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Chapter 172 - Darkness

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Oz

One more chapter later tonight! By the way, I fixed up all the previous mistakes from chapters 90 - 130 with the help of a reader, Yorben. Thank you for letting me know. So all the confusing parts on the bridge have been clarified.

“You thought of a way to kill the Variant Zombie? It runs quickly and can also swim. We can't go underwater to kill it.” Yin He said to Liu Gan. 

“That is why we need to split up for it to work. I will be bait, whereas you will have to stand far away from my location and hide yourself. However, you must keep me within your sight. If I stand there dumbfounded without moving an inch, then you will look nearby for the presence of this Variant Zombie.” Liu Gan explained his plan. 

Aside from Xu ChangHui stealing the yacht, this Variant Zombie was also an annoyance. So tonight, he must think of a way to kill it. After eliminating the threat, he would set his sights on opening the alloy door and entering the secret laboratory. 

Otherwise, they were busy for no reason. 

“Okay.” Yin He agreed as they split up.

Liu Gan wasn't sure if this assassination would be successful, since he didn’t know how much intelligence this Variant Zombie had. Whether or not it would fall for it, they would only know by trying. 

Liu Gan roamed the island alone, walking to the dock while keeping his distance from the water, and made a few round trips back and forth between the main building and the dock. Whenever he returned to the main building, he would confirm the condition of the members inside the lobby each time. Wang DeCheng appointed another four team members for the night shift. 

Two hours passed, and it started getting darker into the night. However, the Variant Zombie had yet to show itself. Perhaps, Yin He had alerted the Variant Zombie earlier when it almost got killed. Now that it had been alerted, it might not appear again tonight. As Liu Gan went for his last attempt by the riverside, he heard some strange activities taking place behind him.

Turning around, he saw that the person behind him wasn't Yin He. It also wasn't the Variant Zombie, but it was someone he was very familiar with. 

Liu Gan’s brother, Liu Kun. 

The hallucinations had begun. Liu Gan had thought about who he might encounter during his hallucination. It turned out to be his brother Liu Kun.

“I know you must be curious about that year when we went mountain climbing, where your sleeping bag mysteriously disappeared.” Liu Kun reached into his suit pocket as he walked closer to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan didn't answer. He was peaceful and calm. He understood that all of this was a hallucination. If he really wanted to resolve that problem with Liu Kun, it wouldn't be here. There will be a certain day when he reaches the Main City District and use the laboratory to find the transporter that can send him back to his own world. With his alloy limbs, he will return to his world and resolve that matter. 

These types of wealthy families usually had fights over the inheritance, with each descendant trying to usurp the other in an attempt to gain more wealth. The behind-the-scenes battle between siblings was something that also occurred within Liu Gan’s family.. It was also Liu Gan's only unresolved issue that had been weighing him down. It was also the relatives backstabbing each other that turned Liu Gan away from a happy and positive childhood. When Liu Gan had lost use of his limbs for the past year, he had fallen into depravity and the throes of depression. 

This was Liu Gan’s deepest and darkest regret, and it was awoken by the Variant Zombie’s hallucination.

“I will tell you right now – it was actually I who threw your sleeping back over the mountain! Afterwards you had your limbs amputated and imprisoned at home up on the mountains by me! How does that feel!” Liu Kun laughing sinisterly. 

Liu Gan remained peaceful. He was looking at everything objectively without moving. He knew that this Hallucinogenic Variant Zombie was already closeby, using his deepest and darkest secret to attack him. 

Liu Gan trusted in Yin He’s capabilities, so he wasn't worried about his own safety. As long as this Variant Zombie revealed itself, Yin He would be able to strike it down. At this point, it didn’t matter if it was heavily injured or killed. However, if he lost control of his emotions, then he would fall for the Variant Zombie’s plan. 

“You are a coward! You already know that fact clearly, but you haven't said or done anything! You were only living in your fantasy life! Of course, that was if you still had your limbs, but since you lost them, you are useless!  You can't even do what you want to do! To tell you the truth! I am not even your brother! When my mom married your idiotic father, she was pregnant with me. Now, I am the Liu family’s person in charge! Hahaha…” Liu Kun started laughing loudly. 

Liu Gan only silently watched Liu Kun without any change in expression. His pair of radiant, illuminating eyes seemed to penetrate deep into the darkness with equal prominence to the moon and the stars.

“If you have guts, then come on over and kill me! Come take back everything that belongs to you! Did you know that a month ago, your father died of a heart attack. Ever wonder how that happened? He had suspicions that I caused you to become like that, so he had someone investigate that matter and was prepared to allocate everything in his will to you! After everything my mom and I had carefully planned, how could he do this to us? So he forced our hands. Ah… you two, father and son, are both so stupid! After getting to this point, are you sure you won’t come over to kill me?!” Liu Kun walked closer to the waterside as he tried to pick a fight with Liu Gan.

At this point, Liu Kun suddenly became a large black orb that dispersed all around. Liu Gan saw that Liu Kun had disappeared and in his place stood Yin He. She was carrying a Variant Zombie’s body while walking towards him.

If Liu Gan actually lost control of his emotions and went forth to attack, then the person getting struck would not have been his imaginary brother Liu Kun, rather it would have been Yin He.

This zombie looks rather normal. In fact, if it weren’t for the two large gills in the neck, there was no other physical difference. It was still unclear as to how it had obtained the ability to be amphibious. Although it would constantly be underwater, the clothes on it were intact. It was wearing a large white robe that had slightly changed colors due to being soaked in the river over long periods of time. 

At this moment, as it was close to dying since it had been beaten by Yin He to that state, it had yet to cross over. The final kill was left to Liu Gan.

“Since you didn’t move from your location, I quietly went around and found it by the riverside. This time, I didn’t let it escape.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan. Of everyone on this island, the only one not affected by the hallucination ability of the Amphibious Variant Zombie was Yin He. 

“Yin He, you did us all a huge favor.” Liu Gan praised her. Following that, Liu Gan had Yin He watch over the Variant Zombie as he walked back to the main building. He called Wang DeCheng over.

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