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Chapter 384 - No Return

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Relying simply on Mr. Sheng’s rough drawn map, Liu Gan would’ve had to search aimlessly through the wilderness. Just like last time on Green Station Mountain, by relying solely on luck, they were fruitless on their search. Zhan Nan Shan gave him this map, it had the closest approximate location on it. Without a doubt, Zhan Nan Shan’s map was very detailed. It had routes along the mountain drawn out. If Liu Gan followed the map, he could easily pinpoint the exact location of the laboratory by the end of the day.

As for Mr. Sheng’s map indicator of the Spatial Transfer Gate, it was only the location of the secret laboratory.

“I believe this secret laboratory, is something that greatly interests Second Elder too, right? Why didn’t you bother investigating it? Instead you handed it over to me?” Liu Gan wouldn’t easily accept anything given to him without asking first. There might be traps in the area.

“To be honest, I did venture in there. Qiu Zi went, too. Except, none of us were able to reach the actual secret laboratory. This laboratory has too many traps, it is very dangerous. Only those who are both intelligent and courageous can conquer it.” Zhan Nan Shan drank another cup of tea.

“Traps? What traps did you encounter?” Liu Gan asked.

“Qiu Zi entered through the main entrance, but was caught in the first series of traps. His companions all died in there, only he was able to come out unscathed. He was unwilling to discuss what happened in there. He only stated that there was a trap in there, and it was hard to beat. Hearing that, I didn’t take the risk. So if Lord Liu wants to venture in, then be careful!” Zhan Nan Shan didn’t bother hiding the truth from Liu Gan. As to whether Liu Gan would be willing to take up this risk, it was for him to decide.

“Okay, I’m not quite satisfied with this benefit, but I will accept it. As for the village, I will temporarily take over management. I will give you a few days to reconsider if you regret your decision. If you reconsider, you can take it back within these few days. I guarantee that I won’t mind if you do take it back.” Liu Gan packed up the map securely on his body.

“Then, I will leave it in your care. I definitely won’t regret extending my invitation to you. With the village in the hands of such a capable leader, I feel very relieved. Now I can do whatever I desire.” Zhan Nan Shan felt relieved.

“You are preparing to leave?”

“Yes, I’ve stayed here longer than I planned to. I didn’t feel at ease with Qiu Zi in charge yet, so I decided to stay until he matured a little more, just to give him more time. But, now that Lord Liu is here, I think I can relax. There’s no purpose in me staying here any longer!” Zhan Nan Shan nodded.

“You don’t understand me at all. Words like ‘relax’, I would beg to differ!” Liu Gan had a natural suspicion of Zhan Nan Shan’s words. At this time, he couldn’t figure out what the old fox was hiding behind his slick words.

“I’m very accurate at judging people. I don't think I've misjudged someone yet. I can tell that Lord Liu is courageous, caring, and just. Perfect traits for being a leader. Even two of those traits was enough,” Zhan Nan Shan immediately responded.

Liu Gan smiled, but didn't say anything more. He already knew how he felt about this situation. Receiving praise like this from strangers sounds pleasant, but it is superfluous and untrustworthy. It is a sugar-coated bomb. Zhan Nan Shan had no demands, and he handed over the village and the map over to Liu Gan. This was a suspicious move that made Liu Gan feel like something was being planned behind his back.

Could it be that something disastrous will happen to this village? Is that why Zhan Nan Shan wanted to leave first? So Liu Gan could take the blame?

This type of guessing game was nonsensical.

However, what could the other reason be? Did Zhan Nan Shan really construct this village to relieve his inner guilt? But he didn't want to manage the place, so he found someone more suitable for it?

His explanation was reasonable, but was it as noble as his claims? Liu Gan wasn’t sure. Ever since the accident that resulted in Liu Gan’s limbs being amputated, he couldn’t help thinking the worst of everyone. He wouldn’t fall for anyone’s foul play if he could help it.

“Second Elder! Lord… Lord Liu! Ninth Elder has something urgent to report…” Zhan Nan Shan’s worker ran in to report.

“Can’t you see that I’m enjoying tea with Lord Liu?” Zhan Nan Shan angrily replied, since his tea time was interrupted.

“Ninth Elder says it is very urgent. It relates to the safety of Lord Liu’s people!” Ninth Elder was following the worker.

“Second Elder, Lord Liu! Third Elder, Fourth Elder and Seventh Elder are conspiring to rebel! They want to abduct your woman and the child, then trick Lord Liu to go to Evil Dragon Gulf and use that as a pretext to move up the ranks! I was forced to conspire with them. I used this chance to report to Second Elder and Lord Liu!” Ninth Elder informed the two.

Ninth Elder and Seventh Elder were on friendly terms, so it was quite a surprise to see Ninth Elder snitching. When Ninth Elder was dragged over to conspire for rebellion, he had his own plans that didn’t align with the others. With a new, stronger leader, he felt that it was more appropriate to work with, rather than going against, the new leader. Relying on this opportunity to gain favor of the new leader, Ninth Elder ran up the mountain to snitch.

“Those scum! This is ridiculous! Let’s hurry back down the mountain to control the situation!” Zhan Nan Shan smashed his tea cup on the floor and stood up.

“Second Elder, no need to get anxious and rush. They want to catch my woman? Let them do as they please,” Liu Gan halted Zhan Nan Shan, unconcerned.

Yesterday, when Zhan Nan Shan announced that Liu Gan would take over as the new leader, there were suspicions that some people wouldn’t accept the change in leadership without putting up a fight. As for any conspiracies, he wasn’t too worried. If these people didn’t want to live any longer, then it would be their mistake in underestimating their opponent. Yin He might look weak, but she definitely won’t get bullied. She wasn’t a weak opponent, and easy to misjudge!

“Lord Liu, I didn’t think that those scum would do such a thing! Are you sure that everything will be okay?” Zhan Nan Shan asked in embarrassment as he sat back down on his chair.

“If they die, then let them die. If you don’t want them to die, then you better call someone to stop them. It will be a one way trip for them,” Liu Gan coldly replied.

“Then I think I have to go take a better look. Ah! These people make me heartbroken! After so many days, they still haven’t matured at all!” Zhan Nan Shan sighed, and then stood up.

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