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Chapter 215 - Prison

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If Liu Gan’s deduction was correct, this baby was definitely recognized by the game as a Variant Zombie! Even though she was reluctant, the moment she beheaded the baby she felt a burning sensation. In addition to the physical attributes associated with strength, speed, sight, hearing, almost everything else increased significantly. She also gained an overwhelming energy that flowed outward from her body.

This energy was not an active energy burst like Zhang ShengLi’s [Whirlwind Slash] that radiated outward. It wasn’t like Han GuangMing’s [Meteor Hammer] that locked onto the target, nor was her ability like Xue Jian’s [Trueshot Aura] that releases gathered energy outward. Soon, Lee Miao unlocked the true potentials of her ability and walked to the beds of nearby injured team members. She could use the energy to speed up the healing of their wounds.

Without a doubt, as a doctor, Lee Miao had awoken an ability that fell under the category of [Treatment]. She could speed up the healing speed on the injuries, sustained by the team members. The more shallow exterior wound would be able to close up and form a scab and as for the deeper exterior wound it would have similar effect, but at a slower rate. One common feature of this ability was that once the wound sealed up, the painful feeling disappeared as well.

This included the team member who had his arm hacked off. Upon receiving [Treatment] from Lee Miao, the pain subsided immensely. He had his arm cut cleanly off at the joint, with the wound reaching the bone layer. Before [Treatment], he couldn’t handle the pain, but at least now it was more bearable.

The armless team member used up all the energy Lee Miao had, so to continue [Treatment], all the other injured team members had to wait for Lee Miao to recuperate.

Over the course of one night, the group lost three team members, but gained two awoken ability users. Nevertheless, the reward was immense since the discontent amongst the players was discovered early, but strict discipline must still be maintained.  

Due to the appearance of the Variant Zombies, nobody had a good night’s rest. After eating breakfast in the morning, under the request from several squad leaders, Liu Gan didn’t depart immediately. He allowed the group more time to rest in the hotel.

By the time the rain stopped pouring, it was already daytime. As the strange events of a Variant Zombie and corpse tide finally came to a close, it was safe to sleep for awhile. Liu Gan also returned to his bed to sleep until noon. That was when Liu Gan woke up his squad leaders, and the squad leaders in turn woke up their squad members. New orders trickled down from above, such as preparing the lunch meals and packing gears up. After eating lunch, the group departed in the vehicles.

After clearing up a few more obstacles on the road, the fleet was able to reach the countryside. The roads gradually became less obstructed, making it easier to travel. There was even a part on the road for two kilometers where it was completely obstacle-free. Without any obstacles, the obstacle-clearing squads were able to rest and just enjoy riding in the car.

After two hours, it was around four in the afternoon. The fleet of vehicles finally reached the gas station nearby the prison.

Even though Mr. Sheng marked on the map that the gas station was very far apart from the prison, he had actually misjudged the distance. It was only around half a kilometer away.

Nearby the prison, more building structures started appearing. There were even fast food restaurants, needless to say, it was not “open” for business. These restaurants must have been opened prior to the catastrophe, perhaps catering to the people visiting the prisoners or the drivers that drove by this highway.

Finally, the three vehicles stopped at the gas station. Xue Jian and his squad were responsible for refueling the cars. Several of the other squads had the duty of scouring nearby buildings to look for useful resources. The gas station seemed to be quite rundown, so there was a little trouble in refueling the cars. Luckily, Xue Jian was responsible for this task, since he had capabilities of managing his own squad. Even though Xue Jian resolved the issue of refueling, he still needed quite a while before all vehicles were fully fueled.

With extra time to spend, Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi’s squad proceeded in the direction toward the prison. If without any incident, their next rest stop would be somewhere nearby. Liu Gan took this opportunity to scout out the prison to give it a preliminary assessment on whether the prison was an appropriate location to serve as temporary base camp.

“[Big Brother Flying Sword], is it possible that [Burning Fire] would be able to find an airship at Green Pao Bay?” a player asked Xue Jian.

These followers of Xue Jian were willing to follow him due to the fact that Xue Jian was a guild leader in the previous game. But it was different now, as in this game, they were all equals of at least they were all level 4. This was until Xue Jian had leveled up to level 5, and so now, once again, they treated Xue Jian with respect. This just goes to show that in this world, power is everything.

“With Elder Liu, everything seems possible. Another thing, you guys should change your tone when speaking to him. Don’t call him [Burning Fire] anymore, you should call him Elder Liu, just like everyone else does.” Xue Jian correcting his squad.

“No way, adding the title Elder sounds really funky. Do you  think this is a light novel?” a player said disapprovingly while shaking his head. This player’s name was Liu GanG, Xue Jian’s friend in real life.

[TL: You have got to be shittin me. I’m going to cap his G at the end so I don’t mess it up myself.]

“What’s so funny? Haven’t you understood the situation within [The Trembling World] yet? This isn’t just a game anymore. It’s an independent parallel world. If we don’t rely on Elder Liu, we won’t be able to continue surviving! Only Elder Liu is strong enough to guide us to return to the real world.”

The moment Liu Gan helped Xue Jian achieve level 5, Xue Jian was so deeply grateful that he could even admit Liu Gan as the rightful leader. So every order that Liu Gan gave him, he would obey. Xue Jian realized that the first thing he had to do was discipline his own squad, so they wouldn’t cause any trouble that could bring shame to him.

“Okay, then we will listen to Big Brother Xue Jian. We have chosen to follow you, so what you decide to do, we will follow it,” Liu GanG replied to Xue Jian.

“Everybody speed up your actions! If we can’t finish refueling by nightfall it will endanger everyone in the group! Our job is the most important,” Xue Jian urged his squad.

“Brother [Flying Sword], this way of siphoning gas through the opening cannot be rushed,” replied a player, with grease on his face, back to Xue Jian.

“Our squad is the most hardworking. Everything that was painful and labor intensive, has always been done by us.” Liu GanG replied with an unsatisfied look.

“Do you hear some noise?” Xue Jian suddenly asked. Xue Jian definitely heard something with his strengthened hearing.

“What else could the sound be? Probably another squad looking around for food to eat,” Liu GanG replied to Xue Jian.

“I’ll go look at where they were are now,” Xue Jian walked out from the gas station, while looking around.

At this time while at the gas station, the players were busy siphoning the gas with their mouth when they suddenly heard a noise coming from below their feat. It was a thumping sound that was gradually getting louder, so naturally, they looked in that direction. What they saw scared them. They screamed, and tried to run, but it was too late.

It was a hand grenade! The ring that was within the grenade was pulled off!

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