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Chapter 199 - Countercurrent

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This was certainly a mystery that bothered Liu Gan. To clarify as to why Mr. Sheng had wanted to pass through the city, Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi to bring over the two closest aides of Mr. Sheng. Liu Gan was going to interrogate them.

These two former aides of Mr. Sheng were not at all loyal. However, since Mr. Sheng had died already and with Liu Gan as the new leader, they could only answer honestly without any bad intentions. They had already witnessed how strong Liu Gan’s followers were and each of them were not weaker than Mr. Sheng.

“Mr. Sheng… He said when he was in the countryside, he had encountered three San Xing Corporation workers. From them, he had obtained the map. The workers told him that over in that specific district near a mountainside, it had a secret location. That location had a department that specialized in spatial transfers, so perhaps it was the way to return to the real world. Mr. Sheng’s real reason for forming a team was so they could work together to reach that specific location,” said one of the former aides. This aide’s name was Zheng Lin, and he was explaining to Liu Gan.

“Transfer department? Did he ever mention the logo marker for that department?” Liu Gan asked with a surprised expression. Based on what Jiang JinYuan had mentioned, it was on the Central Main island that there was a laboratory that might have the capabilities of transferring. But with this new knowledge, it would mean that a little north of where Jiang JinYuan had spawned was another laboratory with the same capabilities? He had been so close to it, if this were true.

“No, this issue was only told to both of us. He forced us to keep it a secret. He said that as long as we obeyed him and helped him with tasks, he would take us to the transfer department and return to the real world.” Zheng Lin shook his head.

Upon hearing that there was a possible transfer department, Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng clearly became excited based on their expression.

To return to the real world and leave the Trembling World was the biggest wish for these trapped players. Hearing such an attractive offer, they would probably work hard to cross back over the river and through the city to the northern district.

NinJing City was a large island with a slim shape, it was one of the several satellite islands around the Central Main Island. Liu Gan’s location was south of the center. With the city center located in the middle of the island, there was only one visible path to reach the northern district. Following along the NinJing river that flowed diagonally, they discover that their current location was rather east of the city center, so south-east of the city center.

Mr. Sheng had come from a location further south, so his logic had been to pass through by traveling along NinJing River’s waterway. He had wanted to head upstream to avoid the city’s corpse tide.

However, Liu Gan had doubts about the route that Mr. Sheng had left behind. The waterway led close to the city center, but it didn’t head northwest to the direction they need to go. Instead, the river continued to head west after a certain point. So even if Mr. Sheng had been able to reach the city center, he would have arrived at the location where Liu Gan had escaped from the corpse tide near the supermarket. Not only would that be difficult, but that was not even half the distance of the trip, as Mr. Sheng would still need to head further north to the district.

“I came from the northern district, I also encountered a San Xing Corporation worker. It is impossible to have a transfer department in the north. If there was a department that can send us back, then he never said it. What he did say was that the Center Main Island had the capabilities of transfer,” Liu Gan said to everyone around him. Liu Gan knew that these group of players had been thinking about going to that district, so he had to tell them the truth.

“What if it’s possible that there is a department that can transfer in the northern district?” Wang DeCheng wasn’t going to give up.

“Yeah, shouldn’t we at least try?” Han GuangMing said in a concerned tone.

“If that northern district was capable of transferring, then the San Xing Corporation worker wouldn’t have had to lead me toward the city center. That means of the two San Xing Worker, one of them was lying or all of them were lying.” Liu Gan shook his head. Liu Gan didn’t have high hopes of finding that there was a spatial transfer department.

Let’s say that there was a spatial transfer department, it was still more plausible to believe what Jiang JinYuan had said. There was simply a higher possibility that the department would be on the Center Main Island than in some rural countryside along the outskirts of a satellite island.

“I really want to return back to the real world! I miss my parents,” said some of the team members.

“Yeah! I miss my wife,” said other team members. Soon other people started moaning about things they miss.

“We were forced here from the city center by the corpse tide; out of nine lives, only one can survive. So even if we wanted to cross through to the city center by heading north, it isn’t possible. However, if we are able to find a large ship or an airship at Green Pao Bay, then we can head north anytime after that,” Liu Gan suggested to everyone else.

Essentially, even if the northern district had a spatial transfer department, Liu Gan wanted to first head to Green Station Mountain and Green Pao Bay, which were further south. Otherwise, he would’ve wasted all this time to run in a circle around NinJing City.

“Yeah! You guys should stop sighing! Everything will be according to how Elder Liu decides! If you are unwilling to follow Elder Liu, then you can find your own way through the city center to that so-called spatial transfer department. By that time, you can be the master of your own life and death!” Zhang ShengLi angrily said to everyone.

“Yeah! Let’s stop bringing down morale. If we decide to follow Elder Liu, we will eventually find the real spatial transfer. At this time, we should not add to Elder Liu’s problem!” Wang DeCheng said. Wang DeCheng was slightly embarrassed for his actions earlier, as he should always have been on Liu Gan’s side as his squad leader.

“Yeah! Not to mention searching for some transfer department, even surviving is hard without Elder Liu!” Han GuangMing added.

“Yeah! Following Elder Liu, is the right way to go!” claimed the other members as they regained their spirit.

After this long debate with the squad leaders, which path to continue traveling south to Green Pao Bay was decided. After they had established a sustainable mobile base, then there can be talks about going north to debunk the myth of spatial transfer department in the northern district.

Along the route to Green Pao Bay, Liu Gan still had to stop at Green Station Mountain to look for the secret laboratory that he had obtained knowledge of from the white-coat sponsor. According to the information, it should have an independent electric generator so there should be plenty of high-technological equipment. In particular, high-technological equipment that Yin He could use.

There was a long road ahead in the future. There were a lot of things that needed to be accomplished, but it was more important to slowly do it right, to finish one task at a time.

After hearing that Liu Gan had wanted to continue to Green Pao Bay, the former-aides of Mr. Sheng gave Liu Gan more useful clues. Prior to reaching their current camp, Mr. Sheng had been able to fix several operable cars that were stored away in an abandoned warehouse. The warehouse wasn’t located too far away, just around two to three kilometers.

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