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Chapter 169 - Mountains and Fields

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Oz

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“He is not the type of person to be persuaded! I was just giving him a kind reminder, but he criticized me in return! My concern is that Zhou JingJing and Lee Miao were attacked because they were isolated from the group. So wouldn’t that happen to us, too, if we both left together?” Zhou MingLiang was still hesitant about taking action.

“That Liu person definitely doesn’t care about the survival of us locals. If there is a moment of real danger, he will definitely save his own skin first. Afterwards, he will worry about the safety of those ‘players’. We local survivors are cannon fodder, so if we want to survive, we can only rely on ourselves. If you want to stay here and continue to accept his abuse, then I have no objections. But I won’t sit here and wait for that moment.” Xu ChangHui was disappointed in Zhou MingLiang.

“His attitude toward us local survivors is as bad as you have put it. Every time I took the initiative to try and make conversation with him, he was cold towards me. We are like second-rate citizens,” Zhou MingLiang recalled how Liu Gan acted towards him. 

Clearly, Zhou MingLiang misunderstood Liu Gan. Liu Gan was annoyed at how talkative Zhou MingLiang was, always generating unnecessary noise. As for every team member, whether it was player or survivor alike, it made no difference in Liu Gan’s heart.

“Today, I took the opportunity to hide several cylinder cases of noodles in the flower bed outside of the restaurant. Let’s take the opportunity later to pretend to go to the bathroom. Then retrieve these cylinder noodles and escape to the front door. Based on my observation, the big iron gate required retracting the iron bolt, before it swings open. So as long as we don’t make too much noise, we can escape. We also have to be quiet when we unravel the yacht chains, and we can get off this [email protected]/* */ island! I am very familiar with NinJing city’s riverway, we can follow the downstream flow and leave this godforsaken city.”

“When we reach the countryside, there are fields full of fresh vegetables and grain. The best part is that there aren’t that many zombies! It is possible that we can find chickens and ducks, so, with both our abilities, I am positive we can live more comfortably there than we do here. Otherwise, if we stay here, I’m sure that Liu person will order us around like his slaves, so there isn’t much value in remaining here.”

“Now is our time to steal the yacht and escape in order to achieve everything I’ve said. If we miss this opportunity, we might die on this island. If we don’t die even then, we will only have to rely on that Liu person and his gang. We will just have to be subservient to them; I’ve worked several years as a hospital caretaker in the pre-apocalyptic days. That is why I don’t want to continue to lower my head to others!” Xu ChangHui said with a firm tone.

“What are you two whispering about?” Wang DeCheng seemed to have caught onto how Xu ChangHui and Zhou MingLiang were whispering into each other’s ear. So Wang DeCheng walked over and asked the two of them.

“I ate too much. My stomach hurts, as though I have diarrhea. I was wondering if I could go to the bathroom.” Xu ChangHui stood up and replied to Wang DeCheng.

“Going to the bathroom? It’s not safe to go alone.” Wang DeCheng hesitated.

“Let him accompany me. We will be quick, and nothing wrong will happen… It is about to come out of my pants!” Xu ChangHui held onto his stomach with the pretense of urgency.

“Okay, be quick about it. If there’s anything wrong, then shout loudly. If I hear it, I will come to you guys.” Wang DeCheng could only agree to it.

“Ah, okay!” Xu ChangHui immediately pulled Zhou MingLiang. Zhou MingLiang was hesitant, but he was forcefully dragged along by Xu ChangHui. As the two left the safety of the lobby, they headed toward the back door and pulled it open. 

Wang DeCheng had his worries, so he followed for a few steps. He opened the door to see that the two of them were definitely heading towards the direction of the bathroom, before closing the door again. He sat back to Zhao Meng’s side, as this time he and Zhao Meng had to split the surveillance of the two sides each. At least until Xu ChangHui and Zhou MingLiang got back.

Xu ChangHui and Zhou MingLiang walked for a little while, looking around for Liu Gan and Yin He’s presence; they weren’t sure of the direction those two had gone. Xu ChangHui quickly ran toward the flower bed, pulling out his several cylinder cases of noodles in a plastic bag. Subsequently, he continued to drag Zhou MingLiang toward the main iron gate by the high walls. 

Zhou MingLiang was hesitant once again. He kept thinking of the situations that could potentially crop up and even more-so what might happen if Liu Gan discovered them. Even though this island was very dangerous, Xu ChangHui’s offer was very enticing.

NinJing City may be located on an island, but it is also part of a larger continent. The city surface area occupies only around ten percent of the whole island. So leaving the city, we will find plains, mountains, and forests. As long as we find an area where few zombies are gathered, it will be very easy for us to survive on our own.

To these survivors,  the one thing they wanted to do most was to leave the city. As long as they were able to reach the mountainside or oceanside, they definitely wouldn’t find as many zombies as there were in the city. At least in their new location, they could live off the field by farming vegetables. 

Xu ChangHui is right, this is the most opportunistic time. If we don’t leave, we will definitely become servants and cannon fodder to Liu Gan and his group.

While all these hesitations were unfolding in Zhou MingLiang’s head, Xu ChangHui was already gently opening up the iron gate. Zhou MingLiang followed him closely, but it was too late to regret anything after passing through the gates.

Liu Gan and Yin He were patrolling the area outside of the high walls. They were looking for traces of the Variant Zombie. It suddenly got windier as they took a detour to the far end of the high wall. The wind noise masked the sounds generated from opening the iron gate.

Xu ChangHui and Zhou MingLiang opened up the iron gate, peered outside, and looked at their surroundings. There was no presence of Liu Gan. So, quickly, they ran toward the dock. The yacht was still docked.

“Let’s hurry! This is the chance we have been waiting for! Otherwise we will die!” Xu ChangHui was able to relax the moment he arrived at the dock. Finally obtaining the yacht for himself, he was very happy. He urged Zhou MingLiang even more, as he himself rushed down to the dock to start unraveling the chains tying the yacht down.

The chains were tied down very tightly, Xu ChangHui spent a few minutes to unchain it all and dropped it onto the boat. He looked back and saw Zhou MingLiang stopped moving and didn’t follow.

This person is quite useless, isn’t he? Even though he reached this step, he actually wanted to back out! Xu ChangHui shook his head. He no longer took the effort to continue convincing Zhou MingLiang. He had a strong enough survivability, so he didn’t have to bring Zhou MingLiang along. 

Xu ChangHui turned his head just as he got ready to board the yacht solo. He couldn’t help but be stunned at the sight.

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