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Chapter 288 - For No Reason

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

[TL: Trigger Alert, you have been warned.]

In accordance with Han GuangMing's statement, before the muffled sound Yin He was still by his bedside, but after the muffled sound, she was missing. Where did she go? If she was on board, it was impossible that she couldn’t hear his call? So if she wasn’t on the ship, then where could she be?

Suddenly, Liu Gan thought of something. He quickly ran down to the back end of the ship by the cargo bay. He couldn’t find what he was looking for. The small submarine that was there was missing.

Near the small submarine’s berth was a separate cabin. Liu Gan opened the nearby cabin to discover that there were a lot of residual water on the floor. It felt as if someone took the submarine out through there.

In the middle of the reception hall, everyone was accounted for, except Yin He. Was it even possible that she took the small submarine and left?

Why? For what reason?

“When you are on duty, did Little He leave the reception hall?” Liu Gan asked Han GuangMing. Han GuangMing was in the middle of investigating how to drop the anchor.

“No, she was sitting along your bedside. She didn’t move a muscle. I was wondering if she fell asleep while sitting. When I walked closer, she would lift her head to look at me. When I walked away, she didn’t move,” Han GuangMing replied.

Listening to Han GuangMing’s response, Yin He hadn’t acted abnormally. So that meant the crucial point was the muffling sounds. So after the muffled sound, she suddenly departed the reception hall. Then…she rode the submarine to leave?

Could she have discovered a threat underwater, that was why she chose to take the submarine to resolve it?

No. That was not her style of doing things. Aside from discovering the threat, she would immediately tell Liu Gan and await Liu Gan’s order before taking action.

Could it be possible that there was a new protocol within her new body, and the protocol was able to override her control? The autonomous process could’ve made her do things against her wishes.

Liu Gan started getting worried. However, the impending threat was being stuck onboard, while drifting in the open sea. Before uncovering the actual situation, Liu Gan was helpless.

“Were you successful in dropping the anchor?” Liu Gan said to Han GuangMing.

“I’m still investigating it,” Han GuangMing looked helpless. This wasn’t the time to be learning it, but no one knew how to operate the airship.

“Continue with your research, quickly find a way to secure the airship. If we want to return it will be harder the further away we are,” Liu Gan said to Han GuangMing as he walked back up the stairs from cargo bay at the rear end of the ship.

Walking by the first floor communication room, Liu Gan saw light and voices coming from within. It was Martial Thunder and Zhao Meng inside.

“Elder Liu, we have connected with with the Prison Compound to Brother Zhang. Would you like to speak?” Martial Thunder quickly asked Liu Gan, as he noticed Liu Gan walked in.

“ShengLi, is everything okay on your side?” Liu Gan asked. There wasn’t anything specific he had to tell Zhang ShengLi, but since the communication line was up, he asked about their condition.

“My side is good, during the day I brought people to Green Station Mountain to search for more objects. We didn’t find anything useful, but there was a sophisticated instrument that we brought back. We still don’t know what it does, so we need you to come back and take a look. Elder Liu, did something happen on your side? Do you need me to send a rescue team?” Zhang ShengLi sounded worried.

“It is nothing big. It’s already past midnight, don’t come out. Keep watch in the prison compound and don’t let anything happen there,” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi. With Serenity’s current situation, even if Zhang ShengLi rushed a team over to Green Pao Bay, they couldn’t help with anything.

“Is there really trouble? Elder Liu? Elder Liu?” Zhang ShengLi’s voice started to become more fuzzy, as if the signal had an issue.

Martial Thunder tried to readjust the device, but eventually gave up. “We are getting further away from the prison compound, so the signal is getting weaker. Now we can’t even get a signal from them.”

Liu Gan walked to the ship window to take another look. It was really windy outside and the waves were quite strong. At this rate there was no chance for the ship to slow down. It seemed they really were getting further and further away from the island.

Liu Gan tried to recall the map that Jiang JinYuan had showed him on the PDA. NinJing City’s island was located east of the Main Island. Green Pao Bay was southwest of NinJing City. With the current wave direction, it seemed Serenity was drifting towards the Main Island, where the San Xing Corporation headquarters was...

Unsure of how long it would take, but with this type of drifting only God knew. However, if the wind and waves changed direction then Serenity might be stuck drifting forever.

This type of feeling of leaving fate in the hands of God, wasn’t great at all.

Aside from that, Yin He seemed to have left on the submarine. If the airship kept drifting at this speed, then the submarine might not be able to catch up to them. So even if Yin He accomplished her task, she wouldn’t be able to return on board.

What did she leave to do?

While Liu Gan was looking for more clues, there were fighting sounds coming from the first floor reception hall. Liu Gan rushed over, with Martial Thunder and Zhao Meng following behind.

Reaching the reception hall, Liu Gan saw HuJun and Treadmill fighting. It was an intense fight and blood was drawn on both sides. Huang WeiTao and Qi ShaoHua were trying to mediate the fight, while Zhou JingJing was sitting on the floor crying with her clothes in disarray.

“What happened? Stop fighting now!” Liu Gan shouted.

“Elder Liu! He wanted to kill me for no reason!” Treadmill rushing to Liu Gan with blood all over his body.

“No reason? You dare have the face to say that?” HuJun angrily said. Now that Treadmill had ran behind Liu Gan to hide, HuJun held his bloody dagger out of sight.

“Why did you want to kill him?” Liu Gan frowned. Right now there were more pressing matters at hand, and these two still want to fight amongst each other.

“HE RAPED JINGJING! Elder Liu I hate scum like this! Please resolve this injustice for me and JingJing!” HuJun knelt down on all fours to Liu Gan as he kowtowed.

“Please be the judge for us!” Zhou JingJing cried as she also crawled over to kowtow.

“I’m innocent! I absolutely didn’t rape his wife! Please investigate this thoroughly!” Treadmill started shouting in defense.

“You there…what did you see? Did you see what happened?” Liu Gan asked the two bystanders, Huang WeiTao and Qi Shaohua.

“I have no idea. I just saw them two fighting,” Huang WeiTao and Qi Shaohua both stated.

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