leave you.

“I am very grateful for your patience when you taught me how to kill zombies. Thank you for giving me a chance to survive in this cruel world. Thank you for appearing in my life. Even though we only were together for a few days, it is enough for me to remember you forever.

“Please don’t look for me, but I know that with your personality, you won’t go searching for me. Even though we merely spent a few days together, I feel like I already understand you. As if we had known each other for a long time…

“It must be from our previous reincarnations? Haha… I was just joking. It is just me being sentimental.

“I ask for your forgiveness for the troubles I had brought you. Every time, you would forgive me for my mistake and I haven’t been able to repay my debt. I can only offer you my sincerest blessings.

“I hope that you are able to be truly happy. I know that you’ve experienced hurt before, and it traumatized you so you isolate yourself from others. You must have many troubling issues that you weren’t able to dispel. With your personality, you don’t want to share the pain with others. I want you to know that it is all in the past, you should just let it go.

“Promise me, that you need to be happy!...

The last remaining page was a drawing. Lin ShiYa drew a romantic picture with the center of it being Liu Gan and Yin He. Surrounding the two was a huge heart, and below the heart it said “Blessings”. Signed at the bottom was Yours Truly, Lin ShiYa.

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