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Chapter 416 - The Peak of the Sacred Mountain

The young master of the Demon Clan, Fen Lei, had been killed by Tang Huan!

The moment the news was released, the foot of the Luo Fu Saint's mountain was immediately shaken. Many of the young experts from the three families were shocked by Tang Huan's strength.

Among the many Monarchs in the Demon Clan, Fen Lei was the strongest. Even if Fen Han obtained the "Taibai Spirit Body", he still might not be able to contend against Fen Lei. But now, Fen Lei had actually been killed by Tang Huan, so the strength of Tang Huan could be imagined. Other than that, Tang Huan's courage caused others to be speechless.

Every young master of the Demon Clan has a "soul imprint" planted in their soul. Once killed, the "soul imprint" would be transferred to the murderer's body. This way, Fen Tian could feel the direction of the culprit anytime, anywhere, and would kill him personally or send people to kill him.

In Luo Fu World, there was naturally no need to worry, but outside, Tang Huan was in danger. After all, it was impossible for Tang Huan to stay in Heavenly Forging City for his entire life and not leave there for his entire life.

Fen Tian would not take the internal strife between the young masters of the Demon Clan to heart, but since the young master of the Demon Clan was killed by the Human Clan, how could Fen Tian possibly ignore it?

Before anyone could finish their exclamations of surprise, Tang Huan had already returned to the safe zone at the foot of the Luo Fu Saint.

In the early morning of the next day, after following Yu Feiyan's lead, Tang Huan leisurely walked up the ninety-eighth Heaven Stairway, and once again ignited the three clans' residences around the Sky Pillar.

When Tang Huan stepped onto the Heaven Stairway, he found that there was a sea of people at the foot of the Heaven Stairway. The sound of exclamations had congealed into a huge sound wave that reverberated back and forth in the air above the Luo Fu Saint Mountain.

Under the attentive gaze of the crowd, Tang Huan, who had been standing at the top of the ninety-eight Heaven Stairway for a long time, suddenly sat down. After a while, Tang Huan's figure had completely disappeared, and at the place where he was seated, there were dense Five Colors Odor s that were surging about like clouds.

In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed.

In the early morning, three Human Clan s arrived at the foot of the Heaven Stairway.

"This Tang Huan, is really scary." A thin and slender young man said emotionally, "Others who have been in this Luo Fu World for a few years would only be able to reach level 50 to 60, but he did well. The first time was level 72, and the second time was simply level 98."

"I'm only missing the last step."

When a girl in a yellow dress heard this, she could not help but exclaim, "Counting it down, he has already been continuously staying on the Heaven Stairway for seven days already, right? I wonder when he will be able to cross that final step, reach the summit, enter the 'Extreme Spiritual Palace', and obtain the 'Spirit Seed'? "

"That's hard to say. Yu Feiyan had to stop at the ninety-eighth step for a long time. Only until the day last year's' Seven Glorious Star Plate 'appeared did he manage to make it past the ninety-ninth step and reach the summit of the mountain. " The one who spoke was also a young lady dressed in green, looking very charming and beautiful. When she mentioned Yu Feiyan, her brows were filled with worship and admiration.

"Tang Huan..."

The skinny man raised his eyes to the end of the Heaven Stairway. Just as the two words "delicious" came out of his mouth, his voice suddenly stopped, and his eyes became somewhat dull.

Noticing the expression of the thin man, the two women subconsciously followed his gaze.

"Eh? Where's Tang Huan? " After a split-second, the yellow dressed woman couldn't help but exclaim in a low voice.

"Can it be that he came down?" The green robed woman was stunned for a long moment before she muttered.

"He didn't come down. He went up! "He went up!" The thin man suddenly shouted out in excitement. He was actually dancing and his eyes were filled with fervor.


"They went up? Tang Huan entered the living area of the 'Extreme Spirit Palace', within a camp of the Tian Clan, Qingying shouted out, and deep within her beautiful eyes, a hint of surprise could be seen.

"So fast?" Didn't they say that he had just stepped onto the ninety-eight Heaven Stairway seven days ago? "

"Even Yu Feiyan had to spend so much time to successfully step onto the final step. But Tang Huan, he only used a short seven days, when did the Sky Stairway become so easy to pass?"

"Snow Song, you can't compare them like that." Qing Ying came back to her senses, and laughed bitterly: "The reason Yu Feiyan stayed at the Sky Stairway to level 98 for so long is because she wanted to train her martial intent to the maximum. Otherwise, she would have entered the 'Extreme Spirit Palace' long ago."

"Even then, it's still too fast. Could it be because of the Sun Spirit Body?" Chou Shuang asked in surprise.

"It shouldn't have anything to do with the 'Sun Spirit Body'. However, during the process of acquiring the 'Sun Spirit Body', it is said that he had already comprehended the 'Force' of the Martial Saint. At such a stage, even if he does not have a 'Spirit Seed', he can still enter the Martial Saint. The reason he was able to reach the top of the Sacred Mountain so quickly ought to be due to his comprehension of the word 'impose'. " "Yu Feiyan, Shan Shan has become Stage Nine Martial Saint one by one, and Tang Huan is also not far from Stage Nine Martial Saint, so I have to hurry and reach there."

"You have brought the 'Universe Spirit Ring' with you, you can bring Mu Yan out of here at any time. When Tang Huan descends the Heaven Stairway, I will follow you back to the Flying Cloud City to try to break through to the Law Saint Realm."


"Tang Huan! Tang Huan... "

In the Demon Clan Residence area, a Demonified man gritted his teeth as he repeated the name a few times. His face was extremely gloomy.

Not only him, the other experts of Demon Clan all had the same expression. The inside of the camp quickly fell into dead silence.

"After condensing the 'Sun Spirit Body' and leaving the 'Seven Glorious Star Plate', he once again ascended the 'Luo Fu Sacred Mountain' and entered the 'Extreme Spirit Palace'. This Tang Huan is truly a favored child of heaven, perhaps, the youngest Stage Nine Martial Saint born in the last thousand years of the Human Clan."

A voice suddenly broke the silence in this space, and the one who spoke was an exceptionally tall and sturdy stone person, his entire body seemed to have been sculpted out of a giant boulder, "The already Stage Nine Martial Saint's Yu Feiyan and Yu Feiyan, adding this Tang Huan, it's already three. In recent years, Human Clan has indeed produced many geniuses. We, the Demon Clan, do not have a single one of such astounding young geniuses, and there were three of them from the Human Clan. "

"Shi Jian, don't always try to make others lose their will and power."

A Werewolf couldn't help but snort, "No matter how powerful this Tang Huan is, he's even stronger than Demon Lord? Among all the Monarchs, the ones Demon Lord liked the most were Young Master Fen Lei and Young Master Fen Han.

"After Tang Huan killed Young Master Fen Lei, there must have been a 'soul imprint' within his body. It's fine if he didn't leave the Glory Continent, but if he did, then the Demon Lord very likely would have personally made a move and killed him. In front of the Demon Lord, no matter how powerful Tang Huan is, he is just like a chicken or dog, unable to withstand a single blow. "

"That's right, let this Tang Huan be arrogant for a bit more, in the future, even if Demon Lord does not kill him personally, he will definitely send Demon King to kill him."


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